How To Split Lilac Bushes: Learn How To Divide Lilac Bushes and Propagate Them

  Lilac bushes are a common member of the olive family and popular for their ornamental beauty. The most common colors in which you can find a lilac bush are lavender, blue, white, lilac, purple, and burgundy. Spring is the season when lilac bushes bloom in full mirth.   However, in order to thrive, they […]

How To Prune Geraniums: Tips On How To Trim and Cut Back Geraniums The Right Way

  Geraniums are one of the most prized flowering plants that gardeners absolutely love. They are hardy and easy to grow, they beautify your garden with vibrant blooms, and they fill the summer air with a lovely soft scent. But did you know that this versatile flowering plant is not a true geranium? The commonly […]

How To Propagate Creeping Jenny: Steps To Divide Creeping Jenny, Its Benefits, Design Ideas and FAQs

  Creeping jenny (botanical name Lysimachia nummularia) is a low-growing evergreen perennial that is mostly used as ground cover, trailing plant, or filler. It is also commonly known as ‘moneywort’ for its round and coin-shaped leaves. Originally a highly invasive species, its cultivar has gained prominence for its bright lime green foliage and less aggressive […]

7 Best Plant Food For Hydrangeas (Fertilizers For Vibrant Hydrangea Bloom)

  You can find hydrangeas in different varieties and colors. So, most likely than not, there is a hydrangea for everyone. Like every other flowering plant, even the hydrangea will grow well if it gets the right nutrients from fertilizers, water, and the sun.   Hence, it is quintessential to pick the best feed for hydrangeas. Be […]

White Flowering Trees Identification Guide (Fragrant & Large)

  Well, if you wish to learn about fragrant white flowering trees identification, you are at the right place. But, before that, you must know why you should learn large white flowering trees identification?   It is because they add so much freshness to your garden, you can’t afford to miss on them. When you begin to identify white flowering […]

Different Kinds of Flowers Species You Should Know

  Note* There can be multiple ways to categorize flowers based on how they reproduce, when they bloom, look, etc. Here’s what we did.   Based on their maintenance levels, we’ve divided different types of flowers into the following categories:   In This Article: Low Maintenance Flowering Plants Not So Common Flower Species Rare Exotic Kinds of Flowers […]