How Quickly Do Banana Trees Grow?

How fast do banana tree grow
Knowing that the banana tree can be grown successfully both indoors and outdoors, you may be wondering how?


Don’t you want to know how fast do banana trees grow and how do they fit in indoors? So, to add to your knowledge of the plant, let us tell you that banana trees may grow to be as tall as 16 feet.


We have done ample research to figure out the accurate banana tree growth rate. You might expect a full-fledged banana tree after 10 to 15 months. That’s how quickly do banana trees grow.


However, not all banana tree varieties come bearing fruits. Some are small in size and can be kept indoors. They have blooming white flowers.


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Banana Plant Overview

Common Names Banana
Botanical Name Musa
Family Musaceae
Height 2 to 30 feet tall
Preferred soil Well drained loamy soil
Water requirement 4 to 6 inches of water every month
Temperature Suitable temperature is 70-87 degrees Fahrenheit (28-32 degrees Celsius)
Fruit season Spring to early summer
Season Spring
Originally from (Native) Tropical region of Southeast Asia


How Fast Do Banana Trees Grow?

How Fast Do Banana Trees Grow
If you’re on the lookout to answer yourself how fast do banana plants grow, you should expect to see a fully grown plant after 10 to 15 months. Most banana trees mature rapidly if they are given ideal growing circumstances, such as 12 hours of sunlight, lots of water, and plenty of space to expand.


The type of banana you cultivate, whether decorative or fruit-bearing, and whether it is grown inside or outdoors, can all affect the growth period. Let us have a look at different types and banana tree growth rates.


  • Cold Hardy Banana Trees: If you are unsure how fast do cold hardy banana trees grow, then here is the answer. Hardy banana trees may grow up to 12 feet tall with 6-inch leaves in a single season.
  • Dwarf Cavendish Banana Trees Growth Rate: Are you too tired of searching ‘how fast do dwarf cavendish banana trees grow?’ Read it here and be ready to serve one. It requires nine to fifteen months for the dwarf cavendish tree to blossom and another two to six months for the bananas to be ready for picking.
  • Musa Basjoo: When properly cared for, Musa Basjoo banana trees can produce up to one large new leaf per week during the growing season. If you allow it enough room, it won’t be long until you have a gigantic and full-looking plant.It is considered as a fast-growing plant with a growth rate of 2 feet per week. Isn’t it amazing to know how fast does Musa Basjoo grows?
  • Red Banana Tree: Allow nine to fifteen months to witness a red banana tree. Choose a sunny location and keep watering them religiously to enhance the red banana tree growth rate.
  • Ice Cream Banana Trees: Let us address the big question that how fast do ice cream banana trees grow? Ice cream banana trees take around a year and a half to two years to mature from the moment they are planted in soil.


Now, we have understood how fast do banana trees grow based on their variety. Let us quickly jump to the next section.

Ideal Conditions For Growing Banana

Ideal Conditions For Growing Banana
Banana trees grow well between 70°F-80°F (night-day). Along with the right temperature, banana plants also need 50% or higher humidity levels in the air.


Choose a location that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight, to say the least.


However, bananas will fruit under not so ideal conditions, too, but the quality will deteriorate. So, it is not wrong to state that how good and how quickly do banana trees grow depends on environmental factors and plant care.


Keep in mind the following factors to serve the best version of the banana plant:

  • Sunlight: Banana is a tree that actually enjoys full sun for at least 6 hours a day. So, plant it somewhere where you receive sunlight but not too much.
  • Soil: deal soil pH for bananas is 5.5 to 7. They grow best in a rich, well-drained loamy soil. You could have a mix of peat, perlite, and vermiculite for banana plantation.
  •  Water: Banana plants grow well with 4-6 inches of water each month. Check the top 1-inch soil every 2-3 days for moisture and water accordingly.
  • Block planting: You can plant several banana plants together. This method enables the plants to support each other by creating a friendly and protective environment.
  • Guarding the plant: If you live in a colder climate, it is very likely that your plant can be damaged by extreme weather conditions. It is best to be well prepared in advance for that. You can put on a protective sheet around the plantation to do so.
  • Feeding with nutrients: You should feed your banana plant with a good fruit fertilizer. You can use a good quality 8-10-8 NPK once a month.


