Zinnias Plant Varieties That You Shouldn’t Miss

There are so many Zinnia varieties and cultivars, it is impossible to name them all. The most notable ones include the Zahara Series, Zinnia Elegans, and the Dwarf Zinnias.

Different Types Of Zinnias

Zinnias, the marvels from the flower world, offer an enchanting variety of options for garden enthusiasts. With more than twenty species in the wild, the different types of Zinnias have long captivated gardeners’ hearts, resulting in countless hybrids and cultivators.


These vibrant annuals come in an astonishing spectrum of sizes, shapes, and colors, ranging from a few inches to several feet tall. So, whether you like bright and bold hues or delicate pastels, Zinnias have you covered.


Amongst the numerous different kinds of Zinnias, a few of the most popular ones include the elegant Queen Red Lime, the charming Cut and Come Again the dainty Thumbelina and the classic Benary’s Giant.


These delightful flowers attract human admirers and butterflies, adding to their allure. So, whether you have a container garden or a sunny garden bed, Zinnias can thrive and add a burst of color to any space.


With their resilience to drought and some types of Zinnia plants even boasting disease resistance, Zinnias are a delightful addition to the gardens across a vast range of USDA hardiness zones. So, let us explore the wondrous world of Zinnias and be inspired by their captivating beauty.


Zinnias Flower Information

Common Name Zinnia
Bloom Time Varies depending on the cultivar
Botanical Name Zinnia elegans
Family Asteraceae
Flower Color Pink, purple, yellow, orange, white, red, green
Flowering Season Spring, Summer, Fall
Genus Zinnia
Growth Habits Upright, bushy
Hardiness Zones 3-10 (USDA)
Mature Size 1-4 ft. tall, 6-18 in. wide
Native Area South America, North America
Plant Type Annual
Soil pH Neutral
Soil Type Well-draining
Sun Exposure Full


Different Types of Zinnias

  1. Big Red
  2. Double Zahara Salmon Rose
  3. Cactus Flowered Mix
  4. Early Wonder Zinnia
  5. Zinderella Zinnia
  6. Color Crackle
  7. Magellan Coral Zinnia
  8. Polar Bear’ Zinnia
  9. Jazzy Mix
  10. Zinnia Crystal White
  11. Profusion Cherry
  12. Envy
  13. Mazurkia Zinnia


This guide will explore the enchanting world of Zinnias, focusing on the renowned and beloved varieties that will bring a burst of vibrant color to any garden or yard.


1. Big Red


Flower Color Scarlet, fades to deep orange
Flower Type Fully double blooms
Mature Size 36-inch tall stems, 10-12-inch spread


Scientifically called the Zinnia elegans, the Big Red Zinnia cultivar is a beautiful variety with six-inch, large scarlet flowers. These vibrant blooms emerge 35 days post-germination, provided it receives optimal conditions.


As the flower grows, Big Red Zinnia gradually transitions to deep orange, adding visual beauty. Characterized by the dahlia-like flower form, Big Red has layers of petals.


It is one of the Zinnias varieties you can pick for cut flowers and floral arrangements, courtesy of its beautiful appearance.


2. Double Zahara Salmon Rose


Flower Color Rosy coral
Flower Type Fully double flowers, pom-pom-like
Mature Size 16-20in (40-50cm)


It is a breathtaking member of the Zahara Species. Its fully double blooms grow with tightly packed petals that create lasting flowers on well-rounded plants.


These disease-resistant and consistently prolific Zinnias are ideal for small posies. They can add a touch of charm to a floral arrangement.


Given their abundant nature and compact habit, Double Zahara Salmon Rose are also excellent selections for container gardening and mixed planters, thriving on sunny patios.


They create attractive combinations if teamed with Lobelia Blue Cascade, Cineraria Silverdust, and Alyssum Snow Crystals. These types of Zinnias exhibit a long flowering season, lasting from early summer until fall.


So, growing these plants ensure beautiful scenes across the summer months. With their charming double flowers resembling pink pom-poms, adorned with nestled yellow florets at their center, these plants create a remarkable visual impact in gardens or container arrangements.


