Is It Important How Fast Does A Nuttall Oak Tree Grows?

Nuttall Oak Tree Grow

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The Nuttall oak, known for its extreme adaptability, can be found in southern Ontario, Canada, and parts of the United States.


Sooner, it was brought to other regions, including Africa, Australia, and Argentina, which proved to be fertile environments for its growth. Here, we will be telling you how fast does a Nuttall oak grows when they are given the right environment.


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How Fast Does Nuttall Oak Grow?

This oak tree is one of the oaks with quickest growth rate of more than 2 feet per year. It reaches a height of up to 70 feet while spreading to a width of 40 feet.


It features the characteristic arching form of oak trees, with its upper branches extending upward, its middle branches spreading outward, and its lower branches sagging downward.

Learn How to Grow a Nuttall Oak Tree

1. Choose the suitable acorns

Put the acorns in a bowl filled with cold water. Toss the acorns that are floating.


2. Sow the Acorns

Utilize containers with sufficient depth for root development while planting acorns. A potting mix should be used to fill the pots. Pots with two acorns arranged in a three-quarters-inch-deep row should be filled to the brim.


3. Maintain Soil Moistness

Make sure the soil is kept moist until the start of the cold season.

Keep weeds away from the seedlings. Both acorns and saplings must be safeguarded against pests.


4. Spread out the Seedlings to enhance how fast does a Nuttall oak grow

If both of the acorns in a container germinate, you should prune the seedling that is the lighter of the two approximately 2-3 weeks after it emerges from the soil.


5.Move the plants into bigger pots

When the saplings are around 5 to 6 inches long, or when the roots begin to touch the border of the pot, transfer the seedlings into nursery pots that are two quarts in capacity and have wide drainage holes.


6. Relocate to a More Permanent Location

As soon as root systems emerge from drain holes, seedlings can be planted in their permanent location. Since, oak trees live for many years and grow up to be huge trees, it is best to plant them in ground with ample space.


Nuttall Oak Leaves

Just like how fast do Nuttall oaks grow, the features of Nuttall leaves are also subjective.

Medium to a giant in stature; the Nuttall oak has an open crown with widely extending branches.


They have simple dull green oak leaves which are 5-6 inch long. The middle section is the widest with 6 long and narrow pointed lobes on both sides.

Nuttall Oak Root System

Nuttall oak root system is non invasive. It does not spread much to hamper the things underground. This makes it safe to plant them near sidewalks and pavements.

Nuttall Oak Vs. Shumard Oak Facts

Since we have answered how fast does Nuttall oak grow, let’s take a look at the features of Nuttall and Shumard oak since they are mostly confused with one another.


Type of Oak Nuttall Oak Shumard Oak
Botanical name Quercus texana Quercus shumardii
Height 40-60 feet 60-80 feet
Width 35-50 feet 40-50 feet
Growing rate Rapid Rapid
Bloom season Spring and Summer Summer
Sunlight Full sun Partial sun
Hardiness zone 6-9, USDA 5-9, USDA
Water need Medium Medium
Native area Some areas of the United States Atlantic coastal plain
Maintenance Medium Medium-high
Pollination Pollination friendly Yes

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Nuttall Oak Pros and Cons


Insects and diseases don’t bother Nuttall oak much because this oak tree has a fast growth rate, strong branching structure, and ability to flourish in both wet and relatively dry soil. These qualities make it a great choice in urban and residential environments. – It’s an excellent choice for both street and shade plantings.


The Nuttall oak is a type of oak that grows naturally in this area. It is among the most accommodating oak species to various soil environments. How fast does a Nuttall oak tree grows on the soil it grows in.


Nuttall oaks prefer loamy soils with good drainage, but they can also survive on clayey soil with poor draining. There is not a great deal of importance placed on the soil’s pH level.


Most importantly, the fall color of Nuttall oaks is outstanding to extraordinary. The acorns from Nuttall oaks provide a plentiful supply of food for a wide range of feral creatures. Although Nuttall oak has no severe insect or complications, bad trimming cuts might cause root cankers if not executed properly.



Overwatering is the most crucial problem facing oak trees. The tree finally succumbs to its constant contact with water, which weakens its roots. However, it cannot withstand 3-4 years of flooding. A common cause for worry is leaf chlorosis.

  1. Because it swiftly expands in width and height, it is not ideal for small spaces.
  2. Acorns can quickly overtake your yard if you grow this tree.
  3. Direct sunshine is required for at least 6 hours a day.


What Are Nuttall Oak Problems That Hamper Its Growth?


Taking care of oak trees is crucial for its healthy growth. When it comes to Nuttall oaks, acorn germination can be restricted by Curculio weevils (Curculio species). These trees can also get severely damaged by the carpenter worm (Prionoxystus robinise). Other timber-damaging borers include the red oak moth and the white oak pest (Goes tigrinus).


Another source of damage is the clearwing borer, which opens up a path for decay and stain fungus to enter.  However, the tree’s marketable sections are unaffected by the borers that infect the tree’s limbs, branches, and roots.


In addition to the carpenter worm and other borers, bark pockets created by sap-feeding bugs (nitidulids) are a significant problem in Nuttall oak lumber.


How fast does a Nuttall oak tree grows worldwide through geographic regions have slowed production levels due to periodic epidemics of defoliating insects like the basswood leaf miner.



Q. What is Nuttall oak height growth per year?

A. The Nuttall Oak may reach a maximum of 50-60 feet and has a growth rate of between 24-36 inches each year. It is one of the oak species that has the quickest growth rate while young, making it a favorite among tree nurseries due to the ease with which it can be transplanted, cultivated for sale and replantation.

Q. What is Nuttall’s oak lifespan?

A. Let’s find out how fast do Nuttall oaks grow to mature and decline. At full maturity, Nuttall’s Oak will have a height of approximately 80 feet and a width of approximately 60 feet.


Because of its tall canopy, which requires an average clearance of seven feet above the ground, it must not be planted beneath any electrical lines.


As oak ages, the lowest twigs of this species can be selectively pruned away to make room for a canopy that is sufficiently high to allow for the unrestricted passage of people underneath.


Consider it as a cultural tree for the generations to come because it grows at a rapid rate and has the potential to survive to a grey old age of at least 100 years when grown in perfect conditions.

But don’t expect to see very quick growth in the early years as oak trees take time to grow.

To Sum Up…

Some things we can takeaway today with us are:

  • The annual growth rate of Nuttall oak trees is about 2-3+ feet.
  • Many people utilize the Nuttall oak to provide shade and as an eye-catching focal point in their yard.
  • Nuttall oak trees can grow in various soil types, including clay, sandy loams, and drained sandy.
  • These one-inch-long acorns develop in 2 seasons and are harvested in the fall.