Parlor Palm Growth Rate Per Year – How Quickly Do They Grow?

How fast does parlor palm grow
If sprucing up your space with classy and elegant indoor plants is your deal, then parlor palm is just the thing for you! The plant is usually grown in small, attractive clumps and features dainty, dark green foliage.


The popularity of the parlor palm as an ideal indoor plant goes back to the Victorian era. Even today, you can find this resilient and versatile plant adding life to dull spaces in homes, public spaces, and workplaces.


But the thing with indoor plants is, people, wonder how to care for them right and whether the space is enough for the plant to grow well. This leads to an important question – What exactly is the parlor palm/neanthe bella palm growth rate?


Hop right in to learn more about parlor palm history, parlor palm growth rate, what is the ideal space to keep this plant, and more!


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Parlor Palm History, Origin, and Common Names

Chamaedorea Elegans or parlor palm is a popular indoor palm species that is native to the rainforests of Southern Mexico and Guatemala.


First discovered in Central America, this adorable plant was then brought back to the United States.


Here, it gained immense popularity as a household plant. The botanical name of this small palm species is Chamaedorea Elagans while its Latin name is Neanthe Bella.


How Quickly Do Parlour Palms Grow?

Wondering how fast does parlor palm grow? Don’t get your hopes up because the answer may come as a disappointment!


If you plan to bring a parlor palm to your house, you need to remember to be very patient because the parlor palm growth rate per year is very slow.


The Chamaedorea Elegans growth rate is only a few inches in one year and it takes years to reach maturity.


In the natural habitat, the height of a parlor palm can be anywhere between 6 to 14 feet. As a houseplant, it is usually between 2 to 6 feet tall with a spread of 2 to 3 feet.


You can slightly improve the growth rate by giving the parlor palms optimum growing conditions, especially more light.


Parlor palms bloom in the spring and bear lovely yellow flowers. However, that’s quite rare when the plants are kept indoors.


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Where to Keep Your Parlor Palm – Indoors or Outdoors?

Where to Keep Your Parlor Palm - Indoors or Outdoors

Owning to the fact how quickly do parlour palms grow, they are more popularly known as an indoor plant. Also, thanks to its amazing ability to adapt to and survive a variety of growing conditions.


This low-maintenance variety thrives in medium to bright indirect light and can survive in low indirect light as well.


It works well in normal to high humidity and average home temperature (65°F-80°F).


Other than being ‘custom-made’ for indoor conditions, another reason why you should consider keeping your parlor palm indoors is owning to its amazing air purifying capabilities.


But if you happen to live in a sub-tropical zone, you can plant this hardy palm variety in the ground as well. But this won’t work well in other regions.


In that case, what you can do is keep your parlor palm pot container outside through the summer and move it indoors during winters to save it from the cold temperature.


The neanthe bella palm growth rate is very sensitive to light, which means you will have to protect your plant from intense, direct sunlight.


Expert Answers on Parlor Palm Growth Rate

Q. Can parlor palm grow in aquarium water?

A. Parlor palm can be used in aquariums and is best used as a terrarium plant. However, it can only survive in submerged conditions for about a month at length. After that, you have to keep it outside and allow it to rejuvenate.


Q. Does parlor palm spread?

A. If your parlor palm is spreading out of its regular course and leaning, it is not a good sign. It indicates that the palm is going through shock, underwater or overwatering situation, pest problems, not receiving adequate light or temperature.


Q. Does a parlor palm bloom?

A. Yes! In spring, mature parlor plants will produce clusters of small yellow flowers that grow on tall stalks. It is harder for indoor parlor palms to bloom unless they are given optimum conditions and enough light.


Q. How to increase the parlor palm growth rate per year?

A. Parlor palms are slow growers. However, it is believed that you can increase the neanthe bella palm growth rate by making sure it receives more light and enough feed.


To ensure healthy growth, you must give your parlor plan optimum growing conditions.


Grow your palm in a well-drained potting mix and keep your plant in a place where it receives bright indirect light. This palm variety prefers humidity and may not grow well when kept in very dry conditions.


Make sure to water it frequently and if possible, avoid pruning the plant unnecessarily.


Q. Can you split a parlor palm?

A. You can propagate parlor by dividing dense clumps into quarters or halves (depending upon their size) and transplanting the smaller clumps into other containers.


Your plant may take a few weeks to recover from the division shock. You may also notice a little die-back. In that case, simply remove the dead leaves and stems and you are good to go.


It is recommended to avoid dividing the plant if it is not mature or healthy enough to recover from the shock.


Q. What is the total parlor palm lifespan?

A. When given the right care parlor palm can live for a couple of decades. Outdoor parlor plants tend to live longer than indoor ones. The parlor palm growth rate is quite slow and it may take years for the plant to mature.


Q. Is Neanthe Bella Palm poisonous?

A. No. Neanthe Bella is non-toxic to people as well as pets and can be kept indoors without having to worry about your pets ingesting them.


Q. Does Bella palm purify the air? What other benefits does it have?

A. Yes, Bella palm is known to exhibit air purifying qualities. This plant may prove to be effective in removing pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde from the air.


Moreover, these amazing plants also have a symbolic significance. In feng shui, parlor palm is known to improve balance and bring good luck and prosperity.



Whether you are a beginner or an experienced ‘plant-parent’, the hardy parlor palm will make a delightful addition to your plant family. The slow Chamaedorea Elegans growth rate makes this plant super easy to maintain. They can instantly light up any spot they are kept at.


Now that you know how fast does parlor palm grows, you do not have to worry about your parlor palm encroaching upon your indoor space anytime soon.


Not only it will help get rid of harmful pollutants and purify the air you breathe, but also open doors to good luck and positivity in your home!