Winter Flowering Trees: Beautiful Trees That Bloom In Winter

Camellias, Jasmine, Dogwood, Daphne are the winter flowers that must be on your radar   Maintaining and growing a blooming garden during the autumn, early summer, and spring is undoubtedly a piece of cake. You have the sunny skies and the warm temperature to help you through it all. However, when the winter kicks in, […]

Bonsai Winter Care: Caring For Bonsai In Winter As Needed

Bringing them indoors and a slight change in the care routine can do wonders for your bonsai’s health   In most parts of the world, trees are subjected to harsh conditions and temperatures as low as -10 degree Celsius during the winters. But fortunately, their roots are rooted deep into the ground. Hence, they do […]

Best Ways For Protecting Shrubs In Winter

Winter is coming! Be ready with your burlaps, anti-desiccant sprays, and windbreaks   Even though perennials, shrubs, and trees become dormant in the winter, intense sun, fluctuating temperatures, windy or dry conditions, and inadequate soil moisture can take a toll on their health. The damage is more severe on the evergreens because they remain active […]

Desert Willow Tree In Winter – How It Looks Like?

Desert willow dislike winter and shed their leaves for a bare appearance   Botanically called the Chilopsis linearis, Desert Willow is native to Northern Mexico and Southwest America, and the trees are available in multiple varieties. It is a pretty uncommon shrub. So, you will not spot it in every landscape, but this beautiful shrub can elevate the […]

Cercospora Leaf Spot: Treatment & Prevention For Crape Myrtle

Prevent overcrowding of crepe myrtles and use fungicides on them…Ensure to get rid of the debris at all costs   Lasgerstroemia indica or crepe myrtles are quite easy-growing plants. But it can commonly get attacked by a pathogenic fungus leading to a Cercospora leaf spot. This is the most common problem faced by crepe myrtles. […]

When To Cut Back Hellebores?

Timing is everything when it comes to pruning…Get your tools ready two months after the plant flowers   Learning the skill of pruning Helleborus Orientalis or Lenten roses is helpful to keep them blooming beautifully for a long time. It will allow you to keep your hellebores intact throughout the year.   Lenten roses are beautiful […]

Japanese Maples In Winter & The Care It Needs

Protect your maples through burlaps and adjust the day-to-day care routine according to the weather   Winter is not always kind to the shrubs and trees, and if you reside in colder regions, you will experience some winter damage on your otherwise beautiful Japanese Maple. But don’t be sad. They can pull through just fine […]

Cold Weather Palm Trees That Can Fight The Winter Months

For a short duration, palm trees can bear a temperature up to 10-15° F   Whenever someone grows plants in their backyard, the first question that hits their head is – Can this plant survive in my location all seasons? The concern is graver if you intend on planting palm trees in your yard. But, […]

Which Are The Different Types of Crepe Myrtles?

Understand the endless varieties of crepe myrtles on the basis of their size: Large, medium, small, and dwarf   There are about fifty species of this evergreen and deciduous shrub that exist. Apart from that, there are many other cultivators, relatively similar in looks and features to each other, with different names. Given the extensiveness, […]

How Long Do Crepe Myrtles Live?

Generally crepe myrtles live for 20-25 years but the longevity also depends on the care provided   Crepe Myrtles, popularly called Lagerstroemia is a majestic tree that can be seen in many homes in the United States. The skilled gardeners of the south tenderly call it Lilac. You can plant this valuable tree as a […]