Best Fertilizer Feed for Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus trees like a balanced fertilizer to grow. However, you do not have to worry a lot about the plant food if you have a eucalyptus growing in ground soil. Whereas potted plants do need to be fed once monthly during the growing season.

Best Fertilizer for Eucalyptus Trees

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Today eucalyptus has made it to every corner of the world from parks to landscapes and streets. Since these hardy trees can adapt to any type of soil, they are very easy to care for with their low maintenance streak.


Though caring for the eucalyptus is an easy task, certain things would be helpful to bear in mind. One of them is its nutritional requirement.


The ideal eucalyptus tree fertilizer is a balanced one. While going for this kind of fertilizer, you should ensure that it has the right kind of phosphorous, nitrogen, and potassium composition in it. If you use a fertilizer rich in one element, then it can cause issues with your plants.


So, a balanced fertilizer containing all three elements equally would be the perfect choice for eucalyptus as it gives the plant enough nutrients required for growth.


For eucalyptus growth, the best time to use fertilizer is off-season. During this time, it can make good use of nitrogen and phosphorous.



People are growing eucalyptus these days in their home gardens for ornamental and landscape purposes mainly. They come in a variety of sizes and hence can be grown in containers as well both outdoors & indoors.


Growing eucalyptus has many benefits including shade and privacy in your home. For keeping your eucalyptus happy, you would need to a plant feed from time to time, especially if you are growing them in containers.


These trees native to Australia, grow best on their own as they get the required nutrients from the soil in their natural habitat. However, these trees growing outside their native environment require plant feed time and again.


In this guide, we have listed the fertilizers for eucalyptus trees that can enhance their growth, and how & when to use them.


What Nutrients Do Eucalyptus Trees Need To Grow?

Nutrients Need Eucalyptus Trees To Grow


As with all trees growing to immense heights, eucalyptus too needs a good amount of plant food every year. These trees love potassium but detest phosphates. So, you need to carefully choose the fertilizer.


Also, too much nitrogen can harm the tree as it increases foliage growth at the cost of its root system. The high amount of nitrogen in fertilizer can make the upcoming shoots more sensitive to the weather and can be greatly impacted by frost.


Your fertilizer should contain sulfur as it speeds up the growth of the tree. Sulfur also has all the growth-enhancing advantages of nitrogen without the drawbacks.


Do Eucalyptus Trees Need Fertilizer or Do They Grow Better Without Them?

If you are growing eucalyptus trees outdoors, they won’t require any fertilizer as they will get most of the required nutrients from the soil itself (provided the soil is good). Didn’t we say eucalyptus care was simple and easy!


The potted eucalyptus trees need occasional use of plant food. Since they are not in their native habitat, you might have to provide them plant feed depending on where they have been planted.


Get your soil checked before using a dedicated fertilizer for your eucalyptus tree.


Best Fertilizer for Eucalyptus Trees

Choosing the right fertilizer for your eucalyptus is a difficult task as the market is full of options. Since the labels on these fertilizers come with NPK composition written on them in digits, it becomes all the more confusing for someone who is a novice to gardening.


For your convenience, you can check out our list of the best eucalyptus plant food. These fertilizers are mainly for the indoor eucalyptus plants grown in containers, but can also be used on those planted outdoors if needed.


1. Treehelp Premium Fertilizer for Eucalyptus


Treehelp Premium Fertilizer for Eucalyptus Check price on Amazon


This is an all-purpose fertilizer that can be used on Willow trees as well. It is a water-soluble fertilizer and needs to be applied to the root of the willow trees as often as directed on the packaging. This fertilizer is full of essential nutrients which instantly provide the trees with the necessary elements for their faster and healthier growth.


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Normally eucalyptus trees don’t require plant feed as they get it from the soil. However, since it is different for potted eucalyptus plants, we need to give them the required plant food.


This fertilizer is specially formulated for eucalyptus trees. Being a slow-release fertilizer, this one is low on nitrogen. It makes it easier for plants to absorb nutrients without shocking their systems.


It continues feeding the plant throughout the growing season. It feeds one large tree or 2 to 3 smaller or newly planted trees.


Avoid using this fertilizer during the fall and colder months. This is the best fertilizer for your eucalyptus as it promotes robust root development.


2. Osmocote Smart-Release plant food plus outdoor & indoor


Osmocote Smart-Release plant food plus outdoor & indoor Check price on Amazon


Many consider this slow-release fertilizer that comes in 1, 2, 4.5 and 8lb as the best fertilizer for eucalyptus trees. One application of Osmocote contains 11 essential nutrients and can feed the plants for up to 6 months.


