Money Plant Variety: Different Types & Kinds

Money plants include a wide variety of plants that are believed to bring luck and prosperity. The list of Money Plants is not limited to any particular type or variety. However, some money plants like the Money tree and Chinese money plant are more popular than others.

Different Types Of Money Plants

The money plant is a highly popular indoor plant that can be found in many homes. It is popularly known by many names like Hunter’s Robe, Ceylon Creeper, and Golden Pothos.


Most people prefer to grow these attractive plants because they are known to attract prosperity, peace, and wealth in homes.


Are you looking to add a money plant to your home? You will be surprised to know about the different types of money plants that you can choose from. Actually, any plant belonging to any plant family bringing in prosperity is said to be a money plant. This varies along with different cultural beliefs as well.


Chinese money plants, Jade plants, Money Tree, and Swiss Cheese Money plants are just a few names that are known to spread positivity when placed in households.


Some of these plants have five leaves on each stem which delineate the 5 elements of feng shui that is earth, water, wood, fire, and metal.


Now, if you are eager to choose the best money plant for your home interior, check out this helpful guide.


Money Tree Plant Information

Other names Ceylon Creeper, Golden Pothos, Hunter’s Robe, and Devil’s Ivy
Care (Soil, water, temp, fertilizer) Moist to wet potting mix, mild temperatures (65 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit) and high humidity, monthly fertilizing from spring to summer
Ideal location South-east direction
Flower White or pink star-shaped flowers
Lifespan Up to 10 years
Growth rate Slow growing, about 2 inches in a year
Common pests Mealybugs, Thrips, and Aphids


Different Kinds Of Money Plants – How Many Types of Money Plants Are There?

According to feng shui, any plant that brings in good luck, prosperity, and wealth can be categorized as a money plant. Hence, to state a fixed number of plants that are ‘money plants’ is not correct. However, some money plants are more prevalent than others.


Here we enlist them below.


A. Golden Pothos (Golden Money Plant)

Golden Pothos
If you are looking to bring your first decorative green plant to your house, then this is the best pick for you. This houseplant is also popular by the name Devil’s Ivy.


It has beautiful, shiny heart-like leaves, which makes it a perfect plant for shelves and baskets.


Apart from this, propagating this plant is absolutely fuss-free. Just put it in any spot which receives bright and low indirect light. Likewise, it can thrive in any type of soil. Don’t overwater these plants and allow them to dry every time you water them.


B. Money Tree

Money Tree
When it comes to the different species of money plants, the most common name is the Money Tree. It is often known by the name Pachira Aquatica and is famous for giving a wealthy and prosperous vibe to your house.


It is also known to filter the air, giving a refreshing atmosphere to visitors. These money plants have braided stems which often represent longevity and connectedness.


Since these plants prefer to grow in low sunlight, you can easily put them in your home. You can most commonly find these species of money plants in Central and South American regions. According to feng shui, it is one of the best houseplants that brings wealth.

C. Swiss Cheese Money Plant

Swiss Cheese Money Plant
The Swiss cheese money plant is a beautiful plant that can bring prosperity and fortune when placed in your home. You may also know it by the botanical name, Monstera Obliqua.


Among the different kinds of money plants, this one is a magnificent one with huge, glossy, variegated leaves. If you are an indoor plant lover, adding this plant to your house will improve its appearance as well as bring good energy.


It can be easily grown in full and indirect sunlight. So, if you want to release positive vibes in your living space, get this lovely plant today.


D. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant
In addition to the above cultivars of the money plant, many other different types of money plants like Pilea Peperomioides are very attractive. It is commonly known as the Chinese money plant, bender plant, mirror plant, pancake plant, missionary plant, and UFO plant.


It is a perfect green plant when you are looking to decorate your home. But not only this, but you can also add it to your house interior if you want to attract prosperity and abundance.


Besides this, it is really easy to take care of this plant. Just make sure to place it in well-drained soil with bright and filtered sunlight. You can also expect to thrive in lower temperatures.


E. Jade Plant

Jade Plant
Crassula ovate, commonly known as Jade plants is a famous houseplant among the different varieties of money plants. It represents good energy and abundance. That said, you can often find it in many households to bring wealth.


These beautiful green succulents have coin-like leaves that grow slowly and steadily. Its thick green leaves appear like that of a valuable jade stone. This is the reason why different types of jade plants are considered lucky as per Feng Shui.


Not just this, but it is really easy to maintain and care for. They often thrive well in a location that gets a good amount of sunlight.


F. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo
The botanical name of this excellent money plant is Dracaeba sanderiana. Unlike its name, this plant is a perennial herb that just appears like that of bamboo. It is not hollow but pretty fleshy on the inside.


As per Feng Shui practice, the lucky bamboo is famous for bringing opulence and fortune to house owners.


