Areca Palm Growth Rate: How Quickly Do Areca Grow?

How fast does areca palm grow
If you are wondering how quickly do areca palms grow, you are at the right place. You’re bound to have this question if you own the plant or intend to buy one.


Of course, you are interested in knowing the areca palm tree growth rate, how long it would take for the palm to reach its full size, and where to keep the plant to speed up the areca palm growth rate indoor or outdoor.


This is why we have come up with this detailed and concise guide to help you know everything that is to know about this palm’s growing speed.


Well, Arecas are exceptionally fast-growing trees that can grow up to ten inches in a year.


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Of course, the areca palm tree growth rate will be directly influenced by the growing conditions the plant is exposed to and the available space. Typically, the areca palm growth rate indoor is usually about seven feet.


However, you can better the areca palm growth rate outdoor and indoors if you follow the proper care guidelines. Let us talk about all this and more in the guide below.


How Fast Does Areca Palm Grow?

The growth of areca will depend primarily on nutrient efficiency, growing conditions, environment, and many other factors.


Naturally, if given the adequate growing conditions, the growth rate of areca palm will be better, as opposed to when growing it in adverse conditions.


So, with right ideal conditions, it can grow up to about 6 to 10 inches tall per year before fully maturing in about 3 years.


But, how fast do they grow indoors? Unfortunately, indoor palms do not grow very tall. It is probably because of the curtailing conditions.


As areca plant grows, the roots expand horizontally from its trunk.


How Big Will An Areca Palm Get Indoors?

So, how fast does areca palm grow indoors Typically, the palm will grow about six-ten inches in a year, and when grown indoors, the mature plant will be about six to eight feet tall.


Areca palm is often referred to by its several other common names, such as golden cane, bamboo, butterfly, and yellow palm. However, the growth rate of areca palm is different in different environments.


How Big Will An Areca Palm Get Outdoors?

The areca palm growth rate outdoor with the right conditions, can make the plant grow as big as 30-feet tall when fully mature.


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Reasons For Slow Areca Palm Growth

Reasons For Slow Areca Palm Growth

Now that you know how fast does areca palm grows, what if they are not growing at the requisite rate? Well, there could be many reasons behind the palm’s stunted growth. Below, we will discuss a few of them:


1. Inadequate or more than necessary exposure to the sun

Even though the areca palm is quite forgiving, it can also get finicky if you do not expose it to the proper light conditions that it right needs. It is imperative if you are planting your areca palms indoors.


It would be best to look for a spot in your home wherein the plant can get a balanced light. So, a west- or south-facing location can be the perfect spot.


Even though the areca palms love the sun, too much sun is not suitable. Excessive direct sunlight can result in the browning or yellowing of the areca leaves.


2. Excessive feeding

Sadly, people do not realize this, but it is pretty standard for planters to confuse their food and nutrition requirements and overly feed them. If you overfeed the plant, you might see the leaves turning brown.


Some people also mistake giving the plant fertilizer in the concentrated form. This, too, can prove deadly for the areca palm.


Ideally, feeding the plant once in sixty days will suffice during the growing season. While feeding the fertilizer, read the package guidelines, and use as mentioned.


Also, it would help to get a soil assessment before feeding the fertilizer. This will help you know what your growing soil lacks that the plant needs, making it easier to pick the right fertilizer.


3. Under-watering

The amateur plant growers are often quite scared of over-watering the plant. In that fear, they often end up under-watering the plant. It is one of the prime reasons for stunted growth in the palms.


So, stop wondering how quickly do areca palms grow if you are not watering it right. If your plant is placed in proper sunlight and still see the leaves turning yellow, it might be because of the dearth of water.


To overcome this problem, you simply have to water the plant regularly until it regains health and starts looking fresh and green again.


4. Poor soil drainage

Soil is one of the key reasons for the Areca Palm’s inadequate growth. Typically, the soil your indoor plant grows in should have good drainage. If not, the water might accumulate and cause root rotting.


You can also add gravel or pebbles to ensure that the water drains well into the soil.


5. Chlorinated water

Plants do not quite like the chlorine water, and when you feed them the same, the leaves start browning.


So, if you think you are doing it all right, but the growth is still improper and the leaves brown, it may be because of the chlorine water. Hence, you must feed the plant with chlorine-free water.


6. Humidity levels

Generally, the areca palms enjoy humid surroundings when growing outdoors, but when growing indoors, the areca palm will adapt to the indoor conditions.


But, at times, the air inside the house is quite dry, and that is not preferable for Areca palms.


It can cause the leaves to turn brown. For this, misting the leaves can help. This will leave the leaves looking fuller and greener.


How Do You Make Areca Palms Grow Faster?

