Snake Plant Benefits: Spiritual, Medicinal, and Feng Shui Benefits

Placing the snake plant correctly brings in good luck, sound sleep and also improves air quality

Snake Plant Benefits

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The snake plant or sansevieria trifasciata is treasured by many homeowners for its unique and ornamental appeal. This plant originally blooms in African and Asian regions. Being easily recognizable by its upright and sword-like leaves the plant looks beautiful with its decorative foliage. But this is not the only reason why snake plants are delightful to the eye for most people.
There are, in fact, innumerable benefits of a snake plant other than striking appearance. If you are looking for plants that are easy to maintain and care for, sansevieria is unarguably your best option.


Besides this, the plants also require less water, improve the quality of air and offers many spiritual and medicinal benefits as well. The advantages of having a pleasing snake plant in your room don’t end here.


Look into the various tempting advantages of having a snake plant in your house.

What Is Snake Plant Also Known As – Other Common Names?

These beautiful species are scientifically known as sansevieria. In addition to this, there are various common names used for snake plants like mother-in-law’s tongue, devil’s tongue, and viper’s bowstring hemp, etc. to name a few.

Benefits of A Snake Plant

Sansevieria has a slow growth. It is considered the go-to plant for closed spaces because of its compact and slow-growing nature. Whether it be your office or bedroom, this plant will catch everyone’s attention for its beauty.
The benefits of this plant are not limited to only easy care and low maintenance. So, keep reading to learn some amazing advantages of growing sansevieria at home.

a. Snake Plant Spiritual Benefits

Snake Plant Spiritual Benefits

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Snake plants are known to provide positive energy no matter where you place them. The spiritual benefits of snake plants are one of the most common reasons why most people often use these plants for home or office decor. It is planted to bring good luck, and eliminate bitterness and all other bad energies from the environment. It even helps you sleep better.
Sansevieria is the most loved plant in China that brings positivity to the surroundings. It is also believed that sansevieria plant benefits you by facilitating learning when kept in classrooms.
Although there is no scientific proof to support this fact, people place snake plants in their homes to uplift the environment. While enhancing the beauty of the place, this plant improves the oxygen content and cleans the air. It releases oxygen during the night time, which improves sleep quality.
According to Feng Shui, the plant should be placed in the southern and eastern corners. The snake plants’ spiritual benefits can be seen in spaces where people usually fight. It also protects against the negative energy produced by appliances that give away dangerous radiation.

b. The Medicinal Advantage of a Snake Plant

The Medicinal Advantage of a Snake Plant

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Sansevieria is usually popular for uplifting home decor to produce positive energy. But nowadays, snake plants’ medicinal benefits have also gained great popularity among homeowners. One of the most prominent medicinal benefits includes enhancing air quality. This way it helps in creating a happy and healthy vibe while reducing stress levels, it is even considered the best air purifying option in contrast to costly purifiers.
According to research done by NASA Clean Air Study, among the many snake plant advantages, the most important one is purifying the air in compact areas by the removal of harmful air pollutants. It absorbs harmful air toxins like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, xylene, and trichloroethylene. This plant is so powerful that it can decrease the content of nitrate ions.
Contrary to other houseplants, one of the most incredible benefits of a snake plant is that it can filter about 87% of air pollutants during the night. They release oxygen and boost the fresh moisture level in the air.
This further reduces the harmful impact of airborne allergies such as dander and dust. It protects against many severe problems related to health like asthma and allergies. Research shows that a person can easily live in a room with 6 to 8 Sansevieria plants, even if it doesn’t have any ventilation.
There are many other snake plant advantages with no scientific proof. But, still many people have reaped medicinal benefits from it, like reducing inflammation, treating burns and wounds on the skin, strengthening the immune system, regulating standard blood pressure, relief from headaches, and removing any parasites from the surroundings.
Hopefully, in the times to come all these benefits will be backed by science.

c. What Snake Plant Benefits Feng Shui Entails?

