Different Kinds of Tulip Varieties With Elegant Blooms

Tulips are very special flowers that signify pure love. They have more than thousands of varieties. Darwin hybrids, Apeldoorn, and lily flowered tulips are some of the most popular ones.   Enter the beautiful and enchanting realm of tulips, where nature weaves a tapestry of enchantment via graceful stems and vibrant petals. With more than […]

Best Fertilizer for Lilacs | Plant Food for More Blooms

Lilacs prefer a balanced fertilizer with some micronutrients to bloom colorful flowers. Check out our recommendations below!   Lilacs are pretty flowers, there is no doubt about that. You must provide them with the right fertilizer for these delightful shrubs to thrive and yield abundant flowers. The best fertilizer for lilacs will be a balanced plant food […]

How Long Do Lilac Bushes Live  – Dying Signs & Fixes

Lilacs typically live for 20-30 years, but certain specimens have been known to exceed five decades or even longer, showcasing their potential for extended lifespans under optimal conditions and care.   Lilac bushes are known for their vibrant and fragrant blossoms. Lilacs grace gardens with their beauty for several decades, and in some rare cases, […]

Best Fertilizers And Plant Food For Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are not heavy feeders but a balanced dose of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can be good for the plant. In the initial days you may go for bulb specific and bloom boosting plant food and later stick to an all-purpose balanced one.   Scientifically called the Zantedeschia spp, Calla Lilies are elegant and […]

How To Grow Calla Lilies (Planting Guide & Care)

Calla lilies grow well via bulb plantation as compared to seeds. Plant the bulbs about four inches deep in well-drained soil and indirect bright sun.   Scientifically called the Zantedeschia spp, the Calla Lilies are vibrant and elegant flowering plants. These are hugely popular in floral arrangements and gardens.   Famous for their glossy green […]

Lilac Varieties & Species | Popular Kinds of Bushes & Trees

With Hundreds Of Varieties Like The Japanese Lilacs, Chinese Lilacs, & Common Lilacs, These Flowers Come In An Array Of Colors. From Classic Purples To Enchanting Pinks And Whites, Lilac Varieties Bloom With Elegance And Fill The Air With Their Captivating Scents.   Lilacs belong to the genus Syringa. They are beloved flowering shrubs loved […]

Lilac Care Guide: How To Take Care Of Bushes & Trees?

The secret to thriving lilacs is plenty of sun, rich soil, moderate watering, balanced fertilizers followed by regular pruning. From planting to watering, mulching to fertilizing, this guide will empower you to create a vibrant lilac haven.   Lilacs are beautiful flowering shrub that graces landscapes and gardens with their vibrant colors and aromatic fragrance. […]

How Fast Do Hydrangeas Grow and Quickly Produce Flowers?

Hydrangeas are moderate growers. They have a steady growth rate of 1-2 feet annually. Though this varies a bit with the variety chosen and growing conditions.   Hydrangeas are popular flowering shrubs known for their stunning blooms and lush foliage. If you’re considering adding hydrangeas to your garden or landscape, understanding their growth rate can […]

Best Fertilizer (Plant Food) for Begonias To Thrive And Bloom

Begonias appreciate a dose of balanced fertilizer. Only in case of a soil deficiency, go for a dedicated fertilizer rich in a specific nutrient.   Begonias, known for their vibrant and striking flowers, are typically described as heavy feeders. They need a consistent supply of nutrients to thrive and flourish.   Feeding has a crucial […]

Hydrangea Lifespan: How Many Years Do They Live?

Amongst the flowering plants, hydrangeas live for a long time that is generally five years. Some varieties live even longer for more than ten years. All you got to do is care for them properly.   Hydrangeas are beautiful flowering plants known for their beautiful clusters of showy, vibrant flowers that range in blue, pink, […]