Which Is The Best Fertilizer For A Snake Plant?

If you absolutely have to use a fertilizer on a snake plant, always go for a balanced NPK 10-10-10, until and unless your soil needs otherwise.   Snake plants are the most popular houseplants mainly because of their forgiving nature. Distinguished by their sculptural, spiky leaves, the snake plants are low-maintenance plants to grow indoors. […]

Do Snake Plants Flower for Real?

With Multiple Hybrids and Cultivars, The Most Common Ones are Ann, Jane, Royal Star, Bigleaf, and Kobus Magnolia   Surprisingly, stress induced some snake plant varieties do produce pretty fragrant flowers   Commonly known as Sansevieria, the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue is one of the most preferred houseplants. Snake plants are known for their […]

Snake Plants Leaves Curling – Have You Considered These Reasons?

Leaves start curling due to overwatering, over feeding, too much light, etc. Basically you need to do a trial and error and observe what’s causing it.   Snake plants are hardy and forgiving. Caring for the snake plants becomes easy if you get the environment right. Fortunately, snake plants are flexible and can adapt to […]

Why Is My Snake Plant Not Growing  – Possible Reasons And Solutions!

There is no one reason for it. But first and foremost you must check for your plants watering schedule and sunlight needs   Snake Plant or the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue is not one of the fast-growing plants, but they stretch and show new leaves over time. They are attractive, hardy, and considered one of the best […]

Different Kinds of Sansevieria (Snake Plant Varieties)

With more than seventy different types, there is a snake plant for everyone – medium sized, short, and dwarf   Snake plants are forgiving and very easy to grow. Because of their thick texture and upright leaves that look like a tongue, they are called Mother-in-law’s Tongue. Botanically called the Sansevieria, Snake plants can thrive […]

Growing Snake Plants – How To Make Snake Plant Grow Faster?

Keep all things optimum, note that too little or too much light can be disastrous for the snake plant   The snake plant known botanically as Sansevieria trifasciata (now as Dracaena trifasciata) is a wonderful evergreen plant to grow in small areas. Snake plant is native to tropical western Africa. It is highly admired by […]

Right Way To Do Mother In Law’s Tongue Care (Snake Plant)

The thing is that these snake plants are low maintenance and do not need specialized attention   Botanically called the Dracaena Trifasciata, the Snake Plant is one of the hardiest houseplant species and is native to southern Africa, Europe, and Asia.   Also known as sansevieria and mother-in-law’s tongue, Snake Plant is becoming increasingly popular. Deservingly so! […]

Snake Plant Lifespan: How Long Do They Live?

Snake plants can beautify the corners of your home for about ten years or so   Snake plant is the perfect choice for beginner gardeners as it is considered indestructible. Considering how long do snake plants live without much attention is also remarkable. In winter, it can go two months between watering, while in summer, […]

Snake Plant Benefits: Spiritual, Medicinal, and Feng Shui Benefits

Placing the snake plant correctly brings in good luck, sound sleep and also improves air quality   The snake plant or sansevieria trifasciata is treasured by many homeowners for its unique and ornamental appeal. This plant originally blooms in African and Asian regions. Being easily recognizable by its upright and sword-like leaves the plant looks […]

White Pine Identification – Know One When You See One

Blue-green needles, long trunk with greyish bark, and brown narrow cones are the main giveaway features of a white pine   White pines can be identified by their clusters of blue-green, long, and soft needles that grow in bundles of five, an essential white pine identification aspect. It separates it from the jack and red pines that […]