3. Cactus Flowered Mix


Flower Color Peach, pink, orange, red, yellow, white
Flower Type Quill-like petals
Mature Size 30 in tall, 12-18in spread


These are unique kinds of Zinnias with quill-like, narrow, and slightly curved petals that add a distinct twist to the traditional Zinnia appearance. With its delightful blend of colors, this Z. elegans cultivar assures a vibrant display.


Its flowers range in sizes from 3 to 6 inches in diameter, offering a beautiful variety of pastel shades. It enjoys popularity in gardens and as a cut flower since its introduction in the 1920s.


The plant’s flowering season begins in early summer and goes until fall, assuring approximately ten weeks of continuous blooming.


This variety thrives best in full sun exposure. Its quill-like petals, which curl and twist in an eye-catching manner, contribute to its unique appeal. This Zinnia variety matures within 75 to 90 days.


4. Early Wonder Zinnia

Early Wonder Zinnia

Flower Color Bright pink, yellow to red shades
Flower Type Single and semi-double blooms
Mature Size Up to 30in tall, spread of 20cm


It is a vibrant and eye-catching variety with a blend of blooms in bright red and pink shades. Resembling Queen Red Lime types of Zinnias, the Early Wonder Zinnia does not have the distinct gradient border you will see in its counterpart.


Instead, their petals showcase a bewitching gradient of colors within the flowerhead. Its innermost petals, closer to the central disk, have deeper pink to red hues, whereas the outer petal layers gradually brighten in the shade.


Amplifying its beautiful display, the small petal in the flowerhead’s center exhibits a lovely yellow coloration. It is well-suited for the front and middle areas of gardens.


You can pair these kinds of Zinnias with purple aster flowers for a stunning visual combination due to their shared visual similarities.


5. Zinderella Zinnia


Flower Color Lilac, orange, peach, pink, purple, red, white, yellow
Flower Type Double and semidouble blooms
Mature Size 25 to 32 inches tall


Zinderella Zinnias possess a princess-like charm with their captivating appearance that looks like a pincushion or scabiosa flowers. Their lovely tutus surround fluffy, short centers, creating a scabiosa-like effect.


Towards the center, Zinderella has a dark purple eye that stands out, typically surrounded by fluffy and shorter florets. This central cluster is beautified by a single row of larger and longer petals, forming the skirt.


From the different varieties of Zinnias, you can pick Zinderella Zinnias if you desire a delightful mix of colors in your garden.


6. Color Crackle


Flower Color Deep maroon-red with faded white edges
Flower Type Double blossom
Mature Size 18 to 24 inches tall, 2 inches spread


It is a captivating duo-color variety with deep maroon red petals and faded white edges. Its double blossoms have a yellow center disk that adds a vibrant contrast to the striking color combination.


Also known as Mexican Zinnia or Zinnia Haageana, the Color Crackle produces bold one to two-inch double blooms. It forms a bushy but compact plant and exhibits resistance to mildew.


The plant thrives well in different growing conditions, including drought-tolerant environments. The plant is adaptable to various growing conditions and locations.


7. Magellan Coral Zinnia


Flower Color Brilliant coral
Flower Type Fully double, dahlia-flowered
Mature Size 15 to 17 inches tall


It is one of the hybrid types of Zinnia plants bred by Goldsmith Seeds and recognized as a winner of the prestigious 2005 All-America Selections (AAS).


Planting this flower can illuminate the garden with its stunning blooms, boasting a lovely coral color. One of the fascinating features of the plant is its consistent flower production and early blooming habit.


You can witness the first flower gracing the garden within six to nine weeks post sowing the seeds. The variety is highly regarded for its adaptability to pot planting, as it remains relatively compact.

8. Polar Bear’ Zinnia


Flower Color Pure white
Flower Type Fully double, pom-pom-like
Mature Size 3 to 3 ½ feet tall


Regarded as the heirloom variety, Polar Bear Zinnia is known for its pure white booms. These Zinnias varieties can add a touch of elegance to any cut flower arrangement or garden.


Its beautiful white petals encircle a vibrant golden-yellow center showcasing its pristine white beauty. This variety has a rich history, cultivated for the first time in the early 1870s.


