How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow?

Tips to enhance your aloe vera’s growth rate

How Fast Does Aloe Vera Grow

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Aloe vera is a wonderful succulent plant that is grown in every other house. A great thing about this plant is that once established it doesn’t need a lot of care and maintenance. Being a succulent it doesn’t require to be watered frequently to thrive. Even if they are planted in arid regions, their fleshy leaves can store extra water for a long time.
On top of this, aloe vera plants look beautiful whether you place them indoors or outdoors. If you compare how fast does aloe vera grow to other houseplants, aloe vera has a slow rate of growth but compared to other succulent varieties it is quick growing.
Let us have a closer look at it growth cycle.

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    Does Aloe Vera Grow Quickly?

    Aloe vera is considered to be one of the quick-growing succulents. It takes around 3-4 years for an aloe plant to grow and mature. Mature aloe vera plants will have leaves around 6-12 inches.
    Generally, the prominent factors that contribute to the growth rate of the aloe vera plant involve its health, growth stage, and environmental conditions.
    When it comes to a new plant it takes around one month to produce new leaves. And just after a few months, you’ll notice some prominent growth changes.
    For example, you can observe a new leaf coming out of the central rosette of the plant every month. In about 4 months you can remarkably observe increases in plant size. Most people are curious to know how fast do aloe plants grow indoors. Read on to find out.

    1. Indoors

    When planted in-house, aloe vera varieties take many years to develop into full-grown plants. A fully-grown plant has 6″ to 12″ inches long leaves at its base. If you keep it under suitable conditions, the plant may increase to a maximum height and width of 18″ (46 cm). After this, you might notice a slow growth rate.

    2. Outdoors

    In contrast to indoor aloe plants, the aloe’s growth increases when it is planted outside in a yard or garden. However, it should be kept in full sunlight when the temperature rises to more than 70°F (21°C).
    Whereas, if the temperature goes below than 60°F (16°C) usually during nighttime, it’s best to move your aloe inside the house.

    What Factors Affect The Growth Rate Of An Aloe Vera?

    There are precisely several factors that go into deciding “how fast does aloe vera grow?” Here take a look.
    A. Suitable growing conditions: Just like other succulents, aloe vera plants like to thrive in arid conditions. Whether you plant it in a hot, sunny desert or dry area, your aloe will grow out quickly.


    Just make sure the pot has a good source of drainage. It is best to use a pot with one big role at the bottom. Otherwise, the water can stand inside the pot which will automatically cause root damage.
    Some factors that are most preferred by the Aloe Vera include:

    • Keeping it under indirect bright sunlight or fake grow lights.
    • Using the right plant to pot
    • Keeping it under ideal temperature, i.e. 55 – 80 F.
    • Watering: Regularly watering the plant (before watering again allow the soil to completely lose excess water)


    B. Use ideal potting soil: It’s best to pot your plant in soil that is perfect for growing succulents. It thrives well in well-drained soil. However, make sure that roots are not exposed to increased moisture. Also, take care to add some perlite or rough sand to prevent the chances of overwatering. As it can make your plant rot and hinder its growth.
    C. Keep a check on its water needs: Properly watering your aloe plant will allow it to grow rapidly. However, make sure to look out for signs of underwatering like yellowing of leaves, brittle patterns on roots, and browning of leaf tips. Don’t risk overwatering the plant too. It’s a crucial point to be remembered when you are wondering how fast do aloe plants grow and trying to increase the growth speed.
    D. Keep it in proper light: Aloe plants prefer to grow in light. So, make sure to set up your aloe in sufficient light. You can find a sunny window in your indoor area and place it within three feet of distance. On average your aloe plant should receive a minimum of six hours of light every day. However, just take care that it doesn’t receive direct sunlight for prolonged hours as it causes sunburnt leaves.
    E. Choose the right growing container: If you are thinking about growing an aloe vera plant indoors, it’s best to pick the right container size. Choose terracotta or clay pot which will allow the soil to dry properly before you water it again.
    F. Notice the growth stage: Just like every other plant, aloe vera also shows an active growth stage in the months of spring and summer. And, during the winter months, this plant enters the stage of dormancy. In the dormant period, your aloe may grow a little or not grow at all.
    G. Check plant’s health: Remember a healthy aloe tend to grow faster. So, make sure to watch out for any troublesome issues with your plant like diseases, pest attacks, and more.

    Aloe Vera Growth Stages

    Planting – Germination – Growth – Flower – Seeds – Declining plant health
    Now that we have learned how fast does aloe grow, it is essential to understand its various growth stages. So that, when the aloe vera changes phase, you can change the condition and care you provide to it accordingly.
    Typically, if you begin with seeds, they germinate in 2-4 weeks in warm and moist soil. Firstly, a seed root comes out from the seed and moves downward. It offers support to the baby plant as the first leaves start to develop and reach upward.
    During the growth season, you can notice a rosette of fleshy and pointed leaves filled with sap. On the leaf edge, you can see spines that protect it from animals seeking food and water. As the plant matures it can grow to a width and height of 24” with 6-12” long leaves.
    Based on the climate situation, the mature aloe grows a flower spike from the heart of the rosette that goes upwards. It grows a group of yellow tubular-shaped flowers. These beautiful flowers often attract hummingbirds for pollination. Depending on the growing conditions, these succulents can only survive for about 10-12 years.

