7 Best Fruit Fertilizers and Plant Food

Best Fruit Fertilizers and Plant Food
To grow stable and robust fruit trees, one needs to provide the plants with the proper nutrients. These nutrients are quintessential for the plants to yield tasty fruits across the life of the tree. You can use the best fertilizer for fruit trees to provide the plants with the requisite nourishment. Now, the problem is, there is an endless variety of fertilizers for fruit trees. Before we get to which fertilizer you should use on your fruit tree, we will address the different kinds of fertilizers available for them.


Different Types of Fertilizers for Fruit Trees

Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of fertilizers – synthetic fertilizers and organic fertilizers. As is clear from the name, the best organic fertilizer for fruit trees is purely animal or plant-based. So, they will have animal manure or the natural remnants from the plants.


On the other hand, inorganic fertilizers are composed of synthetic chemicals and minerals. It is true that the nutritional value in the best organic fertilizer for fruit trees may not be as good as that in the inorganic fertilizers, but if you seek long-term benefits, you will only want to stick with the best organic fertilizer for fruit trees. The problem with inorganic fertilizers is twofold – they will give you a greater yield, but it is not natural, and two, they degrade the soil quality over the years.


So, how can you find the one that can satiate your garden’s needs? We did the research work for you and rounded the list of the seven best fertilizers for fruit trees. Let us get started and address them one by one.


Best Fertilizers For Fruit Trees – At A glance-item


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Fruit Tree Fertilizers Compared


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Jobe's 100046754 1612 Fertilizer Spike Jobe’s 100046754 1612 Fertilizer Spike, 15 Check price on Amazon
Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Check price on Amazon
Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium Shake Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium Shake Check price on Amazon
Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer In Poly Bag Check price on Amazon
Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer Mix 6-3-3 Check price on Amazon
EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food – Easy Organic Fertilizer Spikes – 100 Capsules Check price on Amazon
Miracle-Gro Citrus, Avocado, & Mango Food Miracle-Gro Citrus, Avocado, & Mango Food Check price on Amazon


7 Best Fertilizers for Fruit Trees

1. Jobe’s 100046754 1612 Fertilizer Spike

Best Slow-Release Fertilizer


jobes-100046754-1612 Check price on Amazon


Are you looking for one of the best fertilizers for citrus trees and fruit trees? Well, Jobe’s 9-12-12 Fertilizer Spike can be the perfect pick for you. It is the best organic fertilizer for fruit trees and ensures that your planted fruit tree gets ongoing nutrition underneath the surface, wherein its roots grow.


Key features

Juicy fruits guaranteed: This best organic fertilizer for fruit trees can be used on all fruits. They will provide the fruits with essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, sulfur, magnesium, calcium, phosphate, potash, and everything else that the plants need to guarantee juicy produce.


Safe: Though the fertilizer is safe for people, pets, and the environment, it is mighty. So, unfortunately, if there is any grass surrounding your fruit trees, the fertilizer may kill it.


Slow-releasing formula: The good thing about this is that the fertilizer has a slow-releasing formula. Consequently, it can last you a good one season. Thus, re-application is not required, and the fertilizer will provide the plant with the proper nutrition sans any runoff.


Low-maintenance: With this fertilizer, you will never experience any foul odor, runoff, or hazards. So, there are never going to be any worries.


Easy insertion: Inserting this best organic fertilizer for fruit trees is pretty straightforward. So, with it, you can achieve chaos-free and quick fertilization.


Pre-measured mix: The problem with most fertilizers is that you have to measure the quantities to form a mixture. However, this one comes pre-measured NPK balance. So, there is absolutely no hassle of reading through the long instruction labels.


How to use it?

You will require a single spike of the Jobe’s 100046754 1612 Fertilizer for every six inches of the tree’s overall length. The fertilizer needs to be re-added in a span of a month or a span of 45-days, sans any fear of overspill if you water the plant to achieve a fruitful result. You must use them during late fall or early sprint to achieve the best outcomes.



