How To Use Japanese Maple Tree Fertilizer Correctly?

  Are you wondering which is the best Japanese maple tree fertilizer for your ever-so-beautiful Japanese maple? For that you firstly need to understand what your maple needs to grow well.   What Nutrients Does A Japanese Maple Need?   The most essential element for maple’s healthy growth is Nitrogen. Nitrogen is important because it […]

How Do You Take Care Of A Japanese Maple To Grow Well?

  With its year-round beauty, the Japanese maple tree makes a great addition to gardens, yards, patios and landscape designs. The elegance of this ornamental tree is largely due to its graceful, vibrantly hued foliage. Other than its unique appearance, this tree is also known to be a symbol of endurance, strength, longevity and balance. […]

How Fast Do Japanese Maple Trees Grow and Ways To Enhance It

  Japanese Maples are large shrubs or small flowering trees belonging to the genus Acer.  As the name suggests, they are native to Japan. They are also found in southeast Russia and Asia. They are a part of traditional Japanese landscaping and garden design. With an artistic appeal Japanese Maples are featured in classical poetry […]

Popular Kinds of Japanese Maple Tree Varieties

  Japanese maples are widely used as residential trees in Japan, China and Korea for the beautification of yards and gardens. These trees are widely popular because of their inviting colors.   Japanese maple types have the ability to become the center of attraction or the focal point, wherever they are planted. They grow well […]

How To Identify Maple Leaves And Tree Types?

  Members of the Acer genus, Maple trees are attractive deciduous shade trees. These flowering trees have leafy foliage. Belonging to the Sapindaceae family, you can find over 100 different Maple species with an equal number of sub-species.   There is immense variety in maple’s growth habit, color, shape, and size. Also, with the innumerable […]

How Old Can A Maple Tree Live Lush & Bright?

  Are you a landscaping enthusiast? You have several options to include color and vibrancy in your yards. However, none of it even comes as close as the fall foliage depicted by the prettiest Maple trees.   With captivating display of fall colors in yellow, gold, and red, and extended maple tree lifespan, maples are […]

How To Care For A New Maple Tree?

  Belonging to the Acer Genus, Maples are known for their beautiful fall colors in yellow, gold, and red. There are over 100 Maple tree species, and the plant adds an enchanting visual appeal to your yard or garden.   Many trees even show several colors at once. Majorly belonging to Asia, Maples are found […]

How Quickly Do Maple Trees Grow?

  Maple Trees, known for their beautiful fall colors and sweeping maple syrup, are incredibly spectacular species of deciduous trees.   Growing across North America, Europe, northern Africa, and Asia, there is one species, Acer laurinum, which extends to the Southern Hemisphere as well.   It is a part of the Sapindaceae family comprising 132 […]

How Many Maple Tree Species You Know From These?

  Ever been awestruck by those crimson-gold maple leaves? Well, you are not alone if you adore them. Different types of maple trees have distinctly shaped leaves that transform into spectacular colors during autumn. They are commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere and donate vastly to the ecology of the world.   The uses of […]

Know About These Birch Leaf Identification Features

  The spectacular foliage and peeling bark of birch trees make it a popular ornamental species for gardens and yards. This showstopper is generally found in moist woodlands and regions with colder climates. In gardens and yards, these hardwood, deciduous trees can be used for screening or as a single statement tree.   With around […]