Types Of Nerium Oleander Varieties (Kaner Plants & Trees)

From multiple varieties and cultivars of oleander available, the most common ones are Hardy Pink Oleander, Mrs. Lucille Hutchings, Petite Salmon Oleander, and Calypso, etc.   Originally native to the Mediterranean region, oleander trees are now widely grown throughout the world. The trees grow 8–15 feet tall and have long, leathery, deep-green leaves.   Any […]

How Fast Do Oleanders (Nerium) Grow – Trees & Bushes Growth Rate

Oleanders are hardy plants that can grow upto two feet annually. They grow well in a variety of conditions, but they do best in full sun and well-drained soil. They are also tolerant of salt, making them a good choice for coastal areas.   Oleanders flower all around the year. The plus point of growing […]

Feeding Magnolia Trees: Best Fertilizers & Plant Food for Magnolias

Magnolia trees love nitrogen rich fertilizers. Just avoid using them in winters at all costs.   Magnolia trees have been on this planet for a very long time. Belonging to the Magnoliaceae family, there are hundreds of Magnolia species, but only a few grow in residential spaces.   At some point, Magnolia trees will require fertilizer to […]

Planting Japanese Magnolia Tree: How To Grow Them?

Full to partial sun and moist, well-drained soil is needed by Japanese Magnolia trees to grow well and bloom healthy. You can grow them through seeds or cuttings. Best is to buy a tiny plant and it grow with care.   One of the most noticeable trees among many homeowners is the Japanese magnolia. You […]

Magnolia Sieboldii Oyama Trees – Everything You Need to Know

This is a beautiful deciduous variety of magnolia with moderate growth rate, showy flowers, and needs very little maintenance to grow well.   The Oyama is a deciduous magnolia variety that grows between fifteen and twenty-five feet tall. Hence, it is referred to as the Oyama magnolia shrub or the Oyama Magnolia tree. It is a […]

Magnolia Evergreen Varieties: Evergreen Tree Species & Their Care

Among the different evergreen varieties of magnolia trees and cultivars, the two most prevalent ones are Sweet Bay and Southern Magnolia   Magnolias are showy, elegant ornamental trees that may be evergreen or deciduous. Their evergreen variety is the perfect cherry on the cake in the dull winter moratoria. Hence, they are valued for their smooth, glossy, […]

How To Prune & Trim Magnolia Trees and Bushes In Shape?

Magnolia requires occasional pruning. While evergreen magnolia need to be trimmed for shape, deciduous variety needs a check on its excessive growth.   The best part about having a magnolia tree is watching it bloom beautifully. Whether you plant them as specimen trees or for privacy hedging, they will make a wonderful addition to your […]

Do Magnolia Trees Keep Their Leaves In The Winter Or Lose Them?

Deciduous magnolia trees shed their leaves in winter which grows back by springtime.   Magnolias are widely recognized and loved for their stunning fragrant flowers and beautiful oval-shaped leaves. The dark green leaves are coated with a waxy layer of fatty acid that helps the trees to retain their water and repel pollutants.   Many […]

Magnolia Dying: Possible Causes For Branches Dying & How To Fix It

There are numerous reasons for magnolia dying like overwatering, underwatering, frost damage, Verticillium Wilt, nutritional deficiency, and more.   Magnolia trees are cold-hardy, but like every other tree, even they are susceptible to some diseases and problems that can hamper their health, resulting in Magnolia dying if you do not take measures timely. Moreover, assessing the reasons for the […]

Magnolia Bush Vs Tree: Comparing The Differences

Number of stems branching out and the height of the plant are the two main differences between a magnolia tree and a bush   Magnolia is both evergreen and deciduous, depending on where they are grown. When you compare magnolia trees, some species are multi-stemmed shrubs, while others are upright trees quite massive in size. […]