Snake Plant Benefits Feng Shui Entails

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Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese practice of achieving positivity and harmony in an environment by placing things in a particular way. Now that you are aware of the innumerable benefits of this plant, you must know where to locate them and reap their benefits.
The best way to witness its magic is to place it at your house entrance. This will help you to attract money, and luck, save you from negative energy, and above all improve the overall surrounding environment.
Aren’t these some incredible snake plant benefits in home you get? So, buy one for your house today.
Today, snake plants are frequently shared as gifts on special occasions. It is because they are easy to propagate, require less maintenance, and it is easy to take care of snake plants. Even if you don’t water them regularly or keep them under low sunlight, the plant will survive well. However, apply some specialized plant food for snake plants to promote their quick and healthy growth.

Where Should I Place A Snake Plant In My House?

Snake Plant In My House

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You must choose the perfect location for your snake plant in order to enjoy (Sansevieria) snake plants’ medicinal benefits such as relieving stress, boosting creativity, and increasing the concentration and overall mood of the homeowners.
Normally, snake plants grow perfectly in areas with dimmer light and warm temperatures. That said, placing your snake plant in bright indirect and partial sunlight can improve snake plant’s growth. However, avoid keeping your plants in low-light spaces or corners that don’t receive adequate sunlight. Also, make sure to place your plant in an area with warm temperatures of more than 10 degree Celsius (50°F).
Remember you can enjoy snake plant advantages when they are placed in the best location. So, the entrance of your home is the perfect place to locate your plant. It will help in cleansing any bad energy that people might bring into your home from outside.
Take care to provide sufficient water for your snake plant to maintain its good health. Wondering how often to water snake plants? Just water it once every one-two week.

What Are The Snake Plant Benefits In Bedroom Setup?

There are many benefits of placing a snake plant in your bedroom, like filtering out toxic pollutants and maintaining indoor air quality. The plant also has the quality of producing fresh air in the nighttime. It will help in limiting your stress levels and improve sleep quality.
But it is important to know where to set up snake plants to enjoy its pleasing vibe. According to Vastu, this beautiful plant should be placed facing towards southeast or eastern and southern corners of the room.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Snake Plants?

While there are many unparalleled snake plants benefits in home of placing it correct, but, you should be also familiar with its side effects. Check out the below-listed issues you may face with the plant.

  • Although snake plants can tolerate drought, that doesn’t mean you should completely ignore watering them. It can often lead to snake plants’ leaves curling. However, don’t forget that snake plants can be easily overwatered. So, watering your plant more often can turn out to be a disadvantage rather than speeding up its growth. Sansevieria plant benefits most when grown under perfect conditions, particularly moist soil and partial shade.
  • Snake plants have a chemical substance known as Saponin, which makes them toxic. Another major side effect of planting snake plants is that they can be harmful to humans as well as pets. The leaves, flowers, and stems of this plant are somewhat poisonous. This means if your pet mistakenly consumes any part of the snake plant it can lead to drooling, nausea, pain in the abdomen, and diarrhea. Likewise, the plant’s juice can cause mild rashes and allergies to the skin. So, even with so many environmental and snake plants’ spiritual benefits, you need to be careful with it.
  • These plants cannot withstand extremely cold conditions. If you live in a region with cold temperatures, then it would be really difficult to take care of this plant. If you leave a snake plant in wet soil and with freezing leaves for a long time it will eventually die. So, make sure to plant them in an area with a temperature above 10 degrees Celsius.
  • Although the toxic Saponin present in the plant becomes one of the snake plants benefits in home by keeping away insects, it can often get attacked by fungus. So, if you are planning to get different types of snake plants for your home decor, don’t ignore this side effect. The fungal attacks can be easily seen on the plant’s leaves which end up getting a red leaf spot.
  • Benefits of mother-in-law tongue plant are many but being slow-growing, sansevieria plants take a long time to achieve an average height of 6–7 ft. So, if you need a plant that can flourish beautifully in less time span, a snake plant may not be a good choice.

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Summing up

Sansevieria snake plants are easy to care for and prefer to thrive in low-light areas. The unprecedented benefits of this houseplant make it a highly popular option when it comes to houseplants. No matter if you are looking to keep it in your bedroom, living area, or office.
Snake plant advantages are manyfold for people. They benefit people in many ways like providing a beautiful appeal, purifying surrounding air quality, removing negative vibes, and more. So, consider getting a snake plant for your personal space to enjoy both aesthetic and health benefits.