How Fast Does A Leyland Cypress Grow?

How fast does a leyland cypress grow

Leylandii is one of the renowned evergreen tree species. It may be an uninteresting conifer with no bells and whistles, but the fast Leyland Cypress growth rate and magnificent greenish-blue foliage make it a visual delight.


Often shaped and pruned into hedgerows, it is a fertile hybrid cross between Nootka false cypress and Monterey cypress.


It is one of the fastest-growing evergreens that grow with narrow-pyramidal to dense, broad-columnar habits. How fast does a Leyland Cypress grow? Well, when you do not prune it as a representative shrub or a hedge, the plant gets 60 to 70, sometimes even 100 feet high.


The plant has a width of 20 feet. In only a year of its plantation, it can grow 35 inches. Hence, it sees the wide application as a privacy screen. It is also because the plant takes only a few years to grow 12 feet or taller.


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Leylandii inherits its rapid growth and branching pattern from its Monterey cypress parent. Similarly, from its Nootka false cypress parent, it inherits its winter hardiness, foliage, and habit. Understanding how big they grow in height and width is quintessential if you intend to take good care of the plant.


This guide discusses Leyland Cypress’ growth rate. Further, we will also detail care guidelines to stimulate its growth rate. So, now, let us get started and study how fast does a Leyland Cypress grow?


How Fast Does Leyland Cypress Grow?

Before we unravel the Leylandii tree growth rate, please know that it is only a general average. In reality, how quickly do Leylandii grow? It depends on the environment, growing conditions, soil, and feed you offer the plant.


Leylandii grows about three feet per year or thirty-five-and-a-half inches. Given its exponential Leylandii growth rate per year, it is the fastest-growing evergreen plant globally.


While some may be amused with the fact, the growers may find it problematic. The high Leyland Cypress growth rate per year also makes it one of the most suitable species for landscaping. However, the plant is not as cold-hardy as the typical evergreen trees.


So, you will not see them growing all around the year. Typically, the Leylandii shrubs and trees experience dormancy from October to April. But, the Leylandii tree growth rate is better in areas where the roots do not reach cold and freezing temperatures.


Regardless, almost every leylandii tree grows to get 60 to 70 feet, sometimes even 100 feet tall. But, some neighborhoods allow a maximum height of only 6.6 feet. So, the taller variants are often only seen in the forest lands.


How Wide Do Leylandii Grow?

Leylandii trees can grow up to a width of around 20 feet. Some very old leylandii trees may even grow up to 30 feet wide.


How Much Space Does A Leyland Cypress Need?

The adequate space between Leyland Cypress should be six to ten feet apart.


Care Tips and Growing Conditions for Leylandiis

Below, we will discuss the care guidelines for Leyland Cypress. If you follow them to the T, the plant will thrive.


1. Sunlight

Leyland Cypress loves the sun, but they forgive almost all lighting conditions. They can bear partial shade. However, a lack of sunlight will affect their growth. They need at least six hours of unfiltered, direct sun every day. If you keep the plant in excessive shade, it may experience stunted growth.


2. Temperature

Leyland Cypress thrives in USDA hardiness six through ten. It can handle cold, but temperatures below -8 degrees may be unbearable for the plant. But, the plant has been growing fine even in Zone 5, provided the owners take adequate steps to winterize the plant.


However, winterization is possible only till the plant is young. But fortunately, the plants get cold-hardy as they grow older.


3. Soil

Leyland Cypress demands a well-draining, fertile, and moist soil. However, they are not too fussy about the soil and can grow well in different kinds of soil types. You can see them thrive in loamy, clay, sandy, acidic, or alkaline soil.


4. Water

Leyland Cypress is one of the best evergreens. It is tolerant to brief waterlogging and occasional drought. So, the plant is durable and almost hard to kill. However, the plant demands deep irrigation.


Even though irregular watering does not damage the plant, the plant’s water needs are high when the roots get established after summer or spring planting. Once matured, you can cut down the watering, and then watering only once a week will suffice.


But, water two times every week in spring and once in summer in the first two years. In winters, you can stretch the gap to once in fourteen days. As the tree gets older, its water requirements come down.


However, please refrain from using an irrigation system. It can result in overwatering and cause root rotting. Root rots may be a breeding ground for fungus that may kill the plant.


5. Feed

The plant already has excellent growth potential, but adding nutrition to the soil only helps. Ideally, you must fertilize the plan in early spring, ahead of its growing season. You can use a balanced, general-purpose, slow-release fertilizer with a 10-10-10 NPV value.


You can spread the fertilizer thoroughly around the drip line. However, please know that Leyland cypress does not need fertilizer every year. So, be judicious.

6. Pruning

You know about the exponential Leyland Cypress trees growth rate. At times, it can make the plant lose its visual appeal. Hence, you must trim the plant once every 12 to 18 months for a better and an attractive look and feel.


It should not be a tedious activity if you have a good trimmer. But, if you prune more often than necessary, it can intervene with the Leyland Cypress growth rate, as frequent pruning puts the plant under massive stress.


In addition, how quickly do Leylandii grow depends on how well you meet its necessary conditions. So, if you trim often, you do not give the plant to grow well. As a general rule of thumb, you can consider pruning after the plant acquires every three to five inches of new growth.


