Witch Hazel Growth Rate  – Can We Call It Fast Growing?

This medicinal spidery flower tree grows at a moderate growth rate   Witch hazel is a beautiful landscape plant with fragrant and colorful flowers appearing in winter. It is resistant to most diseases and pests and demands almost negligible maintenance. Native to North America, Japan, and China, they have a medium growth rate, but how fast […]

Which Are The Best Witch Hazel Varieties?

Mainly there are four witch hazel species that give rise to multiple hybrids & cultivars   Native to the eastern coast of North America, Japan, and China, Witch Hazel is a small multi-stemmed, deciduous tree or a large shrub with some of the best fall attributes. It has fragrant, yellow flowers that bloom from October […]

How to Properly Store Seeds for Next Season?

  Saving seeds for the next season is not new; our ancestors have been doing that for thousands of years. Seed saving allows the gardener to preserve the seeds of productive crops and grow them again the next year.   Today there are many sources from which gardeners can easily buy high-quality seeds, reducing the […]

How To Treat Crepe Myrtle Fungus On Trees?

Prevention and management of both black & white fungus problem   Native to the Southern regions, Crepe Myrtles are essentially trouble-free, beautiful flowering trees. There are not many flowering plants that can compete with it. Just look around your neighborhood – You can see almost every street lined with these bewitching blooming trees.   Their […]

When Do Crepe Myrtles Go Dormant?

From winters till spring, it is time for crepe myrtles to rest and rejuvenate…   We all know what a Crepe Myrtle looks like when it is in full bloom. It is prevalent across the mid-spring to late summer months. But they look entirely different when they enter fall and winter. They change the colors […]

How to Treat Powdery Mildew on Crepe Myrtle?

Powdery mildew is easier to avoid than control!   Did you recently note white spots on your crepe myrtle leaves? If yes, there is a good chance your plant is infected with powdery mildew. It is a fungus that results in white or gray fuzzy growth on your Crepe Myrtle blooms and leaves. The fungus […]

Crepe Myrtle Diseases & Tree Problems You Should Keep A Check On

Understand why is there no bloom, no fresh growth or an unhealthy foliage   Crepe Myrtle is a local favorite in the South for multiple reasons. They demand almost negligible maintenance post-installation and bring an array of spectacular colors to the landscape that only a few can match. Though they are one of the most […]

Crepe Myrtle Growth Rate – Do All Varieties Grow Fast?

Bashams Party Pink is the fastest growing myrtle, but others are not far behind   Prized for their beautifully colored flowers, Crepe Myrtles are commonly cultivated deciduous plants that have a moderately high rate of growth. On average, The Common Crepe Myrtles that are primarily found in Southern U.S.A grow about 12-24 inches per year. […]

How to Care for Crepe Myrtle?

Full sun, light fertilizer, and acidic to neutral soil is what your crepe myrtle needs to thrive   Crepe Myrtle or Crape Myrtle or Loosestrife is a specie comprising beautiful, small trees native to Asia that have been naturalized in the United States Deep South. With their attractive bark, showy summer flowers, and beautiful fall […]

Juniper Turning Brown: How To Save A Dying Juniper Tree?

Pruning and addressing the root cause helps to revive your Junipers   When it comes to your Juniper plant’s health, you can only treat something if you know the cause. Unfortunately, there are more than a few reasons for the Junipers turning brown, such as salt injury, mechanical damage, cankers, and more. Hence, the remedial […]