How Fast Is Rainbow Eucalyptus Growth Rate?

Rainbow eucalyptus trees have a fast growth rate. They sometimes have an astonishing growth rate of 6 feet per year. But, that’s rare. On average they grow 3-5 feet each year.   Rainbow eucalyptus trees are unmissable because of their colorful barks. These trees (Eucalyptus deglupta) are known for their rapid growth rate. Under optimal […]

How To Cut Eucalyptus Trees: Trimming & Pruning Techniques

It is important to get rid of dead and unhealthy growth of eucalyptus trees. Common techniques used in pruning eucalyptus include Pollarding, Coppicing, Thinning, and hedge pruning.   Pruning has a crucial role in maintaining the eucalyptus trees’ aesthetics. In this guide, we will take you through the importance of pruning these majestic beauties and […]

How To Trim A Pine Tree Branches Without Killing It?

Pine trees require regular pruning. Begin with choosing a sharp, well-suited tool. Remove the dead branches, suckers, and work your way towards the lower branches. Finish up with shaping the tree.   Pruning a pine tree is an essential task. It promotes its aesthetics, health, and overall growth.   But you must know how to trim […]

Differences Between Majesty Palm Vs Cat Palm

Majesty palms have a longer lifespan, but cannot tolerate low light levels. They are bigger in size though. Whereas cat palms are more compact and tolerate low light better.   Cat Palm (or Chamaedorea Cataractarum) and Majesty Palm (or Ravenea Rivularis) are popular outdoor and indoor ornamental Palms native to tropical regions. Comparing Cat Palm vs […]

King Palm Tree Vs Queen Palm Differences

Apart from some of the physical differences between queen and king palm, there’s not much difference in their growing needs. Queen palms are bigger in size but have more delicate dark green leaves, yellow-orange fruit and no crown on top.   Queen and King Palm are the two famous Palm tree species predominantly planted for […]

What Fruit Do Palm Trees Produce & Grow?

Some palm tree varieties produces dates while others grow coconut, acai berries, and betel nuts on them.   Palm trees are known for their iconic appearance and larger than life looks. But there is so much more to this tree. If you are not aware of all the varieties of palm trees, you might think […]

Kentia Palm Plants Leaves Going Brown

The most common reason for Kentia palm turning brown is lack of humidity and dry air. The reasons could be many but if you take remedial actions in time, the plant could be saved.   Even though Kentia Palm is a popular and beautiful indoor plant, it is not uncommon for its leaves to turn […]

Palm Leaves Turning Black | Black Spots Causes & Treatments

Fungal infections and overwatering are the main reasons for black spots on palm leaves. To treat black spots, it is important to prune the damaged leaves, use fungicide and fix the watering schedule.   Black spots on palm fronds are a common issue that can have a significant impact on the health and appearance of […]

Palm Tree Leaves & Fronds White (White Spots)

White spots on palm leaves arTurning e caused by fungal infections specially scurf disease. Other possible reasons include low humidity levels, pests, lack of nutrition, unsuitably high temperatures, and lime deposits.   One of the most common reasons for white spots on palms is a fungal infection. Powdery mildew is one such fungus that results in […]

Brown Spots On Palm Leaves: Causes, Prevention & Treatments

Brown spots on palm tree fronds can occur due to pest attacks, nutritional problems, no sunlight, fungal or bacterial infection, or inadequate watering.   Among the many signs of palm tree damage and improper care is its stunted growth and discolored brown foliage. Brown spots on palms care ommonly a sign of an underlying issue […]