  • Perfect for all kinds of fruits, including citrus
  • Safe for the environment, pets, and people
  • It can be used on ground planted and container plants.
  • Pre-mixed formula
  • Easy installation
  • It can last all season
  • Slow-releasing formula
  • Natural and safe
  • No wasteful things



  • Shelf life is short
  • Tends to kill the surrounding tree

Check price on Amazon

2. Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer, 16lb, Brown

Best Fast Acting Fertilizer


Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer Check price on Amazon


If you seek the best manure for fruit trees, you will quite appreciate this Jobe’s Organics 09224 Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer available in 4 sizes.


Key features

Certified organic: We regard this as the best manure for fruit trees because it is OMRI listed by USDA. This authentication is a guarantee that the fertilizer is free from all synthetic chemicals.


Jobe’s Biozome: This manure contains biozome, which is the proprietary microorganism archaea. It guarantees more fruits. Also, it quickly breaks down the materials and assures quicker results. Further, biozome also resists diseases, betters the soil condition, keeps insects and drought at bay, while the plant is in its growing season.


Good nutrition value: The fertilizer has a 3-5-5 NPK ratio, which honestly is not as strong as the chemicals, but it has eight percent calcium, which is quintessential for citrus fruits. Further, it contains feather meals, processed manure, and bone meal. It also offers the soil with necessary bacteria and fungi to heighten the nutrient value and water uptake. The presence of archaea, a rare inclusion in fertilizers, also makes it one of the best manure for fruit trees.


Worth every penny: Though not the most affordable, shopping for this best organic fertilizer for fruit trees is going to be worth your money.


Safe: With this best manure for fruit trees, you are guaranteed long-lasting results without any harm inflicted on the soil and humans. It lowers the risk of drought, insects, and disease. Further, the organic fertilizer betters the plant’s life and strengthens the immune system of the fruit tree.


Works better than liquid products: The granular fertilizer assures a faster bloom and certainly works more effectively than the liquid products.


How to use it?

This best manure for fruit trees must be applied every 2-3 weeks to ensure a continuous fertilizer release that does not harm the citrus and fruit trees and enables them to yield more fruits in the growing season. You should apply the fertilizer at the drip line. For every one inch of the trunk’s height, you must use three cups. If the diameter is greater than three inches, you should instead use nine cups for every inch of the trunk diameter.



  • Jobe’s Biozome
  • Granular commercializing
  • Long-lasting result
  • Fast-acting operation
  • Works for new and established plants
  • USDA certified, and OMRI listed
  • Contains beneficial bacteria
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Contains calcium
  • Easy pour design for safe usage



  • Stinky smell because of animal waste inclusion
  • Low NPK ratio of 3-5-5

Check price on Amazon

3. Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium Shake ‘N Feed Tomato, Fruits and Vegetables Contin, 4.5 lb

Best To Increase Fruit Size


Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food Plus Calcium Shake Check price on Amazon


Another good fertilizer for fruit trees is the Miracle-Gro Shake ‘n Feed that contains natural ingredients to feed microbes in the soil. These microbes break down the naturally occurring ingredients into nutrients that help root growth & strength.


Key features

Contains calcium: The fertilizer is a good fertilizer for fruit trees rich in calcium. It protects the plant against problems caused due to lower levels of calcium. It also helps the plant produce better quality fruits and vegetables.


Excellent composition: It is a good fertilizer for fruit trees, all thanks to its excellent nutritional value. The fertilizer contains feather meal, kelp, earthworm castings, and bone meal. As stated above, the fertilizer also has calcium as a secondary nutrient.


Works in both containers and soil: This best plant food for fruit trees can be used for your vegetation in both pots and soil.


How to use it?

Before your first application, you will have to remove the peel from the seal and the applicator cap. Then replace the lid, and open the spout. Now, you need to take this mixture and evenly and lightly mix it into the top 1-3 inches of the soil and water to trigger growth. Reapplication is necessary after every 12 weeks. It is a potent fertilizer. Hence, over-application is strictly prohibited. Try not to use over 1/2 cup per 10 square feet. Always remember to apply dry. Pre-mixing with water is not needed. Further, you must never apply to wet foliage.