How Do You Make Areca Palms Grow Faster

Now that you know how fast does areca palm grow and some reasons for the stunted growth, you must also learn some easy ways to ensure that your areca palm grows quicker or at least at the desired rate. So, how can increase areca palm growth rate outdoor? Let us find out.


1. Fertilize well

Every plant needs nutrients and feed. So, if you wish for your plant to grow faster, you should invest in an areca palm-specific granular fertilizer and fertilize the plant at least thrice a year.


You can also use an 8-2-12 slow-release palm fertilizer. Of course, the regular fertilizer that you use for your other plants may work fine too, but exquisite ones can make your palms thrive.


When feeding the plant, read through the packaging guidelines and only feed the required quantity. Once done, water your plant well. Ideally, the fertilizer should be applied right at the soil’s top-end, and then the watering will help it be soaked well beneath the top layer.


Primarily, it is recommended to feed the plants only during the growing season – spring and summer months. So, how quickly do areca palms grow if you feed well? They sure can get to the desired, optimum height. Also, note the amount of fertilizer you use depends on the palm’s size.


2. Use the correct potting mix

In addition to the fertilizer, you must also include organic peat moss in the soil. This will add to the soil’s nutrient value and stimulate plant growth. Ideally, ensure that the soil is well-draining and acidic with a pH of 7 or less.


3. Temperature

Your Areca palm enjoys a temperature between 65–75° F. If the temperature goes below 50° F the plant wont quite like it.


4. Give it the right amount of sun

Areca palms grow well in sunny weather but with indirect sunlight only. If you have an indoor palm, you can keep it somewhere, wherein the palm can get good morning sun.


5. Water well

Areca palms will require more water during the growing season. Also, the water tends to dry out quickly during hotter temperatures. So, then, too, the frequency of watering can be increased.


Ideally, you must touch the topsoil layer before your next watering. If the top layer feels dry, you can add some water.


In the winter and fall months, the areca palm does not need a lot of water. So, reduce your watering frequency to half then. Make sure the root does not sit in water, resulting in root rotting.


6. Humidity

Areca palms do not like the dry air and surroundings. It thrives in high humid surroundings. On colder days, you can place it near a humidifier.


7. Repotting

In a two-year gap, you can consider repotting your plant. Since the plant’s roots grow horizontally, it requires space to expand. So, pick a pot three or four inches wider than the previous pot, providing the plant with much room to grow.


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Doubts About How Quickly Do Areca Palms Grow?

Ques 1. Which palm tree grows the fastest?

Ans. King Palm is one of the fastest-growing palms.


Ques 2. Are areca palms easy growing?

Ans. Yes, Areca Palms do not need intense maintenance. They can thrive in indirect sunlight, good humidity, and a big pot with adequate fertilizer.


Ques 3. How long do areca palms live?

Ans. Typically, the areca palms have a lifespan of 10 years.


Ques 4. Do areca palms spread?

Ans. Yes, with the right conditions, the areca palms will spread. Typically, this palm plant tends to grow in clusters. So, it will yield new offshoots in the growing season, which makes the plant spread.


Till the plant has access to the necessary resources, it will keep spreading. However, the spreading will be curtailed after the plant is a year old, but it does not stop altogether and is a lifelong process.


Ques 5. How tall does the areca palm grow? How big can an areca palm grow?

Ans. Your areca palm houseplant can grow to about six to ten inches in a year. Outdoors, the plant will gain a height of 30-feet.


Ques 6. Can I keep areca palm in the bedroom?

Ans. Yes, Areca palms can be placed in the bedroom, provided you have a window via which the plant can meet its sunlight requirements.


As a matter of fact, it is considered one of the best bedroom plants. It purifies the air and can help you sleep better. Further, people who suffer from chronic sinuses or cold will also see some relief upon including Areca palms in their bedroom.


In addition, the areca palms tend to release moisture in the air, making it easier for you to breathe better.


Ques 7. Do areca palms do well outside?

Ans. Yes, Areca Palms can thrive in the outdoors too. However, they cannot bear the cold temperatures for long and tend to experience frost damage when the temperature starts to go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


However, mature areca palms can also survive temperature dips below the 30°F, but it will stunt the growth and should be avoided.


Ques 8. How fast do Areca palms grow in Hawaii?

Ans. In the Hawaiian climate, the Areca palms thrive. You can see them growing two feet annually in the ideal growing conditions.


Since they require minimalist care, they are pretty prevalently seen as ornamental plants in the region.


Ques 9. How fast do areca palms grow in Florida?

Ans. Areca Palms are prevalently seen in Florida and across the US. It is because the temperature and the conditions there are ideal.


You will see the plant growing between 20-30 feet tall in the country, with a crown spread of 10-20 feet.


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