How To Stop Weeds From Growing In Flower Beds & Keep Them Out

Mulching is the best way to prevent weeds. However, if you still have weeds in your garden, use a homemade or store-bought safe weed killer to get rid of them.   Are you frustrated and tired of pulling out weeds from your flowerbeds day in and day out?   You clean and clear out your […]

Best Plant Food & Daylily Fertilizers

Daylilies are not heavy feeders and do pretty well without any plant food. But, if the soil assessment shows a deficiency, feed them with nitrogen-rich balanced fertilizers.   When the growing medium is fertile, daylilies do not need a lot of fertilizer. Hence, the light application of plant food also works for them. You can […]

How To Plant and Grow Daylily Seeds?

Daylilies can be propagated through seeds easily. Sow them around spring around an inch deep in moist soil rich in organic matter after soaking and stratifying them.   It is easy to grow daylilies from seeds. All it takes is a little patience and time. If you follow the correct techniques, the seeds are easy […]

What To Do With Daylilies After They Bloom – The Right Care!

Once the bloom time is over, make sure to remove the wilted flowers and deadhead the daylily plant. You must also divide them once the blooming season is over.   Daylilies are a popular and hardy perennial that bloom in the summer and provide a colorful addition to any garden. These flowers are short-lived; most […]

How To Keep Daylilies Blooming All Summer | Vibrant Blooms All Summer

Timely deadheading the daylilies helps them bloom all summer. Another important thing is to plant them at the right time in early fall or autumn with a mix of correct varieties.   Daylilies are called daylilies for a reason. Each of its flowers lasts only a day. However, that does not mean you cannot enjoy […]

Different Kinds of Daylilies Varieties (Cultivars & Types)

With thousands of daylilies varieties, there is a choice for every garden and gardening enthusiast in unique colors.   Daylilies are one of the most reliable plants to have in any garden. Broadly, there are seventy different types of daylilies and thousands of cultivars derived from them. They are forgiving and low-maintenance and yield attractive […]

Best Fertilizer For Daffodils And Tulips | Plant Food For Lovely Blooms

For your flowering bulb plants like daffodils and tulips, use a slow-release low-nitrogen fertilizer. It helps keep the foliage growth moderate with beautiful blooms.   Light fertilizing can help you grow happier and healthier tulips and daffodils. The perfect plant food will reward you with abundant and colorful blooms. For your bulb plants, you must […]

Mixing Daffodils and Tulips: How To Plant Them Together?

It is a good idea to mix tulip and daffodil bulbs together while planting. This ensures a longer blooming season in your garden. Just make sure to plant daffodil bulbs a bit deeper than tulips.   Tulips and daffodils are highly popular for their bold and spectacular color display. Planting them together can create a […]

How To Take Care of Daffodil Plants?

Daffodils are highly attractive plants because of their gorgeous trumpet-shaped, golden spring bulbs. They are easy to grow. They are not very choosey about the care you provide them.   Daffodils are the most gorgeous and delicate perennial flowers that appear in the early spring season. Nothing will make your home garden more cheerful than […]

Best Daffodil Varieties & Species (Popular Types)

You can categorize daffodils on the basis of their flower shape and structure. There can be hundreds of hybrids and cultivars within each flower kind.   The diversity in Daffodil’s Narcissus genus is so massive that it perplexes even experienced gardeners. You can find a dozen different types of daffodils, characterized by the petals’ size and shape […]