Begonias Varieties: Different Kinds of These Beautiful Flowers

There are innumerable varieties of begonias both true and hybrid cultivars. Some popular among these rex begonia, angel wing begonia, wax begonias, to name a few.

Different Types Of Begonia

Begonias are a captivating addition to any garden or home décor. They offer a vibrant array of colors and stunning foliage.


With approximately 2000 different types of begonias to select from, these perennial flowering plants can elevate the beauty of your space. Some of the most popular begonia varieties include Tuberous Begonias, Rex Begonias, Angel Wing Begonias, Rhizomatous Begonias, and Fibrous Begonias.


Whether you cherish outdoor or indoor plants, begonias can thrive in different conditions. These begonias varieties depict a range of sizes, characteristics, and colors, ensuring there is always a perfect match to suit your garden design.


Providing bright to medium, indirect light, and humid or warm conditions let your begonias thrive. Remember to maintain well-draining, consistently moist soil rich in organic matter.


Embrace the begonia’s allure and let these plants bring a burst of color and variegated foliage into your home and outdoor spaces.


Begonias Plant Information Overview

Family Begoniaceae
Annual or perennial Can be either annual or perennial
Soil needed Well-draining soil rich in organic matter
Bloom color Various colors, including red, pink, orange, white, yellow, and more
Bloom time Spring to fall, some varieties bloom year-round
Water needs Regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist
Height and width Varies depending on variety, ranging from a few inches to several feet in height
Light requirements Prefers bright, indirect light; some varieties tolerate shade
Hardiness Zones Varies depending on species; typically grown in zones 9-11, but some varieties can tolerate cooler climates


Popular Begonias Varieties and Their Examples


Let’s talk about the common types of begonia plants and help you grow begonia flowers at home.


A. Tuberous Begonias


These are a popular variety known for their vast range of color variations and showy flowers. They usually produce large, vibrant blooms in yellow, white, orange, pink, and red.


These varieties have an upright growth habit and reach six to twelve inches with a spread of twelve to eighteen inches. They prefer partial shade to filtered sun and well-drained soil.


Tuberous begonias are typically grown in hanging baskets, containers, and garden beds to add a splash of color to outdoor spaces. The striking flowers of these types of begonias make them a favorite pick for floral arrangements, patio displays, and gardens.


The top three varieties under the tuberous category are:


1. Nonstop begonia: This specie is known for its continuous blooming across the summer. It showcases large double flowers in a wide range of colors. The plant grows about eight to ten inches and is ideal for borders and container gardening.


2. Picotee Begonias: These begonias varieties feature striking flowers with a distinctive margin or edge in a contrasting color. You can find them in a multitude of shades.


They have an eye-catching, unique appearance. These reach a height of around six to eight inches and are ideal for garden beds and containers.


3. Pendula Begonias: These are trailing varieties suitable for cascading displays and hanging baskets. They yield pendulous flowers in colorful hues and can reach a height of about 12 inches or more, with a trailing spread of up to 24 inches.


A few more different types of begonias within the Tuberous Begonia category include Flamboyant, Fimbriata, and Double Camellia.


B. Rex Begonias


These begonias are known for their stunning colors and foliage designs. Unlike other begonias, these are valued for their foliage over the flowers.


The Rex Begonias showcase a wide range of intricate textures, patterns, and vibrant colors on their leaves, including shades of burgundy, silver, pink, purple, and green.


They have a compact growth habit and usually reach 12-18 inches, with a spread of 12-24 inches. These begonias varieties cherish partial shade or filtered sunlight with well-drained soil.


Famous as indoor plants, these can add a touch of beauty and elegance to indoor gardens, offices, and homes.


Some of the popular rex begonias are:


1. Escargot: A popular Rex Begonia cultivar, Escargot is known for its spiral-shaped leaves mimicking a snail shell. These leaves have a deep green hue, silver swirls, and a reddish underside.