G. Big Leaf Money Plant

Big Leaf Money Plant
Among the different kinds of money plant, you can choose a big leaf money plant for its glossy and evergreen vine & huge leaves. Commonly known as devil’s ivy, this plant is famous for purifying air and serving as decorative plant.


You can grow it well in nutrient-rich, well-drained, dry soil and organic potting mix. Add sand to allow good air circulation in the soil below the plant.


You can also decorate the corners of your house using climbing big leaf money plants which can reach as high as 4 meters or more. Just provide them enough space to grow and spread.


H. Split Leaf Money Plant

Split Leaf Money Plant
Popular as the swiss cheese plant, this houseplant is pretty easy to look after and maintain. You can easily get attracted by its unique green leaves with a split on the sides.


If you want to add an ornamental money plant to your house, consider adding this to your list. It is very popular among the different variety of money plants. The best thing is that you can grow it quickly, even in conditions like drought and low sunlight.


I. Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant
When it comes to money plants that are used for house decoration, rubber plant is a common name. Belonging to the ficus genus this plant can be easily managed. It can grow to a huge size when kept under suitable conditions like bright indirect sunlight.


You can let it thrive even in low light. While watering your plant, don’t allow it to stand in the pot to prevent root rot.


J. Silver Money Plant

Silver Money Plant
Also popular by the name Silver satin, this is an exquisite climbing vine. This succulent works as an attractive houseplant due to its green leaves with a unique silver pattern. It is also known by the botanical name Xerosicyos danguyi.


It is kept by many indoor plant lovers to attract success, wealth and calmness in their homes. You need to place it in arid conditions with full sunlight. But it can also grow well in dim and indirect sunlight.


Just take care to add enough fertilizers at least once a month to keep your plant healthy. These plants can be best grown in a hanging pot in your living area or balcony.


Since the options for different types of money plants are endless, here are some more plants for good luck charm – Pennywort (Hydrocotyle vulgaris), Neon money plant (Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’), Monkey mask money plant (Monstera adansonii), Marble prince money plant (Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Prince’) and so on.
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Where To Place Money Tree For Good Feng Shui?

As per feng shui, it is important to place your money tree in the wealth corner of your house which is southeast. Money trees placed in the southeast direction are believed to bring in wealth and abundance.


Whereas if you place them in the southwest direction, it is supposed to strengthen your relationships. This is the relationship corner of the house.


All kinds of money plants can be placed in your work or office area as well. It will allow you to attract success and wealth to your business. If you want to get a money plant for your desk, just go for it.


When it comes to placing a money plant in your home, you can choose to put it in your living room and also at the entrances.

Is There A Money Plant Flower?

A Money Plant Flower
While the Money plant does have flowers, they are not particularly notable or significant, and the plant is generally grown for its foliage rather than its blooms.


You can notice these flowers in shades of pink and white only after 10 years of plant growth.


Which Money Tree Is Lucky?

According to Feng Shui, the Pothos money tree is one of the most popular indoor houseplants for good luck. It is believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and abundance into a home or office. However, not all money trees are considered equally lucky.


A money tree with a braided trunk, five leaves on a branch growing healthily, and placed in the right location is termed to be lucky.


What Do 7 Leaves On A Money Tree Mean?

Leaves On A Money Tree Mean
Normally, you can find about 5-6 leaves on each stem of different types of money plants. But sometimes you can also find a money plant variety with 7 leaves. If you do, consider yourself lucky because 7 leaves on a money tree represent extra prosperity.


However, it is not that common to find a money plant tree having seven leaves on a stem. When you do find one, make sure to place it in the best location in your house. It will attract perfection, wholeness, and good fortune to your life.


Which Money Plant Is Best For Indoor?

There are many different species of money plants that you can place inside your house. A highly popular indoor money plant, the Jade plant is known to promote calmness and fortune in the lives of homeowners while uplifting the environment of their houses.


It is a beautiful succulent plant with round-shaped leaves. If you offer it suitable growing conditions, including consistent watering, this plant can purify your house ambiance for many years.


Similarly, there are several other money plants that will look perfect in your living space. This includes money plants like Pothos, Chinese money plant, Monstera delicious (aka split leaf money plant), Swiss cheese money plant, money tree, and many more.


Where Should A Money Plant Be Placed In A Living Room?

If you are planning to place a money plant in your living room, you should consider keeping it in the Southeast direction. The correct positioning of the money plant is important to attract good luck and fortune in your life.


Additionally, placing a money plant outside the house is not considered auspicious. This is because money plants can often dry out in excessive sunlight and stop growing. Also, keeping a stunted plant in your house often creates a negative ambiance.


With every different variety of money plants, you will witness a sense of positivity and a good vibe inside your home. These magical houseplants can spread calmness in your house, just make sure to place them properly.