How Deep Do You Plant Daffodil Bulbs – Bury Them Right!

Daffodil bulbs need not to be planted very deep. Ideally four to seven inches below the ground works for them to easily germinate.   Planting daffodils are straightforward, and everyone who loves gardening must do it. But how deep to plant daffodil bulbs for them to grow well?   It is imperative to know that […]

Best Type of Cosmos Flower Varieties & Species

There are three main types of cosmos. All types of cosmos flower varieties can be clubbed under one of these three types.   Cosmos are members of the sunflower family. They make excellent companion plants, attract butterflies, and bloom until the first frost, ensuring an attractive late-summer color. There are almost 30 different types of […]

Best Peony Fertilizers (Plant Food) For Plant Blooms

Peonies like phosphorous-rich fertilizers that help that plant with its beautiful blooms.   Often people ask us what is the best fertilizer for peonies, and if that’s what you wish to learn, you are in for some luck. We will cover everything you must know about peony fertilization in this guide.   It is easy […]

How Long Do Peony Plants Live With A Healthy Lifespan?

You can expect to enjoy these lovely fragrant blooms for 50-100 years under the right circumstances.   Peonies are one of the most popular flowers, known for their beauty and longevity. They have been cultivated for around 2000 years. Though they look delicate, they are sturdy perennials that can typically live up to 20 years […]

How To Care For Peonies Plants And Bushes In The Fall?

For peonies fall care – stretching the duration between two watering sessions, using organic fertilizers, and pruning back the dead foliage are the three important things to begin with.   Silken-textured, large flowers and different colors of Peony bushes grace the yard during the spring.   Peony care in fall is quintessential for the spring […]

Different Types Of Peonies Species & Best Popular Varieties

The three main types of peonies are herbaceous, tree peonies, and a third hybrid variety known as itoh peonies. There are multiple peonies of different colors that fall under each category.   Peonies make spectacular additions to any garden. They are perennials, meaning they will return every year.   There are 100s of different types […]

How Long Does It Take Peonies To Bloom After Planting?

You can expect the fragrant peony blossoms within three to four years of planting them. Once they start blooming the flowers last for about 7-10 days.   Peonies are extremely beautiful perennials that are best known for their gorgeous flowers and rich green foliage. But to witness their beauty, do you need to have patience […]

Which Peony Is The Most Fragrant & Best Smelling?

The best smelling peonies are either from the white and pink color category. Some double peonies also come with great fragrance.   Peonies are nature’s prettiest perennials and the most fragrant ones too. Peonies can add color and vibrancy to your landscape with their exquisite flowers and seasonal shade-changing foliage.   These flowers are one […]

Perennials That Bloom All Summer – Low Growing Groundcovers

The choicest low growing perennials adorn your garden with happy blooms all summer long. These include Garden phlox, Lavender, Stella de Oro, Day Lilly, Primrose, etc. to name a few.   Looking for a guaranteed way to add some aesthetic beauty, color and glamor to your garden? Perennials are your sure-shot way.   Low growing […]

Oleander Tree Care: Taking Care of Nerium Oleander Plants & Bushes

These toxic yet pretty plants thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Before oleanders mature you must water them once in three days and fertilize them lightly during the growing season.   Caring for an oleander tree is pretty straightforward. The plant can tolerate various conditions, including high pH, infertile soil, severe pruning, drought, and […]