  • Calcium added
  • No pre-mix with water required
  • Easy-to-use design
  • Contains biological ingredients



  • Essential killing the young trees
  • Not suitable for the broad treatment

Check price on Amazon

4. Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer In Poly Bag, 4-Pound

Best For Root Growth


Dr. Earth 708P Organic 9 Fruit Tree Fertilizer Check price on Amazon


Dr. Earth has been around for over three decades. If you need to promote root growth and fetch greater yield, even in the areas with the shorter growing seasons or those susceptible to droughts, this is the best plant food for fruit trees available in 3 different sizes.


Key features

100% natural: It is a good fertilizer for fruit trees as it is composed of genuinely natural and organic ingredients that can help you achieve a stable and rich crop. Adding this to the soil will take away the need for employing chemical fertilizers to lower overfertilization.

Versatile: This best organic fertilizer for fruit trees is ideal for growing vegetables and fruits in both soil and container. Despite a dearth of rainfall or imperfections in soil, this fertilizer will make up for all the deficiencies and give you excellent foliage.


Excellent composition: Available in 5-5-2 NPK combination, along with Dr. Earth’s proprietary TruBiotic formula, ensure that the plant gets necessary mycorrhizae and microbes to trigger spectacular root growth and yield healthy and nutritious fruits. Further, it has probiotics in it, which trigger healthy microorganism growth.


Slow-release: It is a slow-release formula. So, it will ensure that the plant gets its required nutrients over several months. Despite that, the granule content of the fertilizer will create a nutrient-rich environment immediately.


How to use it?

If you are planting a new tree, use two cups to the planting hole, and add water. On the other hand, you can add one fertilizer cup into the soil within the drip line for established fruit trees. Repeat it every three months across the growing season.



  • 100% organic
  • Strengthens the roots
  • Contains probiotics
  • Fast-acting despite slow-release
  • Has endo mycorrhizae
  • OMRI listed and Non-GMO Project Verified.



  • Sharp, pungent smell
  • Low in NPK

Check price on Amazon

5. Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer Mix 6-3-3

Best For Combined Benefits


Down to Earth Organic Citrus Fertilizer Check price on Amazon


Wish to grow citrus fruits? You cannot find anything better than Down To Earth Citrus Mix. It is authenticated by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for its all-natural composition. Its NPK of 6-3-3 is probably what makes it the best feed for fruit trees. In addition, the higher nitrogen content guarantees juicier citrus fruits.


Key features

Rich in nutrients: Though organic, it has everything that your plants need for assured growth. This best feed for fruit trees contains the right mix of both secondary and primary nutrients. Some of the inclusions in this plant feed are iron, zinc, sulfur, and calcium. In addition to it, the fertilizer also has select micronutrients. You can find feather meal, fishbone meal, alfalfa meal, greensand, langbeinite, basalt, sulfate of potash, zinc sulfate, and kelp meal, too, in this mix.


Works for all kinds of fruits: This is the best fruit fertilizer. It works best for citrus fruits, but you can use it for literally every other fruit tree.


How to use it?

In the case of new trees, make a transparent hole and add ½-1 cup fertilizer with the backfill soil. Now, use this amended soul and fill it all around the new tree. Add adequate water to it. If you use this fertilizer on grown citrus trees, you will have to use one cup for every 1″ of trunk diameter around the base outwards to the drip line.


Make sure you mix the solution well into the soil and add water, as mentioned. Citrus plants need fertilization about 3-4 times in a year. You must use the fertilizer in the late winter season, early fall, or late spring.



  • Certified by the OMRI
  • Versatile for nut, citrus, and fruit trees
  • Dependable results
  • Perfect for short-term promotion and long-term protection
  • NPK ratio 6-3-3
  • Chemical and organic combination
  • Recyclable packaging



  • Bad odor
  • Expensive
  • Has insoluble materials

Check price on Amazon

6. EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food

Best Capsule Fertilizer


EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food Check price on Amazon


Need the best feed for fruit trees that is exquisitely suitable for your dwarf fruit trees? Try out the EarthPods Premium Fruit & Citrus Plant Food. It is an excellent fertilizer that develops disease and pest resistance and lowers transplant shock. The package contains an adequate quantity to feed your plant for the next four years.