Leyland Cypress Problems

Here is a quick run-down of top Leyland Cypress problems:

  1. The Leyland Cypress trees growth rate attracts most people, but it can be one of the top problems. The Leylandii growth rate per year is about 4’ per year, even in the poor soil. It is excellent if you desire a 12’ hedge in three years.But, beyond 12’ can be problematic. Hence, the plant will demand immense and frequent pruning. You may have to prune multiple times in a year to maintain the size. The pruning hassles only amplify as the plant grows older.
  2. Light is another hassle with Leyland Cypress. Because of their tall height, they may block the sunlight for you and the neighbors. To avoid this, prune frequently and regularly.
  3. Given the high Leyland Cypress growth rate, the plant will grow wide and tall in only a few years. After this, you may encounter multiple issues with power lines, foundations, and sidewalks. At times, even your neighbor’s property might be disturbed, and they may force you to take down the plant.
  4. Given their giant size, the plant may also obstruct the view for you, your neighbors, and sometimes the drivers on the road.
  5. Leyland Cypress has a shallow-rooted system. It implies that they can topple over in no time. In addition, the roots are susceptible to the canker that are dead sections caused by bacteria or fungus.
  6. Its leaves are giant and heavy. If they fall on the vehicles or the garden, the damage is often massive.
  7. Pests like spider mites may also infest the plant. You can get rid of them by washing the plant or spraying them with neem oil.
  8. Bagworms can also attack the plant. Hence, you need to be cautious and pick up the bags as soon as they appear.
  9. Sometimes, Leyland Cypress may damage the garden if you do not maintain it well. It has acidic evergreen leaves, which can disrupt the soil’s pH.


Leyland Cypress Alternatives

Here are three significant alternatives to Leyland Cypress:


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FAQs About Leyland Cypress Growth Rate

Ques 1. How high can hedges be between Neighbours?

Ans. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no existing blanket rule that hedges should not be over two meters in size. But, if the hedge height curtails others from the reasonable enjoyment of their residential property, it can be open for complaints.


Ques 2. Does Leylandii have long roots? How far do Leylandii roots spread?

Ans. The Leylandii root has a height similar to the tree’s size. So, naturally, the longer the tree, the giant will be the roots. But, that does not mean that it can damage a building.


But, if you have an older, weaker construction or the building was built before the 1950s, the property may be susceptible to damage. The roots commence at the top two feet of the topsoil. It is where there is maximum water and nutrients.


But, if it is the clay soil, the plant may have shallower leaves. But, the root spread is not very big. So, if, for instance, the tree is about 67-feet, the primary roots will be only 30-feet outward.


Ques 3. What is the fastest-growing Leylandii?

Ans. How fast does a Leyland Cypress grow also depends on its species. Cupressocyparis leylandii or Leighton Green is the fastest-growing Leylandii variety. It is a conifer, and you can trim it into a hedge. It also works well as a screening plant. The plant has a dense-forming habit, and it can attain over 5 meters in height in a decade.


Its maximum height can be over 15 meters. Hence, you cannot grow them in a compact garden if you cannot spare time to curtail their size.


Ques 4. How tall does Leyland Cypress grow?

Ans. Leyland Cypress growth rate per year is high. They can grow to about 2 meters to 6 meters tall. The plant can grow about 75-90 cm in a year.


Ques 5. Is it illegal to plant Leylandii?

Ans. Given the massive Leyland Cypress trees growth rate, many feel it is illegal to plant them. But, as of the day of writing, there are no existing laws on how tall the hedge can be grown. However, a council can surely take some action if the tree’s height intervenes with anyone’s reasonable enjoyment of the property. Hence, please maintain the Leylandii hedge from the beginning.


Ques 6. How to make Leyland Cypress grow faster?

Ans. Leyland Cypress’ growth rate is pretty good. However, if you want to improve the Leylandii growth rate per year, you need to expose it to the right conditions. So, how quickly do Leylandii grow? It depends on the proper feed, water, light, and temperature that the plant receives. Consistent windy conditions can intervene with the Leylandii tree growth rate.


Ques 7. How far apart do I plant Leyland Cypress?

Ans. The Leyland Cypress growth rate is pretty high. Hence, it is vital to space the two plants well to not stunt their growth. Ideally, you should plant Leylandii, and typically, every evergreen shrub about 60-100 cm or two to three feet apart.


Naturally, the hedges with plants 60 cm apart tend to fill up the space quicker than if they were 100 cm apart. But, you can achieve a good hedge in the long term, regardless of the distance.


Ques 8. What is the life expectancy of a Leyland Cypress?

Ans. Leyland Cypress can live for anywhere from 10 to 25 years.


Ques 9. How Long Does It Take Leylandii To Reach Mature Size?

Ans. You already know how quickly do Leylandii grow, but how many years does it take to reach a mature height?


Given the incredible Leylandii growth rate per year, it can get to its mature size in only two or three years. However, if you do not expose the plant to the desired conditions, it may delay its maturity by an additional one or two years.


Hence, for optimum Leylandii tree growth rate, you must plant them at apt depths and leave ample space between two plants to allow growth of a healthy root system and faster maturity.


Ques 10. Which grows faster, Leyland Cypress or Arborvitae?

Ans. The Green Giant Arborvitae is a variant of Leyland Cypress and is one of the fastest-growing species. Beyond this, no other Arborvitae can grow faster than Leyland Cypress.


Ques 11. Is Leyland Cypress good for privacy?

Ans. Yes, Leyland Cypress trees growth rate is pretty fast. So, they can form a natural privacy screen in only a few years.


Ques 12. Will Leylandii Grow Back After Cutting?

Ans. Yes, the Leylandii tree growth rate is unprecedented. At times, pruning is healthy for the plant. So, if you trim well, the plant will quickly grow back after cutting.


Hope this guide helped you understand how fast does a Leyland Cypress grow and how to care for it the right way.