It works well with multiple plant varieties and suits different growing conditions. Each granule of Osmocote contains 15-9-12 NPK plus micro and secondary nutrients and feeds.


The USP of Osmocote is that the soil temperature controls how this slow-release fertilizer releases its nutrients and how nutrients are taken up by plants.


1 pound of Osmocote covers 37.5 sq. ft. It should be mixed into 1 – 3 inches of soil. The package contains an applicator. When using for potted eucalyptus, mix 1 pound with 19 gallons of potting soil.


The best part about using the fertilizer is even if you apply it 3 times more than the recommended rate, it won’t burn the plant. The manufacturer also guarantees 100% performance. If unsatisfied, a complete refund of the product will be provided.

Check price on Amazon


3. Dr. Earth GL61100518430 fertilizer & Soil 707P Organic 8 Bud & Bloom Fertilizer


Dr. Earth GL61100518430 fertilizer & Soil 707P Organic 8 Bud & Bloom Fertilizer Check price on Amazon


This dry fertilizer can be used for potted eucalyptus during the active growing season. One of the USPs of this product is it releases some nutrients quickly into the soil. While it holds back on the others and slowly releases them over time.


It is an ultra-premium scientific formula plant food that provides measured and optimal plant nutrients so that your plants can achieve maximum health and growth.


Another plus point of this product is that there are no synthetic ingredients in it. It includes no GMO-infested chicken manure in it. Flower girl contains beneficial soil microbes that ensure all organic nutrients are broken down and released in the soil.


This ensures that roots can absorb them as required contributing to enhancing nutrient availability, increased plant growth and drought tolerance.


This fertilizer is full of organic nutrients that come from fish, fish bones, mined minerals, and ocean and land plants. This balanced formula ensures rich and healthy soil that can grow the healthiest plants. It can feed your plants for several months.


Check price on Amazon


4. Shake N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Plant Food


Shake N Feed Flowering Trees and Shrubs Plant Food Check price on Amazon


As the name suggests, Miracle Gro will make a miracle happen for your eucalyptus trees. It contains essential micronutrients and natural elements for both feeding  your plants above and below the ground.


It comprises of earthworm castings, kelp, bone meal and feather meal all-in-one. It caters well to the microbes in the soil.


Using this eucalyptus tree fertilizer will help you to maintain lush green foliage and colorful blooms throughout the growing season. It can be used for both potted eucalyptus and those planted outdoors. With the help of this fertilizer, you can feed your plants for up to 3 months.

Check price on Amazon


5. Muriate of Potash 0-0-60 Fertilizer – Pure Potassium Plant Food for Indoor/Outdoor Plants


Muriate of Potash 0-0-60 Fertilizer Check price on Amazon


Fertilizers that are high potassium, low nitrogen and phosphorous are a favorite among eucalyptus. High potassium fertilizers help plants have gorgeous blooms.
Muriate Potash helps plants develop sturdy & stronger roots, something that is perfect for your eucalyptus plants. Potassium helps eucalyptus become more drought-tolerant, prevents diseases and pests and makes it winter tolertant.
This potash-rich fertilizer comes in a handy pouch in granular form.
Make sure not to just add this fertilizer to the topsoil and leave because that would be too much too handle for the plant.
Instead, what you should do is sprinkle it in the soil and mix well so that it is not concentrated at one place. The granules will slowly keep on releasing the nutrients into the soil as and when needed.

Check price on Amazon

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Eucalyptus Fertilizer Application – How & When to Fertilize Your Eucalyptus Trees?

When it comes to using the best fertilizer for eucalyptus trees, certain things need to be kept in mind. Let’s read about it:


A. When to use fertilizer

Fertilize your plants once every month during their growing season. Eucalyptus trees growing outdoors do not require feeding as they are capable of finding the required nutrients from the soil itself.


But, it is important to feed your potted eucalyptus plants as they are reliant only on the nutrients available from fertilizers to grow strong and healthy.


B. How do you feed eucalyptus?

On your potted plants, you can use a slow-release fertilizer as per the instructions mentioned on the product label. However, keep in mind to keep the fertilizer quantity on the lower side as mentioned on the packet. This is so because your pot size may vary and too much fertilizer can do more harm than good.

To Sum Up…

Since eucalyptus is a hardy plant, caring for them is pretty easy. Their quality of being low maintenance makes them quite popular houseplants. However, growing them in containers will require some additional feeding.


Though your eucalyptus plants do not require much fertilizing in the ground, you can add some eucalyptus plant food every once in a while. This holds true especially when they are planted in a pot.