How To Make Banana Tree Grow Faster?

Make Banana Tree Grow Faster
Banana trees grow faster when they are cared for. Watering and fertilizing a banana plant often help to enhance the banana tree growth rate.


Furthermore, banana trees cultivated outside are more likely to grow quickly with the adequate room than indoor plantations.


Banana trees require a lot of care to become healthy, tall, lush and gorgeous. Prepare to pick any dead, sick, or broken leaves as needed. If desired, remove undesired suckers so that the stronger areas of the banana survive and produce larger fruit if it is a fruit-bearing type.


Otherwise, make sure your banana plant is properly and deeply watered as needed and that it gets enough sunlight. The soil is nutrient-rich yet drains nicely.


How fast do banana plants grow depends on the temperature as well? Yes, it does because banana plants are susceptible to cold temperatures. It is critical to protect them from frost, especially if you live in slightly colder regions. It is ideal to keep them at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above.


Plant banana trees in clusters in acidic soil with a pH between 5.5 and 7, and shield them from the shade, high winds, disease, and pests in order to make banana trees grow faster.


How To Take Care of Banana Trees?

How To Take Care of Banana Trees
After learning how to enhance the banana tree growth rate, let us head to learn a few caring tips. It’s quite a straightforward task to take care of the plant. Just make sure you follow the below-mentioned pointers.

  • Banana plant houseplants demand constant feeding, especially during vigorous development in warm conditions. As a result, you should feed them a balanced soluble fertilizer once a month.
  • The banana trees should never be seated in water, as this will ultimately cause root rot. Let the plant dry out between waterings. Spritzing their foliage may help to keep them nourished and happy.
  • A moist towel or sponge should be used to clean off the leaves of an indoor banana plant on a regular basis to gather any dust that has accumulated.
  • Grow the banana plant in a place where it will be protected from severe winds, as it is prone to leaf damage.
  • Before the banana tree bears fruit, trim it so that there is just one main stem. After six to eight months, leave one bud at the base of the stem.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Ques. How long does it take for a banana tree to bear fruit?

Ans. The time a banana tree takes to bear fruit is determined by the variety of bananas you have. Ideally, on an average, it should expect a fruit in around 10 to 15 months.


Ques. Do Banana Trees Die After They Produce Fruit?

Ans. The answer is yes and no. The ‘pseudostem’ that contains the cluster of bananas dies after fruiting. But, you will notice multiple infant banana plants rising from the base of the tree, which can be replanted later. So, when one tree completes its life cycle, it leaves behind multiple baby trees to be taken care of.


Ques. How tall do dwarf banana trees grow?

Ans. Dwarf banana trees grow up to 8 to 10 feet in height, which makes them easy to transport from one location to another.


Ques. Is it possible to grow banana trees indoors? If yes, how fast do banana trees grow indoors?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to grow banana trees indoors. Depending on the variety, it will take at least 9 months to 2 years of time to witness any bananas at all. You could try Dwarf Cavendish banana trees for indoor plantation. You will actually be surprised to see how fast do dwarf banana trees grow.


Ques. How much does a banana tree grow each year?

Ans. A banana tree grows up to 15 to 20 feet in a year’s time.


Ques. Do you cut down banana trees in winter?

Ans. No, you should not cut down your banana trees in winter. Trim off the wounded leaves and do not drastically cut the trunk if you want your trees to blossom and produce fruit.


Ques. Do banana trees come back every year?

Ans. Banana plants do die and come back every year after harvesting. Banana plants require around nine months to mature and yield banana tree fruit, after which the plant dies, leaving behind mini banana plants. These infant plants further grow back into fruit bearing trees.


Final Thought

Now that you know how quickly do banana trees grow, get an indoor banana plant and get ready to relish the fruit in a year or so. Also, keep in mind to take care of the baby plant like that of your own baby.