How To Get Rid Of Leafhoppers Without Harming Your Plants?

You can use safe and natural ways like sticky traps, soapy water, diatomaceous earth to get rid of leafhoppers. Apart from these you can use some preventive measures or kill them with store bought insecticides.   When spring comes around, gardeners are interested in planting and growing their favorite vegetation. The downside of the warm […]

Best Pole Hedge Trimmers (Extendable & Lightest)

Pole hedge trimmers should be lightweight and extendable with a seamless cutting capacity and a rotating head. WORX or Sun Joe offer some of the best products for hedge trimming.   Anyone who has attempted pruning the tall hedges with a typical trimmer while simultaneously balancing on the ladder will know that not every tool […]

Best Retractable Hose Reel (Self Winding & Automatic)

Gardena retractable garden hose reels are one of the best in quality and very popular among garden owners. They also offer multiple other gardening products and water management systems. Aiman Khair bin Samsol Hairi/Voyagerix/istockphoto   Those who use a garden hose know how painstaking it is to wind it after using it. Besides being time-consuming, […]

How To Clean Lawn Mower Paper Air Filter (No Replacement Needed)

The air filter plays a crucial role in preventing dirt elements from making their way into the engine. That’s the reason cleaning a dirty lawn mower air filter is highly important. For regular cleaning, dusting it off usually does the trick. Vudhikul Ocharoen/istockphoto   Having a perfectly running air filter is an important element of […]

How Long Does A Propane Fire Pit Last – Hours Before It Runs Out?

The duration of a propane fire pit going on depends on a few factors, including the size of the fire pit, the amount of propane used per hour, and the type of fire pit. Iuri Gagarin/kckate16/Andrei Sauko/michaklootwijk/istockphoto   Redoing an outdoor or indoor living space most of the time includes adding a fireplace to the […]

Best Weed Killer For Dandelions (Organic Herbicide Sprays)

Epsoma weed preventer made from corn gluten is one of the best dandelion killers. Apart from that you can also use home methods like boiling water, vinegar, and other commercial weed killers mentioned below. Brian Brown/Onfokus/akajhoe/istockphoto   One of the most asked & searched questions by home gardeners is – which is the best weed […]

How to Properly Store Seeds for Next Season?

  Saving seeds for the next season is not new; our ancestors have been doing that for thousands of years. Seed saving allows the gardener to preserve the seeds of productive crops and grow them again the next year.   Today there are many sources from which gardeners can easily buy high-quality seeds, reducing the […]

8 Top Rated Lawn Mowers From Best Brands (Lightweight and Easy To Operate)

  Having a well-trimmed lawn adds to the beauty of your home. Using a good lawn mower, you can keep the growth of the grass in check. However, the problem, there is an umpteen number of the best lawn mower brands. Consequently, it can be pretty overwhelming for you to select the best mower from the many offerings in […]

6 Best Rated Garden Tillers: Which One To Choose and Why?

  We all love seeing a freshly tilled garden, don’t we? A vital prerequisite for starting your gardening at the right note is a garden tiller that crumbles and mixes the soil well to make it more aerated. This in turn helps provide well-balanced nutrients to your plants/flowers/fruits or veggies.   Thus, you must invest […]

How To Grow Mushrooms At Home Without Spores: Step-by-Step Guide, Care Tips, Precautions, and FAQs

  Mushroom is an umami flavored fungi relished by many around the world. It is consumed for a myriad of health benefits as a stand-alone snack or added to dishes to enhance their flavor. Mushrooms are almost fat-free, low on calories, and contain essential nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, B vitamins, antioxidants, etc. Many nature […]