How Quickly Do Arborvitae Grow?

How Do Arborvitaes Grow Annually
If you are planning to up your gardening game and beautify your yard, simply go for planting good old arborvitae trees. If you are worried whether you will be able to keep up with their growth and maintain them, let us tell you how fast do arborvitaes grow.
Irrespective of how quickly do arborvitae trees grow, these magnificent evergreen trees are known for their fascinating appearance in all seasons. It has got its name from the French word “l’arbre de vie”, which means the tree of life. If you squeeze the needles of arborviates, it starts releasing an amusing fragrance. The lush green tree is quick growing, strong and grows up to 3 feet every year up until it reaches the maturity.

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Naturally found in pyramidal to conical shape, this tree show-off beautiful green foliage. In the winter, its rich foliage turns a little dark or bronze, improving the tree’s appearance slightly more. The great part is that this spectacular tree can be sued as a natural windbreak.
You can use it as an attractive hedge and screen for your home. This is single specimen can also hold out against heavy snowfall and has good tolerate high winds. Because of this reason, arborvitaes make an excellent choice as natural windbreak.

How Fast Do Arborvitae Trees Grow?

Arborvitae is a beautiful plant native to the North American continent. There you can find various varieties of arborvitae plants in abundance. But you should take proper care while growing them. We will tell you some effective tips to maintain them along with that guide you about how quickly do arborvitae grow.
Thuja Arborvitaes are evergreen trees known for their sturdy and adaptable nature. These trees bear lush green leaves around the year and serve as a stylish privacy hedge. Some kinds of the Arborvitae trees are quick-growing, while a few of them grow extremely slowly.
On average, some of these giant arborvitaes can just reach up to 3-5 feet in height every year. This number can even drop down when the trees are grown in healthy soils and with proper sunlight.
Ultimately, these trees can grow up to 50 to 60 ft tall and spread at a width of up to 12-20 ft.
Read on to learn thoroughly about other giant varieties of arborvitaes and understand how fast do arborvitae trees grow.

1. How Fast Do American Arborvitae Grow

This native evergreen arborvitae is a perfect windbreaker. These are always best used in pairs as it strengthens their support making solid doors and gates for gardens. While the tall and slender American arborvitae may have a slow-medium growth rate and reach approximately 12 to 24 feet every year. Yes, you read it right, that’s how quickly do arborvitae trees grow!

2. How Quickly Do Emerald Green Arborvitae Grow

The stylish emerald green arborvitae has a pyramidal form and shimmering green foliage. This lustrous shade makes it an attractive plant for all seasons. With an increment of around 12 feet every year, this slow-growing tree works great for shelterbelts, privacy hedges, and screens.

3. How Fast Do Brandon Arborvitae Grow

Primarily known for its tough and vigorous columnar structure, Brandon Arborvitae is a stunning green plant. Its thick and scaled foliage sprays maintain a beautiful green tone all through winter. This tree can spread about 8 feet wide and grow about 20 feet till maturity.

4. How Fast Do Forever Goldie Arborvitae Grow

With an attractive appearance, that is, buttery yellow and green combination this type of arborvitae looks absolutely gorgeous. They don’t even require regular pruning to keep up their shape. If you ask us how fast do arborvitaes grow from this variety, it would be around 8-12 inches per year.

5. How Fast Do Arborvitae Trees Grow – Evergreen Variety

Are you on a lookout for an exceptional tree for your home landscape? You can consider picking up the evergreen arborvitae tree, which works as a unique specimen, screen as well as a privacy hedge. This beautiful and natural windbreaker can grow up to 8-12 inches per year.

6. How Fast Do Nigra Arborvitae Grow

Nigra arborvitae is a highly desirable and low-maintenance tree for most residential yards. That said, it requires routine pruning in order to grow healthy. A native to North America, this arborvitae is slow-growing with an average growth of less than a foot. This plant reaches a height of 20 ft to 30 ft with a width of 4 ft -10 ft.

7. How Fast Do Pyramidal Arborvitae Grow

This special arborvitae comes from the magnificent plant white cedar. That said, this tree offers dark and soft green foliage giving a beautiful sight. Being a medium-sized tree it can only grow approximately 1 ft to 2 ft in a year.

How Can You Make Arborvitae Grow Faster – A Summary Of Ideal Growing Conditions!

Are you planning to set up your garden from the scratch? Well! It sounds like a very exciting idea since these unique trees offer rich and thick green foliage that can be given different shapes to form a beautiful fence. However, you might also be wondering how to make arborvitae grow faster. Of course, if you have good knowledge about the perfect growing conditions for arborvitae, it is possible to grow them faster.
Here check out some important things to ensure quick growth of arborvitaes till maturity.

A. Choose the right time of the year

When planted at the wrong time of the year, these trees tend to grow very slowly and this can lead to a huge disappointment. Generally, arborvitaes are sufficiently vigorous and durable trees that can be planted at any month of the year. However, you should make sure to choose optimal weather conditions in order to facilitate quick growth. This will help you know how fast do arborvitaes grow.
Avoid planting these green trees during hot summer months. As high summer heat can suck all the moisture out of the soil and will not lead to a quick plant growth. Now there are many arborvitae species that can withstand drought, but unfortunately, they cannot germinate in hot and dry soils. So, it is better to plant them after the summer season and provide partial exposure to the sun.
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B. Use acidic soil

Other than using moist soil for your Arborvitae, make sure to keep the soil acidic. If your soil is not sufficiently acidic, you can add fertilizers to increase the nutrient content.

