How Long Does It Take For Mahogany Trees To Grow?

Mahogany trees are expected to mature in 25 years on average. However, their timber can be used by twelve to fifteen years of their plantation.

Mahogany Tree

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The mahogany tree, also known as Swietenia mahagoni has become a popular shade tree over the years. That means if you want to plant an attractive and nice perfumed shade tree in your residential space, you must go for mahogany trees.
You can find them in different lovely varieties with symmetrical and round-shaped crowns. These stunning landscape trees are native to South Florida in the United States.
So, how long does mahogany take to grow? If you provide them with vital, growing conditions, mahogany trees can fully mature in 25 years. Whereas, these trees are ready for harvesting of timber in about 12-15 years.
These trees can be also found in coastal regions like Caribbean and the Bahamas. It is because they grow well in favorable conditions like moist soil and full to partial sunlight. These fast-growing trees also need frequent watering for quick growth.

How Would You Describe Mahogany?

Describe Mahogany


Mahogany trees or Swietenia Mahagoni, is often referred to as exquisite tree perfect for landscaping. It is often admired for its rich brown, durable, and heavy wood.
Because of this, its hardwood is highly demanded in making furniture, musical instruments, and more. Being a huge tropical tree, it follows growing habits similar to semi-evergreen trees.
It is easily recognizable by broad leaves and thick lush foliage. When it gets mature, its foliage can grow 75 feet tall and spread about 50 feet. This is why it is often considered a perfect shade tree to enjoy evenings or picnicking with family in late spring. Despite being a stunning tree, it can grow in hardiness zones 10 and 11.

Scientific name Swietenia mahagnoni
Mature size 60-70 feet tall, 40-50 feet wide
Native to Southern Florida, the West Indies and the Caribbean
Sun Exposure Full to partial sunlight
Hardiness Zones 10-11 (USDA)


How Long Does A Mahogany Tree Take To Grow and Mature?

This stunning tree fully matures after reaching 25 years. After 12-15 years, the mahogany tree gets ready to be utilized for timber harvesting.
This massive, semi-evergreen tree can gain a maximum height of 200 feet. Whereas, you’ll notice its leaves spreading to a width of 20 inches. However, it’s common to find most varieties of mahogany growing to a height and width of 60 to 70 feet.
In addition, most people find mahogany trees attractive for their stunning canopy that offers dappled shade. Since mahogany hold high commercial value many people find it interesting.
It’s particularly true for thick mahogany wood which has several uses. Here, take a look how long does it take for mahogany trees to grow and propagate from seeds.

A. Seeds




Swietenia mahogany is a stunning tree featuring large crowns of glossy leaves and broad buttressed trunks. If you want to add this marvelous tree to your front/back yard, then you should start propagating mahogany seeds.
So first, obtain good quality mahogany seeds to propagate. You can get them from a recognizable seed-selling store near you or an online seed seller.
You can also look out for the seeds under mature mahogany trees. These trees shed seeds from January to march.
Mahogany seeds are usually found in woody brown capsules. These capsules can grow as long as 18 cm (7 inches). Once you have collected the seeds, spread them on paper and let them dry for a couple of days.
After this, you can crack open the capsules and acquire tiny brown seeds of mahogany. Leave them to dry for a couple of days and then you can plant them.

B. Seedlings




Make sure to place mahogany seeds in well-drained and sandy loam soils to get best results. With regular watering, these seeds can germinate in about 2 to 4 weeks.
Once they develop into tiny seedlings, transplant them to a permanent location.
You can also consider buying mahogany seeds from a known retailer. But if you are planning to grow from its seeds, make sure to immerse them in water for at least 12 hours.
According to professional gardeners, it is wise to plant at least 3 or more mahogany seeds together. This will increase your chances of getting at least one healthy growing mahogany tree.