    How To Grow Aloe Vera Faster and Bigger?

    Many people often ask how fast do aloe plants grow, and how one can ensure they do grow rapidly. Here we have shared some effective ways through which you can make your aloe plant grow bigger quickly.

    1. Light

    Make sure to keep your plant in bright sunlight to promote its healthy growth. You can even place it in artificial or indirect sunlight to see rapid growth. It is ideal to place your indoor aloe plant near the southern or western window. If you place it in low light, your aloe plant can grow weedy.

    2. Fertilizing the plant

    Remember to fertilize your aloe vera plant. Usually, it should not be done more than twice a year. It’s better to pour fertilizer into the aloe vera plant in summer and springtime. Make sure to create a balanced formula for your houseplant mixed at half-strength.

    3. Right temperature

    Normally, it is best to keep an indoor aloe plant under temperatures 55 and 80F. Potting it under an ideal temperature rapidly improves the aloe vera growth rate. Starting from May till September, you should freely place your plant outside. But during cold nights make sure to place it inside.

    4. Repot your plant when needed

    It is important to re-pot aloe vera plants as they get bigger. Planting them in a larger pot will promote better growth. Make sure to select a quality concrete pot that is drainable. Aloe love to grow in natural environmental conditions. So, make sure to spread shells, pebbles, and rocks all over the surface of the soil to retain moisture.

    5. Water it

    It’s no secret that water is the most important requirement for the healthy growth of any plant. But as aloe vera is a succulent plant and thrives in arid regions, most people neglect to water it timely and then complain about it not growing as how fast does aloe vera grows.
    You should remember that this plant has thick leaves that need sufficient water. Make sure to water it such that the soil remains fully moist after watering. But take care it dry out completely before you water it again otherwise it can lead to the rotting of roots.

    6. Use banana peels

    An amazing trick to boost the growth of your freshly planted aloe vera plants is to bury banana peels in the potting mixture. After this, when you pot your plant it will slowly enrich the soil with potassium. This helps plants to build strength and become tolerant to pests and disease.

    7. Watch out for pests and diseases

    If you want to see your aloe grow bigger quickly, keep it free from pests and healthy. Remember pests can easily move from one plant to another using soil.

    8. Don’t overcrowd the container

    Aloe vera plants give birth to offsets in the pot, known as pups. These tiny pups can often lead to competition and crowding for resources. This can again stunt the plant’s growth. It is important to plant these tiny succulents and re-pot them.
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    Q. How big does aloe vera grow?

    Ans. Aloe vera plants can grow up to 24” in height when planted in a proper sized container. The overall width is however variable with a spread between 2.5-3 feet.

    Q. Does aloe grow better in ground or pots?

    Ans. Whether you plant your aloe in a pot or ground, it will thrive in any condition. It is normally because aloe plants are not fussy about the type of soil they are planted in. Just remember to keep the soil well-drained so that your plant can happily grow. Likewise, if you plant it in a container, make sure to use a mixture of two parts potting soil and one part sand. It will help in keeping the roots healthy and dry.

    Q. How fast do aloe vera plants grow from seed?

    Ans. As we’ve already discussed in this blog, many factors influence the growth of aloe seeds. This means what time of the year you are planting it and in which environmental conditions. Typically, if you keep it under ideal conditions, the aloe vera seed will take just about 2 to 4 weeks to germinate.
    Then, a total of around four years for the plant to mature and achieve its full size.

    Q. Can I grow Aloe from a cut leaf?

    Ans. Before planting an aloe vera plant, most people often wonder if they can grow it from a leaf cutting. The answer is, of course, you can. But remember it is easier to propagate a healthy aloe plant from pups quickly.

    Q. How long do aloe plants live?

    Ans. When aloe vera is given proper care and attention, these houseplants can survive for about 12 years. While bigger and outdoor kinds of aloe plants can surprisingly survive for two decades.

    To Sum Up, How Fast Does Aloe Grow?

    Aloe vera plants are fast growing succulents. They not only give us a beautiful sight but offer many benefits as well. It’s no secret that they are known as wonderful indoor plants that anyone can easily plant. Even if you want to plant it outside in your garden or backyard, it will only take 3 to 4 years to reach full-grown size.
    You can easily boost the aloe vera growth rate by providing it with perfect growing conditions. It’s easier to grow aloe plants in warmer areas.
    In addition to this, you can extract a gel-like substance from its leaves that has many advantages for hair and skin.