C. Pick out the right kind of Arborvitae

Now that you are familiar with the different varieties of arborvitaes make sure that you choose the right species of this tree for your residential area. This means you should be keeping in mind the climatic condition of your region. It will help you know about the various kinds of this plant that will grow nicely and quickly in your residential region.
For example, the Emerald Green Arborvitae is perfectly suitable for zones 4-8 and it can reach up to 10 to 15 ft high and spread by 3 to 4 ft.

D. Choose the correct way to plant them

Want to learn another trick for enhancing how fast do arborvitaes grow? Read on to know how to grow your plants quickly and correctly. This plant is most commonly used to provide privacy, protection, and shade.
That said, some people end up planting them so close to each other that they obstruct each other’s growth. So, while planting them make sure to keep the correct spacing between the two plants, usually about 2 feet apart.
This will lead to a proportional distribution of nutrients among the plants and promote healthy growth. Just make sure the soil is not overly loaded with nutrients as it can also lead to slow growth.

E. Take care of plants during winter

If you are looking to set up this tree during winter, you will need to take great care of the arborvitae. For instance, you will need to remove the snow and ice that gathers on the tree’s branches and around the base.
Failing to do so can not only slow down the growth process of the plant but also lead to diseases. During the winter season, you can try using a mesh to protect your arborvitae tree from snow and ice. This will help you to prevent snow from gathering on the tree’s branches.
Another great advantage of covering your plants with a mesh is that it will protect your beautiful plants from the animals and prevent any damage to them.

F. Water your plants properly

Most people love to plant arborvitaes that are highly dense and rich in green foliage. However, this beautiful feature tends to diminish when people fail to water their plants properly or overwater them. In general, it is ideal to deeply water your arborvitae trees enough that you can see the top soil moist up to 1 foot deep.
If you are setting up a plant in a region with drought, you can consider adding a deep layer of mulch, usually 4-inch. This will help the soil to retain moisture and enhance how fast do arborvitaes grow. It will also help the soil to keep the nutrients intact and promote healthy plant growth.

How Quickly Do Arborvitae Grow In Winter?

People make the mistake of planting evergreen trees like arborvitae at times when they can’t grow most favorably. So, if you are thinking how to make arborvitae grow faster, make sure to plant them under the ideal conditions.
This means you can have them set up when the winter ends or just wait for the early springtime. Remember, it is entirely based on the area in which you live. If you have good nutrient-rich soil you can consider planting this tree during the ending period of winter.
For evergreen trees like arborvitae, snow isn’t a big problem to grow in but the conditions that go along with it can be harmful. It is because these plants can’t bear too much stress and become unhealthy or even die. So, before the winter arrives, you should make sure to prepare your plant.

How Fast Does Arborvitae Grow In Pots?

Most people love the idea of using arborvitae trees as a security fence or for decorating their yard. They admire these durable trees for their lush green foliage that serves well as a windbreaker as well as privacy hedge.
However, it is important to have a proper care routine for them to enhance how fast do arborvitaes grow. This will help your beautiful tree to thrive well even in hot summer and they can mesmerize you through all the seasons.
If you wish to grow arborvitae in pots, you can certainly do it. Just keep in mind the ideal conditions on how to make arborvitae grow faster. Also, you can consider adding some extra protection outside the pot.
For instance, you can cover the pot with extra insulation or use leaves and chicken wire instead. Remember, you will have to pot this plant again once it bound its roots. It will generally take about 2 to 3 years for the plant to grow out of the first pot.

Does Pruning Help In Better Growth?

When it comes to taking care of a plant, pruning seems pretty obvious for a good and healthy growth process. For instance, at the beginning of the spring, you can trim off the extra growth of leaves on the branches.
This in turn will lead to much denser and thicker foliage. Pruning your plants is a great hack for people to keep a check on how quickly do arborvitae trees grow back.
Just make sure to do it correctly. Remember, there are tiny nodes present in the plant structure that carries growth hormones. These hormones can be stimulated to regrow a new plant tissue or repair a plant tissue when directly trimmed by a sharp tool.
Also, make sure to keep an eye on any diseased or dead branch at the time of pruning. This is another useful tip to remember when you find yourself wondering how to make arborvitae grow faster. Removing these dead branches helps the plant grow healthier and better.
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Q. What is the best time of year to plant arborvitae?

A. While these stunning plants can be planted at any time of the year, there are some seasons that slow down their growth. For instance, they don’t grow so actively during hot summer season.
So, the best time when you can grow this evergreen tree is during the early spring and late autumn.

Q. What arborvitae grows the fastest?

A. The quickest growing arborvitae is the durable giant green arborvitae tree. This large evergreen tree shoots up about 3 feet every year till it reaches maturity. Yes, that’s how fast do arborvitae trees grow. What makes it highly admirable is the beautiful pyramidal to conical structure combined with lush green foliage.

Q. How do you grow arborvitae thicker to fill in?

A. By following some effective care tips you can easily grow a thicker arborvitae or fill it in. Firstly, to make sure how quickly do arborvitae grow make sure to trim off any outgrown branches and leaves that cover your plant. Use a hand pruner to trim off any scaly leaves you find on the sides of your plant. Add adequate nutrients-rich fertilizers every year to promote better health of your plant.

Q. How tall do emerald green arborvitae get?

A. The gleaming emerald green arborvitae can shoot up to a height of 10 ft to 15 ft and spread around 3 ft to 4 ft on reaching maturity.

Q. How long do arborvitaes live?

A. When grown under optimal conditions, arborvitaes can have a brilliant life expectancy. On an average, these stunning and long-lived plants can live for around 50 -150 years.