Thuja Green Giant Life Span: What Is Its Life Expectancy?

 How long does thuja green giant live
A green giant Arborvitae is an evergreen tree. The shoots of the tree are flat. The wood of Green Giant is lightweight and full of aroma. The wood can be easily split into two parts. Wood is used to make many useful furniture and chests.


Once these trees achieve a mature height, you do not have to worry about your privacy around the garden for many years. That’s because how long does Thuja green giant lives. If you’re planning on re-doing the fence and concerned about Thuja green giant life expectancy, you easily have 40-50 years in hand.


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Along with its many uses, the Green Giant Thuja is also a fast-growing plant. The tree is wind resistant and capable to withstand ice and snow. The tree has a green or we can say deep green color and makes the environment positive.

How Far From A Fence Should I Plant A Thuja Green Giant?

The Thuja Green Giant or also known as Giant Green Arborvitae is conical in shape. It is a great species that is used for landscaping. The distance from your fence to Green Giant is determined by the space you have for planting them.


However, it is recommended to grow Green Giant Arborvitae 5 feet away from your fence. If you fail to keep a distance of 5 feet it will be problematic for you. As the three needs enough space to grow.


Moreover, if you plant it close to your fence the tree will lack space to grow and become root-bound. Spacing is an important factor that needs to be taken into consideration as the Green Giant will grow up to 3 feet per year.


Also, many people doubt whether the Thuja Giant can be kept small according to their preference. Unfortunately, you can’t keep the Thuja Green Giant as a small plant because the tress usually grows to the height of more than 45 feet approximately.


What Is The Spacing For Green Giant Thuja?

The spacing is the primary factor that needs to be kept in mind while planting Green Giant Thuja for a healthy Thuja Green Giant life span. If your preference is single spacing you are required to keep a distance of 5 to 6 feet approximately.


Moreover, if you are willing to get the hedgerows to develop fast you should plant your Green Giant at a distance of 3 feet apart. The drawback of planting the tree at a distance of 3 feet is that the trees will be comparatively thinner and weaker.


Many people also wonder what should the spacing be for the Specimen Trees. There is no particular distance that needs to be followed for the specimen trees. The only thing you need to ensure is that the Green Giant will become 12 to 15 feet wide. If you are opting for greater spatial distance, the tree will get flexibility and space and it will be able to reach its full length and width.


How Long Does A Green Giant Arborvitae Live?

When planting a tree with so much love, you are bound to think how long does Thuja Green Giant live? The Thuja Green Giant can live up to 40 years on average. The Green Giant’s life span is also affected due to crowding and using harsh pesticides along with soil pollution. The life span may not always be 40 because if the tree is not taken care of properly it may hardly reach 35 years.


Also, the spacing needs to be taken care of, because the spacing might also be a reason for shorter Thuja Green Giant life expectancy.

Which Thuja Variety Has The Longest Lifespan?

The Thuja occidentalis also called American Arborvitae or white-cedar have the longest lifespan of up to 150 years. It is an evergreen, tall and strong tree. Some of the American Arborvitae also have lived for more than a thousand years old.


The other popular varieties of Thuja are Emerald Green Thuja which lives for about 25 years. Firechief Arborvitae is a type that is seen with color change throughout the year and a lifespan of 30 years. The other type of Thuja is Dwarf Golden with a short span of 10-12 years.

How Fast Do Thuja Giant Trees Grow Per Year?

We have already discussed the Thuja green giant life span. Now we will discuss how fast the Thuja Giant Trees grow in a year. The Thuja Green Giant is a well-known tree for its height and width.


It is quite interesting to know how long does Thuja green giant lives at such a growth rate. Green Giant Thuja can reach up to 50-60 feet tall and 10-12 feet wide when they attain full maturity in a couple of years. The average growth rate is 3 to 4 feet in a year. The tree is well known for its growth rate as it is a fast-growing plant.


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Arborvitae Age Indicators

Arborvitae is a Latin word that means tree of life. Thuja green giant life span is quite long and can also live up to 150 years in some cases. The oil from Arborvitae is also used for medicinal purposes. To determine a tree’s age by species first you will need to measure from 4.5 feet above the level of the stump.


After that, you need to divide it by 3.14 so that you get an answer to how long green giant arborvitae lived. This method will let you know the age of your tree. Also, it is important to note that growth is dependent upon the tree species.


What Kills Arborvitae?

We have studied the Thuja green giant life expectancy, but it is not necessary that the Arborvitae may survive till the expected years.


How long does Thuja green giant lives is also directly related to the pests and diseases it has to combat.


There are worms known as bagworms that feed on Arborvitae and result in harming them. The larvae make their bags and it is difficult to spot them because of their color. These pests chew the leaves of the Arborvitae. It is necessary to kill the bagworms as they may harm the tree and may nearly kill it.


Another pest is the Scale insect. The scale insect is a sap-feeding pest and they suck the fluid from the plant. The scale insect is Fletcher Scale which feeds on arborvitae.