Key features

Easy application: You get this best fruit fertilizer in capsule form, which makes it mess-free. There is absolutely no odor and no spillage. It is easier to apply over liquid and powdered forms.


Good number available: Every box contains 100 capsules. So, you can use them for multiple trees across the year.


Helps in overall growth: It is a premium fertilizer for both indoor and outdoor fruits and vegetation. Consistent usage will assure root and leaf growth and excellent flower production.


Versatile: This best plant food for fruit trees is perfect for lime, lemon, kumquat trees, orange, avocado, tomato, pepper, eggplant, dwarf banana, potted raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, strawberry plants & other fruiting plants. You can use them in containers and pots.


Eco friendly: This best fruit fertilizer is recyclable and easy to store. It is eco-friendly, pet friendly, and child friendly. The capsules are made in the USA and 100% sustainable.


Slow-releasing: With an NPK of 2-4-4, this is a slow-releasing best fruit fertilizer rich in natural, vegan plant nutrients, humic, trace elements, natural growth hormones, amino acids, fulvic, and other necessary soil microbes.


How to use it?

It is one of the best feed for fruit trees in capsule form. You will only be required to insert these capsules after every two to three weeks. For small plants, you will require a maximum of two capsules, medium-sized plants shall work with a maximum of four capsules, and the large plants need less than eight capsules.



  • Suitable for potted and in-ground trees
  • Premium capsule formulation
  • Easy to store and recycle
  • No smell so perfect for indoor use
  • Eco-friendly
  • It can be used for any type of fruit trees, including banana
  • Vegan product with no urea



  • Be expensive
  • Low-acting

Check price on Amazon

7. Miracle-Gro Citrus, Avocado, & Mango Food, 20 lb.


Miracle-Gro Citrus, Avocado, & Mango Food Check price on Amazon


The last one on our list is the Miracle-Gro Citrus, Avocado, & Mango Food. In every bag of fertilizer, there are 14 feedings. So, having this alone can be adequate to feed your plant for six weeks.


Key features

Contains slow-release nitrogen: This best fertilizer for fruit trees contains 50% slow-release nitrogen, preventing burning and overfeeding if used as directed.


Contains necessary nutrients: This best fertilizer for fruit trees contains added iron, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, manganese, and magnesium, which results in excellent foliage.


Usable across the season: This best fertilizer for fruit trees can be used during the season to assure greater yield and feed the plants.


Versatile: You can use this best fertilizer for fruit trees anytime on-ground, in a container, and on indoor trees.


How to use it?

You may apply this best fruit fertilizer evenly to the soil every 6 weeks by working the top 1 to 3 inches of the soil.



  • NPK: 6-4-6
  • Feeds for up to 6 weeks
  • 50% slow-release formula
  • For use anytime on in-ground, indoor, and container trees
  • Seven essential nutrients



  • Bad odor

Check price on Amazon

Selecting The Best Fertilizer For Fruit Trees (Buying Guide)

Before shopping for fertilizers, there are some prerequisites that you need to bear in mind. So, here are some essentials, which ensure that you get the best fertilizer for fruit trees.


NPK: NPK implies the degree of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium in the fertilizer. You will find this value in percentage, but it is mentioned as three numbers on the label. There will be a dash separator between the numbers. Every best fertilizer for fruit trees will have these three nutrients. They are vital for plant growth, but despite that, they will be found in distinct quantities in every good fertilizer for fruit trees. Let us say, for instance, you need the best fertilizers for orchid trees that is a flowering plant, so its NPK requirement will be different from a fruit bearing plant.


Macronutrients: Be it the best fertilizer for fruit trees or the best fertilizers for palm trees; the plant does not grow solely with its NPK. It also needs a couple of macronutrients, such as sulfur, magnesium, and calcium. In addition to it, you will also have to provide some other micronutrients, such as manganese, boron, iron, and zinc. Naturally, the best fertilizer for fruit plants will have all these nutrients in them.


