Best Eucalyptus Plant Indoor Varieties

Types of eucalyptus houseplants


Belonging the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family eucalyptus is a fragrant tree. These are quick-growing evergreen trees with ingenious shrubs or trees. But did you know that you can also have a eucalyptus plant indoors to upscale the interiors?


The factors you need to keep in mind while planting them indoors are the variety you choose, location, and pot size. Below we have discussed some indoor eucalyptus trees that you can give a try.


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Eucalyptus Varieties That Do Well Inside The House:

You can plant the following eucalyptus tree in pots indoors.


Eucalyptus gunnii (cider gum) – Commonly known as Cider gum, it is one of the quickest-growing eucalypti.


It is known for the evergreen and bright foliage with a Glaucous-blue hue. It has a flaking brown and cream bark with tiny clusters of beautiful white flowers. Its young leaves are usually rounded while the adult leaves are greenish-gray and sickle-shaped.


Cider gum is a eucalyptus tree with a single trunk and can be originally found in the higher regions of Australia. It is highly adaptable to all kinds of soil, including nutrient-low soils.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to Tasmania
Height 30–70 ft tall
Spread 18 -14 ft wide
Sun exposure Full sun to part shade


Eucalyptus archeri – Also popular as Alpine cider gum or Ironbark, this is a medium-sized Eucalyptus. It is an evergreen eucalyptus tree with white-grey bark. Sometimes you can also spot pale green or pink patches on its bark.


As for its juvenile foliage, it is widely oval and green-grey in color. These types of eucalyptus house plants have an elegant purple tone stem that grows a group of flowers. Its mature leaves are lush green and not widely oval in shape. It can grow well in either neutral or slightly acidic soil.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to Tasmania
Height 12m – 15m tall
Spread 4m – 8m wide
Sun exposure Full sun


Eucalyptus cinerea – Also called the Argyle Apple, this is evergreen and small size shrub or tree. This fast-growing plant is one of the best eucalyptus to grow indoors. It is native to Australia.

The slender leaves of this tree are aromatic, fragrant, and silver in color. The bark of the tree is red and brown. Its tiny stems start peeling off and turn stringy-gray as the tree gets older.


It also showcases wonderful small flowers with white petals and a yellow center. Like every other eucalyptus, argyle apple can also thrive well in any sort of soil.


Family Myrtle
Native to Australia
Height 15 to 75 ft tall
Spread 10–15 ft wide
Sun exposure Full sun


Eucalyptus globulus – If you are looking to plant eucalyptus trees in pots, this is the best evergreen species for you. It offers pleasant aromatic vibes with lovely white flowers. It is commonly known as Southern Blue Gum Care.


These types of eucalyptus house plants are fast growing eucalyptus with single trunk and a thick canopy. This blue gum tree has good tolerance towards drought and so it can easily thrive nutrients-low and moderately acidic soil. These trees highly prefer clay soils to grow fine and maintain their splendid aroma.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to Tasmania
Height 70 – 20 ft tall
Spread 10–15 ft wide
Sun exposure Full sun


Eucalyptus citriodora (lemon-scented gum) – If you enjoy lemon scented ambience, this is the best eucalyptus to grow indoors. You can usually find them in highly sandy loams in coastal areas and heavy soils.


It normally attracts hermaphrodite species and bees for pollination. You will love the elegant crowned, drooping foliage and smooth white bark of these types of eucalyptus house plants. It has a pale, blotchy bark that turns from white to copper in summer.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to Australia
Height 24-40 m
Spread 10–15 ft wide
Sun exposure Full sun


Eucalyptus vernicosa – It is an attractive evergreen tree with highly fragrant foliage and groups of small flowers. If you enjoy watching slow-growing eucalyptus trees in pots, you can go for this plant.


It is a highly textured and glossy plant that produces white flowers. Its bark showcases a fascinating silver and coffee-brown hue. The plant can nicely grow in full sun and moist soil.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to Tasmania
Height 2.5–4 m
Spread 1–1.5 m
Sun exposure Full sun


Eucalyptus socialis – These types of eucalyptus house plants have a smooth and highly fibrous bark that peels off on the bottom of the trunks. As the tree matures the leaves often get curved and slightly lanceolate.


They are mesmerizing due to their deep green, glossy, leathery, and thick appearance. While the flowers are blazing white and turn into hard and woody fruit.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to Australia
Height 150 – 180 ft.
Spread 4-7 ft.
Sun exposure Full sun


Eucalyptus gracilis – This is another common name in the list of eucalyptus to grow indoors. However, it is a common attraction for bugs and birds that eat nectar. This plant originally belongs to several botanical areas of South Australia.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to SA, Vic, NSW, WA
Height 3 – 18m ft.
Spread 4-10 ft.
Sun exposure Full sun


Eucalyptus coccifera – Tasmanian Snow Gum or say Eucalyptus coccifera is a majestic plant that boasts smooth flaky bark and twisted branches. It has beautiful peppermint-scented foliage with groups of creamy-white flowers. These grow very well in neutral to somewhat acidic soil.


