How To Sow Cosmos Seeds To Start & Grow Cosmos Flowers?

Cosmos seeds need no special preparation for sowing them. These are one of the most hassle free flowers that can be grown via seeds.     Cosmos are eye-catching garden flowers that reach maturity in around two months. Though they can be slow to germinate, they quickly bloom post-germination and continue to bloom across the […]

How To Grow Sphagnum Moss From Dried or Live Moss?

Humid conditions and ample moisture content is a must for sphagnum moss to grow both indoors and outdoors. Also, do not put the sphagnum moss in bright direct sunlight. It will ruin it.   Sphagnums are the essential non-vascular plants on this planet. Strangely so, these pioneer plants can thrive and grow in places where […]

How To Plant & Grow Hazelnuts (Filbert) Trees

You can grow hazelnut trees through seeds, stem cuttings, or nursery bought seedlings. Plant them in full sun and well drained loamy, acidic or alkaline soil – they aren’t picky. They require lesser space than other nut trees to grow as well.   Hazelnut belongs to the birch family Betulaceae and has a natural distribution […]

Ginkgo Tree Varieties: Different Types of Biloba Cultivars & Species

Gingko trees have only one major species – Ginkgo Biloba. But, over the years several Biloba cultivars and varieties have been developed and used for their numerous benefits.   Ginkgo Trees are living fossils. They are unique as they survive for around 200 million years. They have fan-shaped, pretty leaves. These trees can be female […]

Hazelnut (Filbert) Tree Care – How To Start Caring For Hazelnut Trees?

For hazelnut trees to grow well, plant them in full sun  with rich, well-drained slightly acidic soil free from weeds. Also, provide the tree with moderate watering once it establishes and a balanced fertilizer in spring.   Hazelnut trees are deciduous trees that are widely cultivated for the nut (hazelnut) that they bear. Hazelnut trees […]

Hazelnut Tree Lifespan – How Long Do These Trees Live?

Most hazelnut trees live for 30-40 years under ideal growing conditions. However, some trees may survive up to 50 years.   Hazelnuts are a good source of protein and are extremely nutritious. Different species in the Corylus genus produce edible nuts known as hazelnuts or filberts. It can take 6 to 8 years for the […]

Kinds Of Rosemary Plant Varieties – Best Types of Cultivars & Species

With several varieties, you can categorize rosemary as upright growers or dwarf groundcovers. Or you may segregate them on the basis of their use. Some Rosemary plants are preferred over others in cooking because of their flavor while others are just good for landscaping.   Rosemary is a fragrant evergreen shrub with needle-like leaves and […]

How Do Banyan Trees Grow After Planting Them?

Planted banyan trees grow out to be huge in size with unique aerial roots hanging down from the branches which further go underground to support the tree size. They thrive in well-drained sandy loam soils with ample space to spread.   When growing in a natural setting, banyan draws all attention to its attractive colonies […]

Different Types Of Hazelnut Trees & Species To Know About

There are hundreds of hybrid hazelnut trees developed from the three most common hazels i.e. American hazelnut, European hazelnut, and beaked hazelnut.   There are many species of hazelnut trees or hazels, most of which yield edible nuts. The hazels are large shrubs and deciduous trees that belong to the Corylus genus. The hazels belong to the Betulaceae plant […]

Mahogany Tree Types, Species & Varieties (Most Popular Ones)

With immense commercial value, American Mahogany, Honduras Mahogany, Bigleaf Mahogany are the three most common types of mahogany trees.   Belonging to the Meliaceae family and the Swietenia genus, Mahogany is a popular tree. Its massive popularity extends over its use in the landscape.   Broadly, there are three types of mahogany trees that you can spot in South […]