Magnolia Tree Lifespan: Do They Live Long?

Magnolias can live up to a hundred years under the right growing conditions   Magnolias are beautiful trees known for their ornamental blooms. Among all its varieties the saucer magnolia is everyone’s favorite. But, if saucer magnolia is not your preferred choice, you can check out other different types of magnolia trees. They are found […]

Types of Magnolia Tree Varieties  – Stunning & Popular

With Saucer magnolia being the most common one, magnolias are found in more than 200 different varieties.   Beautiful flowering plants, magnolias are a classic shrub and tree, often referred to as the symbol of the South. You can find magnolia trees in various sizes, bloom shapes, and colors. Native to North America and Southeast Asia, Magnolias […]

How Many Japanese Magnolia Tree Varieties Are There?

With Multiple Hybrids and Cultivars, The Most Common Ones are Ann, Jane, Royal Star, Bigleaf, and Kobus Magnolia   If you are looking to create an attractive outdoor space in your home, don’t forget to add the beautiful Japanese magnolia tree. It is a must-have tree featuring spectacular flowers in vibrant colors.   You can […]

How To Care for Hellebores: Care Instructions for Lovely Blooms

Hellebores are not very demanding when it comes to caring for them   Hellebores are flowers that bloom in early spring, typically from February to May. They are also known as Lenten roses because they often bloom around the time of Lent.   Hellebores thrive in moisture-retentive soil that is rich in nutrients. Knowing how […]

When, Where, and How to Plant Christmas Roses?

Always use a sharp tool and prune it during the late winter or early spring   Seeds take time mature into plants, but baby plants from nursery bloom soon in moist, well-drained soil and partial shade   For most ornamental gardens, winter blooming can be beneficial. It provides the necessary burst of color in a […]

Pruning Hellebores Correctly At The Right Time

Always use a sharp tool and prune it during the late winter or early spring   Most Hellebore varieties are evergreen, provided you grow them in the zones where they can survive. So, the last year’s development is still hanging onto the tree when the growth shows. At times, this may be unsightly, but most […]

Growing Helleborus: Where & When To Plant Hellebores

Plant these beauties from autumn through spring in well-drained soil   Hellebores are low-maintenance, easy to grow, and very undemanding. Botanically called the Helleborus, these belong to the Ranunculaceae family and are cold-weather flowering plants that look ravishing from January to March. Quite distinguishably, even when the seeds of these plants set, their sepals appear […]

Types Of Hellebores: Spectacular Species With Beautiful Flowers

Considering the hybrids and cultivars, there are around twenty types of hellebores   Hellebore is the common name associated with various plant species belonging to the Helleborus genus from the Ranunculaceae family. It also comprises anemone, delphinium, and monkshood. There are about twenty types of hellebores, but you can find multiple sub-species and forms too.   As variation is […]

When Do Crepe Myrtles Bloom?

Enjoy their wonderous beauty after late May in warm climates and late July in colder ones   We have established the fact that crepe myrtles have beautiful blooms. Today we are going to find out when do crepe myrtles bloom. Though they beautify your lawns in mid-May if you live in a hotter zone, it is not […]

Camellia Bushes Care: Ideal Growing Conditions & More

Rich acidic soil, partial shade, and timely taking care of pests goes a long way when it comes to camellia care   Camellias are popular as specimen and foundation plants. These plants will surely bring a splash of color to your garden, even in the darkest and gloomiest winters. When considering these beautiful flowering plants […]