Family Myrtaceae
Native to Australia
Height 30-50m ft.
Spread 20 – 30 ft.
Sun exposure Full sun


Bonus Varieties

  • Eucalyptus oleosa – Besides being a wonderful eucalyptus plant indoors, it is a well-known plant for its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. It grows well when planted in ideal conditions like clay, loam, and sandy soil.
  • Eucalyptus erythronema – Also called the red-flowered mallee, it is a good eucalyptus plant. As it is a short tree that can reach a height of about 6 m. It has a smooth bark that turns dark red from deep satin brownish pink hue.
  • Eucalyptus gregsoniana – Native to Australia, this is an incredible evergreen tree known for its beautiful foliage. The dense foliage is distinctive based on the shape, structure, and shape. This tree prefers moist soil and full sun to grow rapidly.
  • Eucalyptus crenulata – It is a highly unique beauty that offers excellent foliage. That said, it is popular as the Buxton Gum. You can use this plant to hedge your garden or backyard.


Is Eucalyptus Easy To Grow Indoors?

Under suitable conditions and good care, the eucalyptus tree house plant can be easily grown. Since these are fast-growing plants it is better to choose indoor varieties that are smaller in size. Here are a few things that you should take care of while growing eucalyptus species indoors.


Location as per sunlight requirements: Mostly, eucalyptus plants love full exposure to the sun for at least 8 to 10 hours. If you are planning to plant a eucalyptus indoors, make sure to place it near a window facing southwards. This will allow it to have sufficient sun exposure and grow well.


Pot size: When choosing the right pot size, the indoor eucalyptus tree can be pretty finicky. Most of them don’t prefer to be potted again when grown. So, it’s wise to select a large-size pot in which the plant can grow well even after ten years. Check if the pot has enough drainage holes to avoid the situation of getting overwatered.


Water: Make sure to water your eucalyptus tree on a regular basis. This is especially important for new plants as it prevents the leaves from wilting and falling off. For outdoor plants, it is better to add a layer of mulch at the plant’s base so it can retain adequate moisture.


Temperature & humidity: Eucalyptus plants can happily thrive in warm temperatures and a moderate level of humidity. When having a eucalyptus plant indoors make sure to maintain a temperature around 65 to 75 degrees.


Fertilizing: Potted eucalyptus plants require sufficient amounts of fertilizers to grow healthy. So make sure to use balanced fertilizers.


Pruning: The best way to keep a check on the growth of your eucalyptus plant in a container is to prune it regularly. Just water young branches and get rid of the older growth on the plant and shape it on a regular basis.


When To Transplant a Potted Eucalyptus Outdoors:  When your plant size grows, you can repot it to a bigger pot with fresh nutrient-rich soil. Don’t forget that these plants don’t like being transplanted.


So, it is better to grow these plants in a large-size pot. If you live in cold weather conditions, you can transplant the eucalyptus in your garden in summer. The best time to move a container eucalyptus outside is during spring from March to the first half of November.


Benefits of Indoor Eucalyptus

There are several amazing benefits of having a tiny indoor eucalyptus tree.


  • Eucalyptus is a magnificent tree that is highly useful for its medicinal effects.
  • Its pruned leaves can be dried under the sun and then organized for a beautiful floral arrangement or create a majestic wreath.
  • It adds a pleasant aroma to the house.
  • You can use the pruned leaves to decorate your patio and prevent any unwelcome insects by stuffing them into sachets.
  • You can use its dried and crushed leaves to make a soothing tea.
  • Inhaling eucalyptus oil work as an effective pain reliever because of its anti-inflammatory content like limonene and cineole.
  • Eucalyptus crushed leaves can be also added to homemade soap or sugar scrubs. You can also look for some natural soaps with crushed eucalyptus leaves in your local or online store.


FAQs On Eucalyptus Tree In Pots


Q. Is Eucalyptus Poisonous to Dogs & Cats?

A. It’s true that most people enjoy having a eucalyptus tree house plant for its sweet and fresh scent. But unfortunately, its scent is not so calming for furry housemates. Due to the disinfectant contents, the eucalyptus can be poisonous to cats and dogs.


Q. How tall does a eucalyptus grow indoors?

A. Many people love to have potted eucalyptus trees for their fragrant leaves. When it comes to growing eucalyptus tree house plants, they can thrive really quickly. Within 2 to 4 weeks the seeds begin the germination process. And, in just 5 to 6 months you can see the plant reaching a height of about 1 to 2 feet. Afterward, the plant size gets bigger and you will need to plant it again in a bigger pot.


Talking about the best eucalyptus to grow indoors, the best suitable is Eucalyptus gunnii. It is the best type of eucalyptus that can only grow about 12 to 18 inches every year. This is a pretty indoor plant and maintains a suitable size for many years. When planted in the spring season these trees can reach up to 8 feet tall every season.


Q. How long do eucalyptus houseplants live?

A. If you are wondering how long types of eucalyptus house plants live, then you will be amazed to know that eucalyptus lifespan is very long. Most of its species can live for more than 200 years.


When potted under ideal conditions and well-exposed to sunlight, an indoor eucalyptus plant can thrive for a pretty long time. The beautiful Eucalyptus Camaldulensis can survive for an incredibly long period of 500 – 1000 years.