Effectiveness: The best fertilizer for fruit trees is an incredibly effective one. You can know the effectiveness of the fertilizer by the impact it has on the free. It should either accentuate the foliage, result in bigger fruits or trees, strengthen the roots, or stimulate bud formation.


Ease of use: Typically, the best fertilizer for fruit plants should be easy to use. So, naturally, if the fertilizer comes in a pre-mixed form, it is relatively easier to use. Further, if there is a fertilizer that requires water mixing, it should be such that it does not form lumps. If you can, always look for the best fertilizer for fruit trees in spikes, capsules, or pre-measured form.


Organic or synthetic: When you go shopping for the best fertilizer for fruit plants, you can find synthetic and organic variants. Each will have its share of benefits and shortcomings. Therefore, you need to weigh them and then make your selection. Typically, the synthetic variants will have a higher NPK. More so, they have more excellent solubility.


Consequently, the absorption by the plants would be faster. However, they tend to rob the soil of its essential nutrients. So, remixing is mandatory.


On the other hand, the organic varieties will have relatively lower NPK, but they won’t cause any damage to the soil. Hence, from the long-term perspective, they do fare better.


Soil type: Typically, most of us will have a combination of loam, sand, and clay soil. However, the detrimental factor is which of the three is predominant in the soil. This would determine the soil’s ability to hold the fertilizer. For instance, if it is sand-dominant soil, it will be good with drainage but lack nutrient holding ability.


On the other hand, clay soils have drainage issues but are exceptionally fertile. You do not want your fertilizer to be washed away by the rain. So, check the kind of soil you are planting, and then pick the best fertilizer for fruit plants, which can make up for what’s lacking in the soil.


Form of fertilizer: Essentially, you can find the best fertilizer for fruit plants in dry forms and liquid forms. The former are slow-acting and have a lasting impact. If you need to provide maintenance to the soil and plant, dry fertilizers are a better pick. On the other hand, if you wish to give your plants the instant kick, fast-acting liquid fertilizers are better.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. What is the best time to fertilize fruit trees?

Ans. The best time to fertilize fruit trees is in late winter or on the onset of spring. You can also add a semi-finished fertilizer in the fall for mature or older plants. The best time for adding fertilizers to the trees is in the morning, especially in the summer season.


Ques 2. How often to fertilize fruit trees?

Ans. The tree’s size determines the fertilizer you feed it. In the period of prime growth, you can use the liquid fertilizer regularly if diluted adequately. However, ideally, they must be used only once or twice a month in a greater concentration. On the other hand, spray fertilizers can be added once every two weeks.


Ques 3. How to use the fruit fertilizer correctly?

Ans. Every fertilizer will have a different usage instruction. You can read the package label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions as stated.


Ques 4. What is the best way to fertilize fruit trees?

Ans. The best way to fertilize fruit trees is to use a good quality organic fertilizer time to time as needed. Never go overboard with fertilizers as it can do more harm than good.


Ques 5. Which fertilizer is best for fruit trees?

Ans. Knowledge of which fertilizer is best for fruit trees is pivotal. So, your answer for which fertilizer is best for fruit trees is Jobe’s 100046754 1612 Fertilizer Spike.


Ques 6. Which manure is best for fruit trees?

Ans. Dried Chicken or Cow manure is the best manure for fruit trees that you can use.


Ques 7. What fertilizer makes fruit bigger?

Ans. Miracle-Gro Continuous Release Plant Food is the best fertilizer for fruit plants if you wish to have better & bigger fruits.



So, these are the best organic fertilizers for fruit trees. We have tried to keep this article on point, wherein we have listed some of the best available fertilizers for citrus and fruit trees. We have also addressed some FAQs like which manure is best for fruit trees to ensure that you make a wise selection. So, read the buying guide, compare it with your soil needs, and then make your selection for the best fertilizer. Happy Gardening!