9. Jazzy Mix


Flower Color Red, cream, orange, yellow, white
Flower Type Fully double or semidouble
Mature Size 20 to 26 inches tall


It is a delightful variety of Zinnia haageana and offers a more petite and compact growth habit. Despite their small stature, these Zinnias pack a punch with their eye-catching and vibrant blooms that measure about 1 to 2 inches.


Known for their productivity, the Jazzy Mix adds texture and depth to the garden by creating a horticultural adventure, as their striking red petals with contrasting tips offer an element of intrigue and visual interest.


The contrasting tips can vary in shades and add a dynamic touch to the overall appearance.


10. Zinnia Crystal White


Flower Color White
Flower Type Single
Mature Size 8 to 10 inches tall


While you can find different kinds of Zinnias in various hues, some love classic white flowers. The Zinnia Crystal White can be a good selection if you are one of them.


Its dainty flowers attract pollinators and human visitors. As part of the Crystal Series, this cultivator stands out with its daisy-like blooms packed with pure white petals and a cheerful yellow center.


It is a low-growing dwarf Zinnia that is perfect for growing in containers. You can also grow them indoors to add a touch of vibrant color to any space.


This plant brings beauty to the garden and is resilient against pests, common diseases like powdery mildew, and severe summer weather.


11. Profusion Cherry


Flower Color Cherry red
Flower Type Single
Mature Size 12 to 18 inches tall


Profusion Cherry is an exceptional hybrid Zinnia. It is a cross between the Zinnia angustifolia and Zinnia elegans.


This variety has been lauded with prestigious accolades, including an All-America Selections gold medal in the flower category in 1999 and a Fleuroselect Gold Medal and Novelty Award.


These charming flowers can add a pop of brightness to any garden with their compact but bushy appearance.


The Profusion Cherry is well-known for its resilience. It is a humidity, heat, and drought-tolerant plant that can grow effortlessly even in challenging growing conditions.


12. Envy


Flower Color Bright green
Flower Type Semi-double
Mature Size 30 to 40 inches tall


Envy is an extraordinary heirloom variety of Zinnia elegans that captivates with its vibrant green petals and charming yellow centers.

Among the different types of Zinnias, the flowers of Envy display a unique color palette that leans towards chartreuse or lime green. Unlike the typical Zinnia petals, Envy exhibits lobed petals, adding to their distinctive appearance.


Envy variety, bred from Zinnia elegans, is a must-have addition to your garden. It can thrive in a hardiness range of USDA zones 2 to 11 (UK H2 and various climatic conditions.


13. Mazurkia Zinnia


Flower Color Ruby to cherry red with white tips
Flower Type Double blooms
Mature Size 30 inches tall


Mazurkia is a variety that stands out with its striking coloration. The petals showcase a rich spectrum, and the combination of red accented by white tips creates a sharp contrast that catches the eye.


Described as very vibrant, the blooms of Mazurkia possess a moderate size. It is an excellent choice for a cut flower garden, container planting, or an attractive addition to a landscape border.
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Some Other Different Varieties of Zinnias and Common Queries

A few other loved Zinnia species include:


  1. Zinnia Purple Prince
  2. Zinnia Soleado
  3. Zinnia Giant Violet Queen
  4. Zinnia Swizzle Cherry and Ivory
  5. Zinnia Giant Dahlia Mix
  6. Zinnia Aztec Sunset
  7. Zinnia Zahara Starlight Rose


Ques 1. Which Zinnias are best for cut flowers?

Ans. Benary’s Giant, State Fair, Queen Lime, Cut, and Come Again, Profusion Series, and Cactus Flowered are the best options for cut flowers.


Ques 2. Which Zinnia has the largest bloom?

Ans. Benary’s Giant Series is the largest flowered variety.


Ques 3. Which are some of the tall Zinnias varieties?

Ans. A few of the tall varieties of Zinnias are as follows:


  1. State Fair
  2. Benary’s Giant
  3. Giant Cactus
  4. Dahlia Flowered
  5. Oklahoma Series
  6. Polar Bear


Ques 4. Do Zinnias only bloom once?

Ans. No, Zinnias do not bloom only once. They are known for their long-lasting and prolific blooms across the growing season.


Once the plant matures, they flower continually by producing new flower buds that open into beautiful flowers. The blooming period may vary depending on the chosen Zinnia variety, environmental conditions, and cultural practices.