How Fast Do Washingtonia Palms (Mexican Palm) Grow?

Mexican fan palm growth rate

Mexican fan palms are magnificent, tall trees, and as is apparent from the name, they are native to Mexico. They are beautiful trees with dark green, fan-like, broad leaves.


You can spot them in several landscapes and often in and around the roadways, where they tend to grow to their maximum height.


How fast do Mexican fan palms grow, what is the Mexican fan palm growth rate, the care guide for these palms, and a few other associated aspects will be discussed with this guide. So, let us get started and tackle these questions one by one.


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How Fast Does Mexican Fan Palm Grow?

Comparing the Mexican fan palm growth rate with other palms, it is evident that the former is quite a fast-growing tree.


You can see them grow up to somewhere between 70-100 feet tall. So, if you compare their growth with others, it is easy to say that they stand taller than most residential yards can handle.


The high Mexican fan palm tree growth rate is possibly why the plant is prevalent in beautifying public spaces.


How Do You Take Care Of A Washingtonia Palm Tree?

How Do You Take Care Of A Washingtonia Palm Tree

Given the Washingtonia palm growth rate, it is apparent that it is a tolerant plant. However, that does not mean that you do not take adequate measures to care for it.


Here, we will discuss the care guide for the Washingtonia palm tree.




Firstly, before you plant your Mexican Fan Palm tree, you should prepare the planting area. So, pick a spot where the tree receives full sun and can grow to 100 feet tall, without any disturbances to any building or the power line in the region.


Further, since it grows wide, you should leave about 25-30 foot space for the plant’s spread. Next, you need to dig a planting hole with a round point shovel, which should be at least two times the breath and as deep as the young palm’s rootball.



How fast do Mexican fan palms grow depends a lot on the conditions it is exposed to. So, even when it can tolerate part shade, giving it full sun for proper growth is ideal.



Even though Mexican Fan Palm is a desert palm, it enjoys well-watered growing conditions. The plant is not very drought-tolerant, especially when newly planted. You may plant them in areas that have underground surface water.


While planting, you must feed it with 4 to 5 gallons of water to drench the soil wholly. However, it sure can survive with less water once it has been established.


Regardless, it would be best to water your palm moderately in each season except winters. In the colder temperatures, you should keep the plant dry.


However, at any time you are not confident whether you must rewater or not, touch the soil about two inches down. If the soil seems dry, you can consider rewatering.



The temperature that the plant has to face every day also determines the Mexican fan palm growth rate.


It is a winter-hardy plant and somewhat resistant to cold weather. It is hardy to USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11 and can tolerate temperatures dropping to 18° degrees Fahrenheit (-8° C). Anything below that may not be received well with the plant.




As much as the natural factors are essential, even the plant’s feed is also pivotal to how fast do Mexican fan palms grow.


So, every other month, make it a point to feed the plant with a controlled-release palm fertilizer in the growth stage. Always opt for a granular or water-soluble fertilizer explicitly designed for the palms, decided only after a thorough soil test.


Choose one that has potassium for the palm to resist diseases and get stronger, nitrogen to stimulate photosynthesis for the leaves to retain their green color, and phosphorous to maintain nutrients.


You can opt for a balanced fertilizer in the 8-8-8 formula for faster growth in spring and summer.



You do not have to repot the plant immediately. Repotting must be done just once in a year or two.


Of course, given how fast do Washingtonia palms grow, it is bound to outgrow the original pot or the shipped container. So, anytime you carry out the repotting process, you must try and increase the pot size by about two inches.


This will suffice to accommodate the new growth. Be very careful with the repotting as at the leaves’ end; there will be sawtooth spines.


Given the good Washingtonia palm growth rate, they will fill in whatever space you leave for it.




Even though the palm can grow in a variety of soil types, for a good Mexican fan palm growth rate, you must plant the palm in fertile soil with a good drainage system. Your plant won’t have healthy growth in water-logged or soggy soils.


Typically, a ratio of 4-to-1 native soil to organic compost can help with a healthy growth.


Look For Warning Signs and Prune

If the palm’s fronds start turning yellow, it may be a sign of overwatering. Hence, if you see yellowing fronds, wait before rewatering the palm to let the soil dry.


Also, if the fronds turn brown, it means you are underwatering the palm. So, in this case, you should use a well-draining potting mix to strike a balance.


When the fronds turn brown or yellow, you could prune them. This can elevate the look of the plant and make way for healthier green fronds to flourish.


Control Pests

Mexican fan palm is quite a robust plant, which is not susceptible to disease. But, if you notice spider mites, aphids, or mealybugs near your Mexican fan palm, you need to tackle them immediately as they can intervene with the Mexican fan palm growth rate.


For this, you can spray your palm with some water to dislodge the creatures.


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What Is The Cost Of Mexican Fan Palms?

A 24-inch Mexican Fan Palm can cost you somewhere around $40. The price only grows further from there with every inch.


How Fast Does A Palm Tree Grow In A Year?

Once established, approximately Palms can grow about three to five feet a year.


How Long Does A Mexican Fan Palm Tree Live?

Lifespan of a palm tree depends on its variety and growing conditions. The Mexican fan palm trees can live for up to 500 years.


Are Mexican Fan Palm Invasive?

Mexican fan palm is, without a doubt, one of the most dominant decorative plants. However, they do become invasive overtime above the soil. The dead leaves pose a major risk of fire hazards. Also, these trees tend to build monospecific stands near river banks.


Do Washingtonia Palms Freeze?

Even though the Mexican Fan Palm can tolerate somewhat cold weather up to 10-degree Fahrenheit, if the temperature drops lower than 23-degree Fahrenheit, it starts damaging the leaves.


So, if the cold persists, for a healthy Washingtonia palm growth rate, you can carefully cover your short palm with a sheet or a blanket.


Are Mexican Fan Palms Toxic?

Yes, they are because of the presence of cycasin. Cycasin is present in major quantities in palm seeds.


Hence, it is essential to keep your pets away from the palm. However, if the worse happens, watch out for symptoms, such as drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea, starting as early as 15 minutes from the time of exposure. Consult a vet immediately.


Are Mexican Fan Palms Weeds?

Some gardeners do regard the Mexican fan palms as weeds, but their beauty is uncanny.


How Tall Do Mexican Fan Palm Trees Get?

Mexican fan palm tree growth rate is quite good. They can grow to 70-100 feet tall with an annual growth of 3-5 feet.


Is Washingtonia Palm Hardy?

Yes, the Washingtonia palm tree is hardy. But you must be careful if the temperature drops below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Low temperature can damage their leaves.

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