Pruning Evergreens  – Can You Trim Evergreen Bushes In The Summer?

Trimming evergreen bushes in summer is possible, challenging the idea that pruning should only occur in spring or fall. Just make sure that the extreme heatwaves have passed. Vasilica Petran/Jill Ferry/Andy Andrews/pixelfit/gettyimages   Evergreen bushes, with their year-round foliage, bring enduring beauty and greenery to landscapes across the globe.   These steadfast companions of gardens […]

When To Plant Evergreen Trees – The Best Time?

Choose the planting season wisely because timing Matters. Plant evergreen trees in spring for vigorous growth, in fall for strong roots, and in winter with caution, that too only if absolutely necessary. Kirill Rudenko/imageBROKER/David & Micha Sheldon/ViewStock/Southern Lightscapes-Australia/gettyimages   Planting evergreens is a timeless endeavor, one that connects us with the enduring beauty of nature. […]

Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) Care In Winter

During winter, place your Chinese Evergreens away from drafts and heaters, provide bright but indirect light, and adjust watering to let the top inch of soil dry before rewatering. Humidity trays or a humidifier can help combat dry indoor air. Cavan Images/Photography by Alexandra Rudge/Fabio Petroni/gettyimages   As winter descends with its chilly embrace, plant […]

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Winter Care  – How To Keep Them Alive?

Japanese Black Pine Bonsai’s winter survival hinges on proper care. Maintain cool temperatures, provide adequate light, and water sparingly. Shield from frost, prune minimally, and adjust fertilizer use. These are key to keeping them alive and thriving. Trevor Williams/Photo by Steve Greaves/Sergio Lora/gettyimages   Japanese Black Pine stands as an emblem of timeless elegance and […]

How To Save An Indoor Pine Tree from Turning Brown & Dying?

To rescue an indoor pine tree from browning and dying, ensure it receives adequate sunlight, water it moderately, maintain proper humidity levels, avoid over-fertilization, and inspect for pests. Regular care and attention will help your pine tree thrive. Ali Majdfar/Ana Eloysa Garcia/gettyimages   Indoor pine trees have a unique charm, adding to the aesthetics of […]

Eucalyptus Winter Care: How To Save Your Trees From Dying?

In winter, prune and cover your eucalyptus trees with burlap for added protection. Consider adjusting your tree’s watering frequency, preventing waterlogged soil, using humidifiers or grouping plants to maintain humidity. Also ensure the plant gets adequate sunlight. Stephanie Nantel/Anna Blazhuk/Flavia Morlachetti/Li Kim Goh/gettyimages   As winter’s frosty fingers begin to creep across the landscape, one […]

Acacia Tree Varieties & Species

The diverse world of Acacias has more than a thousand varieties. Among the most common acacias are Australian and Asian types. Other varieties include, African acacia, American acacia, etc. You may also classify them as thorny & thornless varieties. guenterguni/standisley sousa/Belén Pérez/gettyimages   Acacia trees encompass a staggering array of more than 1300 different varieties […]

Fig Tree Lifespan – How Long Do They Live?

Fig trees have an impressive lifespan, ranging from 50 to 100 years. They thrive with care and patience, providing bountiful fruits for decades. From your school years to your professional life, fig trees stand the test of time! Philary/Minh Hoang Cong/Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo/Marholev/gettyimages   Fig, known for their delectable sweetness, are borne from trees with an […]

How To Take Care Of Hyacinth Indoors

For indoor hyacinth care, provide them indirect sunlight, use well-draining soil. Soil must be moist but not soggy. Maintain 60-65°F (15-18°C). Feed with balanced fertilizer every 2-4 weeks while growing. Photo by Ira Heuvelman-Dobrolyubova/Anastasiia Krivenok/gettyimages   Hyacinths, with their beautiful clusters of fragrant blooms, bring a touch of springtime charm regardless of where they grow. […]

How To Grow Moringa: Planting & Care Guide

To cultivate a moringa tree, choose a sunny spot, plant seeds or cuttings, water regularly, and provide well-draining soil. Prune for shape, and in 5-8 months, you’ll have a versatile, nutrient-rich tree suitable for both novices and experts in gardening. Massimiliano Finzi/Stefan Hauenstein/gettyimages   Growing a thriving Moringa tree in your garden can be a […]