It is a compact variety and usually grows up to 12 inches. People grow them for their striking foliage.


2. Fireworks: These are a highly sought-after variety known for their dramatic and vibrant foliage. Their leaves are deeply lobed and present a stunning mix of green, silver, and burgundy colors that look like a burst of fireworks.


These plants grow up to 10-12 inches. They add a bewitching touch to any shaded or indoor-outdoor setting.


3. Iron Cross: These stand out for their distinctive four-leaf clover-like foliage. Their leaves are deep green with a dark brown center forming a cross-like pattern, hence the name.


They reach between eight to ten inches and are prized for their eye-catching and unique leaf shape and coloration.


Other types of begonias under this category are Silver Jewels, Tiger Paw, and Stained Glass, among many others.


C. Angel Wing Begonias


These are known for their spots/variegation and distinct wing-shaped leaves. Angel Wing Begonias feature elongated leaves with pointed tips, usually marked with variegated patterns or spots in red, silver, and green.


They have an upright growth habit and reach up to three feet with a one to two feet spread. These plants cherish well-drained soil with bright, indirect light.


They are prevalently grown in shaded outdoor gardens or as houseplants, adding tropical beauty and a touch of elegance to any space.


Three different types of begonias under this category are:


1. Lucerna: It is an Angel Wing cultivator with striking foliage and clusters of pendulous, delicate flowers. They have glossy green leaves with silver speckles.


Its flowers are usually red or pink and grow to 1 to two feet. People grow them as houseplants or in shaded outdoor gardens.


2. Sophie Cecile: It is a visually attractive variety known for its vibrant flowers and striking foliage. They have green leaves with silver spots, and their flowers are pendulous and large, presenting a beautiful deep pink hue.


These plants reach two to three feet and are employed as a focal points in hanging planters or containers.


3. Ginny: These are a vigorous and compact variety with wing-shaped leaves with silver speckles and deep pink flower clusters. These begonia plants are best suited for outdoor and indoor planting.


They grow up to 1 to 2 feet and are employed as ground cover in shaded areas or hanging baskets. You can learn about potted begonias outdoor care here in detail.

A few other notable varieties under this category are Braziliensis, Pink Wave, Cathedral Window, etc.


D. Cane Begonias


These begonias varieties are known for their hanging or upright growth habit with bamboo-like stems. The Cane begonias feature cane-like tall stems and reach about two to eight feet, depending on their variety.


They have asymmetrical, large leaves with different textures and patterns that amplify their visual appeal. These prefer indirect, bright light and well-drained soil.


They are commonly grown as houseplants, in shaded outdoor gardens, or in containers, offering a tropical touch and a vertical element to any space.


The three different kinds of begonias under the variety ‘cane’ are:


1. Richmondensis: It is a classic Cane Begonia variety cherished for its bright red flowers. They produce small but abundant flowers that cover the plant and depict a vibrant display. It is a versatile specie.


It works well as a mixed container arrangement and border or bedding plant.


2. Lorraine Ferrey: It is a striking variety with eye-catching pink, coral, or salmon flowers. They have large pendulous flowers that create a beautiful cascading effect. This variety is typically used as a hanging plant or in containers.


3. Black Fancy: Known for its dark foliage, Black Fancy flowers range from deep purple to almost black. Their leaves are deeply lobed with a glossy appearance, adding to their allure.


While it may not produce as many flowers as the other different kinds of begonias, Black Fancy compensates with its attractive foliage.


Other notable Cane Begonias are Erythrophylla, Tiger Paws, and Richard Gray. These have a range of foliage textures, patterns, and colors, making them an intriguing pick for collectors.


E. Wax Begonias


Also called the Fibrous Begonias, the Wax Begonias are a group of begonias known for their compact growth habit and waxy leaves. They have succulent-like, glossy leaves in red, bronze, or green hues.