Another pest is spider mites which can cause harm to your Arborvitae. Spider mites are considered very harmful and damaging to plants. Along with the pests, the Arborvitae is also damaged by malnutrition, over or under watering, etc. The Arborvitae might lose color and in this case, fertilizer can be used.


How Can You Enhance Thuja Green Giant Life Expectancy?

Many people want to learn how to increase the Thuja green giant life span. It is not easy to enhance how long does a green giant arborvitae lives, and that too overnight- no chance! You will need to take proper care of your plant and save it from getting damaged.


Before you invest in Thuja you should learn a few things about them. The first thing that you need to take care of is the sunlight and shade. Thuja Giant is well known for its adaptability and can mostly grow anywhere. The plant requires partial shade and direct sunlight for some hours per day.


The most suitable soil for Thuja Giant is sandy garden soils both acidic and alkaline. The plant can also easily adapt to heavy clay soils. The Thuja Giant is sensitive to salt and should not be planted near roadsides.


The watering should be done properly but make sure that the soil should not get soggy. Although, the Thuja Giants require irregular and deep waterings. After following all these steps, you can yourself observe how long does Thuja green giant lives.


Pros and Cons of Thuja Green Giant – Why and Why Not Should You Plant It?

Before planting Thuja Green Giant, it is important to understand its pros and cons. The Thuja green giant life expectancy is great, and it comes under pros. To add, Green Giant is not at all a picky plant, it is easy to maintain and grows quickly. The Green Giant is also a lovely specimen.


The trees are tolerant to cool temperatures. The trees only demand deep soil along with good drainage. And to top it all, they are great for privacy.


There are also some cons of the Green Giant. They are very sensitive to stress and adverse watering conditions. With prolonged adverse conditions, the tree can turn brown reducing the Thuja green giant life span. The plant will also turn brown quickly if they are in drought-prone areas and salty regions.

Are There Any Other Trees I Could Use For A Privacy Fence?

If you’re looking for substitutes, there are many other trees you can consider for privacy fencing. We have discussed how long Thuja green giant lives, which is the reason why many people prefer Thuja Green Giant but there are other alternatives as well.


The Eastern Redcedar is a great privacy fence and it provides decent coverage. It is an evergreen plant. The height ranges from 45 to 65 feet and the width is about 10 to 20 feet. The tree required full to partial sunlight. The tree is suitable if you have a large backyard. The garden styles which suit Eastern Redcedar are rustic and natural.


Another alternative is the Hybrid Willow Tree which has a good growth rate of 6 to 9 feet per year. The tree becomes mature in just 5 years so it is a preferred choice.


Leyland Cypress is also a good privacy tree that grows up to 70 feet and needs 7 hours of direct sunlight. The Mediterranean is the garden style best suited for Leyland Cypress.

Common Q&A

We now have a clear understanding of how long does Thuja green giant lives. Let us take up some important frequently asked questions about Thuja Trees.


Q. Do Thuja Green Giants attract rats?

A. It is a myth that green giants Thujas attract rats. Although the tree attracts bagworms, scale insects, and Spider mites which may be harmful to the plant. If the Green Giant is attacked by any of these insects you must take the help of suitable pesticides to protect your plants or trees. Do not let the pests hamper the Thuja Green Giant life span.


Q. What will be a 12-foot green giant arborvitae’s price?

A. The Green Giant Arborvitae can be bought online. Sizes are starting from 1 foot. The last size that can be seen online is 6 feet. The price range of Green Giant of 6 feet is $160 to $170. For buying a size of 12 feet the price will be around $3700 to $4200.


The price might also be greater than the expected price. A full-grown mature Green Giant is Arborvitae is difficult to buy as it is not easily available. The most easily available sizes are 1 foot to 6 feet tall Thuja Giant.


Q. How long does it take for a Thuja Green Giant to become established?

A. The growth of Thuja Green Giant will depend on proper arborvitae care and suitable growing conditions more than the time taken. If proper conditions are provided the Green Giant can become well established in the next 5 to 6 years.


The roots of the Thuja Green Giant develop and grow within six weeks after planting the sapling. You are required to use good plant food. A slow-release fertilizer is also suitable for Thuja Green Giant. It will help to provide the necessary nutrients to the plant and help it to grow. It will require water but on irregular intervals, the soil needs to get dry in between the watering sessions.


Q. Can Green giant arborvitae be trimmed into a hedge?

A. The answer to this is Yes. The Thuja Green Giant has a perfect hedge. While you are trimming your Green Giant you can also shape it in such a way that it helps to grow a proper hedge. For achieving a dense hedge you need to start early. Do not wait for your plant to be grown properly to trim it into a hedge. You need to start as early as possible


Q. Can Thuja Green Giants grow in shade?

A. People have many concerns such as how long does green giant arborvitae live, does it grow in direct sunlight, does it grow in shade, and many such queries arise when you are planning to plant Thuja Green Giant.


The Thuja Green Giants can grow in partial shade, which means that it requires both direct sun & some shade at regular intervals. However, you are not supposed to plant Thuja Green Giants in complete shade. The trees will require a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight and then shade for some time.