Planting Snowdrop Bulbs: How To Grow Snowdrops and Care For It Later

A guide on when, where, and how to plant snowdrops & care for them   As is apparent, Snowdrops are heralded as the first sign of spring. They can grow in moderate and cold winters but do not appreciate the warm winters. So, if you live in Florida, Southern California, or any other hot climate, […]

How Many Types of Snowdrops Varieties Are There?

Learn about the main true varieties and its hybrid cultivars   There are several varieties of snowdrops, and courtesy of their distinct ornamental value and ethereal beauty, snowdrops are one of the most recognizable flowers to many. Hence, they are every gardener’s delight, and their aesthetic appearance and breathtaking appeal make them likable.   There are about […]

How Fast Do Camellias Grow?

A typically slow growing plant with some quick growing varieties   Camellias can give your garden a gorgeous magical look. The cheerful Camellias are long-lived evergreen shrub plants. Among these, the Japanese Camellias, also known as Camellia Japonica, is everyone’s favorite. These brilliant flowers are even selected as Alabama’s state flower. These shrubs are easily […]

How Many Different Types Of Camellias Varieties Are There?

The mesmerising Camellia is available in 200+ species and 3000 hybrid varieties   The Queen of Winter flowers, Camellias, are dense shrubs renowned for their attractive foliage. Priced for their beauty, you can find several types of Camellias that offer long-blooming and bright flowers and mimic the specimen and popular foundation plants.   Their compact shapely habit […]

Best Varieties of Oak Leaf Hydrangea for Your Garden

  Highly popular in America, Oak leaf hydrangea is an extremely beautiful deciduous shrub. It is commonly found in the United States and is known as an outstanding flowering shrub. So, if you need privacy in your lawn or yard without setting up a fence, consider decorating it with beautiful Oak leaf hydrangea.   It […]

How Long Does It Take For Flowers To Bloom?

  The most difficult part of planting a garden is waiting. Ask any gardener and they will tell you how hard it is for them to wait for their flowers to bloom.   Figuring out how long does it take for a flower bud to bloom totally depend on many factors. Firstly, the most important […]

How to Grow Rose Plant

  Rose is an easy plant to cultivate and prune, but you still need to learn how to grow roses. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to grow roses once you learn how to grow and care for them.   Anyone can grow roses, especially when they’ve learned the nitty-gritty of growing, planting, and […]

How To Transplant Gladiolus and Replant It (From Indoors and Garden)

  Did you know the name ‘Gladiolus’ originates from the Latin word ‘Gladius’ that means “Sword”? It is for this reason that the gladiolus flowers are also called “sword lilies”. Gladiolus is a bulbous plant native to South Africa famous for its bright and colorful blooms. It is available in a variety of colors such […]

How To Split Lilac Bushes: Learn How To Divide Lilac Bushes and Propagate Them

  Lilac bushes are a common member of the olive family and popular for their ornamental beauty. The most common colors in which you can find a lilac bush are lavender, blue, white, lilac, purple, and burgundy. Spring is the season when lilac bushes bloom in full mirth.   However, in order to thrive, they […]

How To Prune Geraniums: Tips On How To Trim and Cut Back Geraniums The Right Way

  Geraniums are one of the most prized flowering plants that gardeners absolutely love. They are hardy and easy to grow, they beautify your garden with vibrant blooms, and they fill the summer air with a lovely soft scent. But did you know that this versatile flowering plant is not a true geranium? The commonly […]