C. Growing Mahogany Tree

Growing Mahogany Tree



Transfer the seedling to a durable well-suited location. Mahogany tree varieties grow quickly in moist soil and salty air that’s why they grow well in southern coastal regions. They require optimum growing conditions like frequent watering and full to partial sun exposure.
These trees take about 25 years to get completely mature. You can notice them growing to a height of about 70 feet or below. Whereas the maximum height of these trees can reach about 200 feet.
While you can notice lovely fresh blossoms on these trees through late spring to the early summer season. They start shedding their leaves in the spring season. These trees usually bloom yellowish green and white clusters that will make your garden look more appealing to visitors.
Eventually, these trees produce pear-like woody fruit capsules which can grow about 5 inches in length. These fruit capsules fall off from the velvety stems of mahogany trees to give new seeds.
Over time they develop strong roots which allow these trees to stand without damage even during heavy winds and hurricanes.

Is Mahogany Slow Growing?

Mahogany trees are fast-growing and prefer to thrive in the moist soil of coastal regions. This tree becomes semi-deciduous for a short while in the spring when it sheds its broad leaves.
For healthy growth, you will need to feed mahogany trees with quality fertilizers in the right amounts.
On average, a mahogany tree requires fertilizers at least thrice a year along with frequent watering. As it matures, the tree develops strong roots which go deep and help in dealing with strong hurricanes.

Mahogany Tree Information – FAQs

Q. Why are mahogany trees popular?

Ans. Mahogany trees are highly popular for their attractive blossoms which appear in the late spring and summer seasons. That’s why most people prefer to grow it in their residential landscape. It can be a focal point in your residential area as well as roadside spaces.
Additionally, mahogany is famous for its wood which holds good durability and is rot-resistant. Due to this, it has great commercial value and is famous for making musical instruments, furniture, boats, paneling, and much more. After reaching 12-15 years, mahogany trees get ready for the harvesting of timber.
Furthermore, mahogany bark produces gum, which is often extracted for many medicinal uses. Likewise, tannins from mahogany bark are highly used for making and coloring leather. It also gives a rich red color to mahogany wood.
Even the oil extracted from mahogany tree leaves is used to make varnish, soaps, mosquito repellents, paints, insecticides, and so on.

Q. Where does mahogany grow best?

Ans. Now that we know how long does it take a mahogany tree to grow, understand that Mahogany trees grow best in regions with moist, warm climates and salty air.
That is the reason you can commonly find these trees in southern coastal areas. Some areas where mahogany trees can be located include Southern Mexico, South America, Central America, African west coast.
These trees can be also found in the tropical rain forests and deciduous forest in the west indies regions, particularly Jamaica, Santo domingo and Cuba.

Q. What is the mahogany tree lifespan?

Ans. On average the lifespan of mahogany trees is 350 years or more. However, it is only possible when you keep it under optimal growing conditions. Remember these trees grow best in areas that get partial to full sunlight.
You should avoid planting your tree in areas that are shaded. Also, note that heavy winters can prevent these trees from growing. Most of its tropical varieties can thrive in areas with warm temperatures.

Q. How much is a mahogany tree worth?

Ans. You can find them at a rate of $12 per 2 pounds. Whereas mahogany wood can be bought in bulk at a rate of $25 per cubic foot.
The cultivation of mahogany trees is considered a highly profitable venture. After 12-15 years of plantation, mahogany trees are ready to harvest for timber. Similarly, after 5 years of growth mahogany trees produce seeds. Its seeds have great value in the market for making several medicines.
Overall, a mahogany tree plantation can help you to make millions of money. It has great commercial value to make boats, musical instruments, furniture, and many more items.

Q. How much space does mahogany trees need?

Ans. The mahogany tree has a large structure that can reach more than 60-70 feet tall and spread 40 to 50 feet wide. Because of their large spread, mahogany trees need a huge space for growing. Its root system can become aggressive close to paved surfaces.
It can often damage walls or surfaces of buildings that are within 5 to 6 feet distance from the tree’s trunk base. So, you should plant it at a minimum 20-25 feet distance from your building.