Dogwood Tree Care: Growing Conditions For Bushes, Shrubs & Trees

Avoid planting the dogwood trees too deep. Plant them in light shade and water regularly, especially during dry periods. Apply mulch to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds. Prune in late winter to remove dead wood and shape the tree.   Caring for dogwood trees is essential to ensure their health and beauty. With their […]

How Fast Do Lilacs Grow & How To Make Them Grow Faster?

Lilacs have a moderate growth rate. However, the shrub variety i.e. lilac bushes grow quicker than lilac trees to reach maturity faster.   In the enchanting world of horticulture, wherein flowers blossom with plants weaving tales of natural beauty, one tree that stands out with its grace and elegance is the lilac.   Also called […]

Orchid Lifespan: How Long Do Orchids Live?

Orchids are long lived plants that live for somewhat around five to fifteen years. But not all varieties live that long. Some grow for 2-5 years only.   Orchids, known for their stunning beauty and delicate charm, have captivated the hearts of plant enthusiasts for centuries. These fascinating flowering plants belong to the Orchidaceae family, […]

Orchid’s New Growth – How To Make It Grow Faster?

There is one thing you can do to make orchids grow faster. And that is to create an environment which is similar to their natural habitat and ideal growing conditions.   Orchids are delicate and exquisite flowers that need care and patience to thrive. Multiple factors influence their growth rate. However, there are some steps […]

Tulip Lifespan: How Long Can Tulips Live To Bloom?

Tulips are perennials. They live for more than one season to bloom. Their lifespan is about three to seven years under optimal conditions.   Tulips are popular and beloved flowers known for their vibrant colors and elegant blooms. However, when it comes to their lifespan and perennial nature, there are some important factors to consider. […]

How To Take Care Of Orchids Indoors & Outdoors

Orchids are mesmerising beauties that grow best between 60°F – 80°F in bright indirect sun and rich aerated soil. For them you must keep a gap between two waterings and use dedicated orchid fertilizers only.   Orchids are known for their exquisite beauty and delicate charm, captivating the hearts of flower enthusiasts globally. With their […]

Orchid Varieties | Different Kinds of Orchid Types with Pictures

Orchids are extraordinary flowers found in thousands of varieties. Cattleya, Foxtail, Moth, and Monkey Orchids being the most notable ones.   Orchids, with a staggering count of approximately 28,000 species recently found by scientific exploration, exhibit a vast diversity. This collection is further classified into roughly 850 distinct clusters, known as genera.   Amongst the […]

Feeding Tulips: Best Fertilizers & Plant Food for Blooms

Tulips do not need too much fertilizers. It is a good idea to use a bulb fertilizer at the time of planting tulip bulbs. Later, use a balanced fertilizer when you see new growth emerging.   While Tulips are not heavy feeders, you must provide them with suitable nourishment to ensure optimal growth and blossoming. […]

How Fast Do Tulip Trees (Yellow Poplars) Grow?

Tulip trees have a slow to moderate growth rate. The initial and after-maturity days are relatively slower as compared to the midway growth period.   Also called the Liriodendron tulipifera, Tulip trees are slow-growing and majestic. However, they may exhibit a varying growth rate depending on your planted variety.   But if you precisely ask […]

Tulip Care Guide That Tells You How To Take Care Of Tulips

Tulips bloom in well-draining soil near a sunny spot. You must water them regularly, especially during dry periods. Deadhead spent flowers and provide a layer of mulch for winter protection.   Tulips are vibrant and beautiful flowers that bring a touch of elegance to any indoor space or garden. Proper care is imperative to ensure […]