How Fast Do Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees Grow?

How fast do fiddle fig grow
Are you all curious to know how fast do fiddle leaf figs grow? We are here with this article to give you the correct answer to this question.


If you’re determined to welcome one into your house, consider it similar to bringing home a new dog. It will take time and effort, but you won’t have to worry about waking up at any moment for feeding.


Another intriguing question before welcoming the plant is, ‘How fast do fiddle leaf fig trees grow per year?’ So, the answer is fiddle leaf figs are well looked after, they may grow a few feet per year. These popular houseplants may reach heights of 6 feet or more in your home.


This plant’s green and lustrous leaves, together with its unusual design, make it your go-to pick for entertainment places.


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What Factors Affect the Growth of Fiddle Leaf Figs?

What Factors Affect the Growth of Fiddle Leaf Figs
Stop wondering if fiddle figs grow fast! Instead, read this growing guide and get ready to see the full-fledged growth of your plant. For the proper growth of fiddle leaf figs, you should consider certain points.


There are certain factors that affect the growth of fiddle leaf plants. Read them, and do not forget to implement the right care of your plant.


  • Water:Fiddle figs enjoy moist soil. So, before watering check the top soil. If the top layer feels dry, watering might be a good idea. Remember to use room temperature water and not to over water the plant. Empty the plant saucer regularly which will accustom you to the watering cycle of the plant.


  •  Sunlight: If you are worried and concerned aboutfiddle figs indoors? Then seek nowhere else. The answer is here. Fiddle leaf figs grow indoors as well. They demand bright, indirect light when kept indoors. Position your fiddle leaf fig near a bright spot, east-facing doorway so it can get plenty of sunlight throughout the day.


You must keep rotating the plant every few months to get good sunlight.


  •  Temperature:Another important aspect of figuring out ‘how fast do fiddle leaf figs grow’ is considering the most suitable temperature. These plants enjoy warm, humid temperatures between 65- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

Anything below that won’t be ideal for the plant growth.


How Fast Do Fiddle Figs Grow?

How Fast Do Fiddle Figs Grow
Although slow-growing, in certain scenarios, fig-trees grow and spread quickly. They are low-maintenance plants and give a lovely touch to most settings.


Every year, fig trees can grow up to a foot tall. Some varieties will bear fruit in one to two years, depending on the type. Other popular kinds might take three to five years to mature.


The height of a fig tree may reach 30 feet. You should also examine the appropriate growth conditions to guarantee that your fig tree grows fast and productively.


The tree plant grows approximately 30-40 feet tall in its native environment and up to 10-12 feet indoor; however, it can be topped to prevent it from growing larger. When these plants reach a mature age and size, they create an excellent focal point in living rooms, corridors, workplaces, or hotels.


How Fast Do Fiddle Figs Grow In A Year Time?

How Fast Do Fiddle Figs Grow In A Year Time
A well-cared-for fiddle fig leaf plant can grow up to two feet each year. If left to expand freely, they can reach heights of six feet or more.


Now that you’ve got the answer to how fast they grow let us learn about ways to make the fiddle leaf grow faster.


Best Ways To Enhance The Growth Rate Of Fiddle Leaf Figs

Best Ways To Enhance The Growth Rate Of Fiddle Leaf Figs
How fast do fiddle leaf figs grow depends on various factors, which are controllable to some extent and can be taken care of. Read the below-mentioned points to know better.


  • Regular watering & proper Drainage– Watering is possibly the most difficult aspect of cultivating fiddle leaf figs. Check the topsoil by inserting a finger. Only water the plant when it feels too dry. If it feels moderately moist, there is no need to re-water as overwatering can destroy the plant.


  • Sunlight– Fiddle leaf enjoys indirect sunshine. So, place it somewhere where it gets indirect light all day without direct contact. Direct heat can do more harm than good.


  • Pot size– It is recommended to select a pot that is only 1-2 inches wider than the present pot. This is for two reasons. For starters, Fiddle Leaf Figs prefer to be kept in small pots. Second, if given a much larger container, these plants will frequently expend their energy filling it.


  • Proper fertilization of the soil– The optimal NPK ratio for a fiddle leaf fig plant is 3-1-2. This plant feeding composition permits the fiddle leaf fig to keep its present leaves while also growing new ones.


  •  Have aerated soil– It’s simple to aerate the soil for your plant; just be careful not to damage the root structure. Gently poke a hole and loosen the dirt around your plant’s roots with a wooden skewer, a wooden stick, or a moisture meter.


  • Treating the soil annually– Annually treating the soil with basic nutrients will enhance the health of the plant.


  • Humidity– The optimal humidity range for a Fiddle Leaf Fig is 30% to 65%. If you reside in an extremely dry region, you may need to boost your plant’s humidity by spraying it or supplying a humidifier.


  • Pruning– Cutting down a few leaves every now and then supports the growth of your fiddle leaf fig. Begin by shaping and clearing out the dead leaves and extra branches. This ensures that the roots take care of the healthy leaves by providing them with proper nutrition.


Now that you’ve learned the most crucial factors to consider when wondering ‘how fast do fiddle leaf plants grow’, let us learn some fun facts about this plant.


Did You Know?

  • You should wipe off their leaves. Dust hampers its beauty as well as growth.
  • This plant is native to western Africa.
  • A little fiddle-leaf fig may suit your needs better than a tree.
  • Fiddle roots should have ample space to grow.
  • The shape of its leaves names them.
  • They could be pricier than other house plants because of their size and beauty.
  • They can live for 50 years or more.
  • If outdoors, the wasps help in fiddle figs pollination.
  • If you prune a fiddle-leaf fig tree, new branches will grow from the trunk.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you think this is all we have on how fast do fiddle figs grow, you may want to read further. Here are some of the most asked questions about fiddle figs, their growth rate, and more.


Q1. Are fiddle leaf fig toxic to cats and dogs?

Ans: If swallowed, this plant is toxic to cats and dogs, causing oral inflammation, profuse drooling, and vomiting.


Q2.Do All Fiddle Leaf Figs Grow Tall?

Ans: Yes, all fiddle leaf figs grow tall if they are taken care of.


Q3. How fast do fiddle leaf fig trees grow fully? Are they slow-growing plants?

Ans: Fiddle leaf fig takes their sweet time to grow. It takes around 10-15 years for fiddle leaf figs to reach their maturity.


Q4. Should I mist fiddle leaf figs?

Ans: Yes, even a small amount of misting may assist in boosting humidity. The only time misting is good is when you use a spray bottle on any new leaves that appear at the top of the plant twice a day.


Q5. How fast do fiddle leaf plants grow in a year? How long does it take a fiddle leaf fig to grow a foot?

Ans: Fiddle leaf figs take 6 to 7 months to grow a foot.


Q6. How fast do fiddle fig trees grow indoors?

Ans: Fig trees grow quite well indoors. They grow up to 18 inches a year. Just remember to place the plant in a location with medium to bright light.


Q7. How big do indoor fig trees grow?

Ans: Indoor fig trees can grow 6 to 12 ft. tall when kept indoors.


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Concluding Thoughts

We hope that you have got the answers on ‘how fast do fiddle leaf figs grow’. So, consider the factors mentioned in this article and be ready to serve fiddle leaf figs in a year or so. Pamper the plant and adorn your space with them.