The Waxy Begonias grow up to 6-12 inches and have a spread of 6-18 inches. They can thrive in sun and shade, making them versatile for borders, garden beds, hanging baskets, and containers.


These are valued for their long-lasting blooms and are predominantly used as bedding plants, adding charm and color to indoor and outdoor spaces.


Common Wax begonias varieties are:


1. Dragon Wing: A popular variety, Dragon Wing is known for its continuous and abundant blooming across the season. The flowers are vibrant and come in pink or red hues.


With its cascading habit and vigorous growth, these are suitable for baskets and containers or as a groundcover.


2. Big Pink Green Leaf: These stand out for their showy, large flowers and contrasting green foliage. These flowers have a stunning pink shade, creating an eye-catching display against the foliage. It is a compact variety, suitable for mixed plantings, borders, or containers.


3. Cocktail Series: These come in vibrant colors, including pink, red, white, and rose. They have a compact growth habit. You can grow them for edging, mass plantings, or garden beds. These add a splash of color to the garden and are low maintenance.


Other notable varieties of wax begonias include Super Olympia and Nonstop Mocca. These offer a range of flower colors, and their compact growth habit makes them a popular selection amongst gardeners looking for colorful and reliable bedding plants.


F. Rhizomatous Begonias


These types of begonias are known for their rhizomatous growth habit with varied leaf shapes and colors. They have horizontal, thick rhizomes from which new leaves emerge.


The Rhizomatous Begonias depict a wide range of leaf forms, including textured, spiral, and asymmetrical leaves, usually in captivating colors like patterns, burgundy, silver, and green.


Such begonias range in size, with heights ranging from six inches to two feet and spreads varying accordingly. They prefer moderate humidity, indirect light, and well-drained soil.


Hence, they are suitable as houseplants, shaded outdoor plants, or terrarium additions.


Some popular Rhizomatous begonias varieties are:


1. Erythrophylla: They are known as the Beefsteak Begonia. It is a popular rhizomatous variety with heart-shaped, large leaves in deep green hues with a red underside. The foliage has a glossy texture, making it an attractive selection for outdoor and indoor gardens.


2. Tiger Kitten: It is a unique variety with asymmetrical, small, highly textured leaves colored in silver spots. The leaves have a distinct tiger-like pattern, which adds an eye-catching, exotic element to any collection.


Other notable rhizomatous varieties include ‘Rex Cultorum,’ ‘Sophie Cecile,’ and ‘Tiger Cub.’


Unique Begonia Varieties You Must Know About

Beyond the begonia types mentioned above, there are many other varieties you must be well-versed with. These include:


1. Trailing begonias


These are hanging or cascading begonias with a trailing growth habit. These look excellent in containers or hanging baskets. They produce several flowers that cascade down the sides, creating a beautiful display of texture and color.


2. Fibrous-Rooted Begonias


Also called the bedding begonias, Fibrous-rooted begonias are famous for their fibrous root system. These have small to mid-sized flowers in a selection of colors. They are seen as bedding plants to create mass plantings or borders in gardens.


3. Rieger Begonias


Also known as Elatior begonias, Rieger begonias are a hybrid variety that combines the characteristics of tuberous and fibrous-rooted begonias. They have large, showy flowers in vibrant colors and thrive in cooler temperatures.


Rieger begonias are popular indoor plants often used to brighten indoor spaces during the winter months.


Each variety offers unique characteristics, growth habits, and flower colors, providing a diverse selection for begonia enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.


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What Are The Large Begonias Called?

Angel Wing Begonias or Cane Begonias are large begonias characterized by their upright growth habit. They can reach significant heights, typically exceeding 3 feet (90 centimeters) or more.


What Is The Most Beautiful Begonia?

Well, there is no one answer to this question. It is actually a subjective thing to say which begonia is the prettiest. However, a few varieties of begonia do stand out.


These include PicoTee Begonia, Begonia Dragon Wing, Black Begonia, and Rieger Begonia.