How To Plant Windmill Palm Tree | Seeds, Cutting & Live Plants

The easiest way to grow a windmill palm is to buy a small plant and place it in a pot twice the size of its root ball. Make sure the soil you use is rich & well-draining. Place the pot in a location that gets ample sun. Water it only when the soil seems dry. […]

How To Tell If A Palm Tree Is Dead, Dying or Sick?

Look out for these symptoms in your palm: Wilting, crown turning brown, pests infestation, or most importantly no new growth. These all could be alarming signs that your tree is dying or dead.   Even the most majestic palm tree is susceptible to nutritional deficiencies, pests, diseases, eventually leading to death. Did you ever ponder […]

How To Grow and Propagate Lady Palm: 3 Methods

The best and safest way to grow a lady palm is to buy a live plant online or from a nearby nursery. However, you can also propagate them through seeds, stem cuttings, and division.   Lady Palm, or Rhapis Excelsa, is a relatively less popular indoor houseplant. Its slow-growing, high-price nature does put a few […]

Snake Plant Overwatered Vs Underwatered: Causes & Solutions

It is important to water the snake plants only when the top soil feels dry, as both underwatering and overwatering can damage the plant beyond repair.   Snake plants, also known as Sansevieria, have leaves that are typically thick and succulent, with a green color that can range from light to dark, and often have […]

Snake Plant Brown Spots: What Causes Them & Quick Fixes?

Brown spots on snake plants can be because of multiple reasons. Improper watering, sunburn, fungus attack, too cold temperature, and pests could be the most common causes.   If there ever were an award for the sturdiest plant, the snake plant would be the biggest contender. Snake plants can endure low light, insects, and drought. […]

Snake Plant Disadvantages: Consider These Before You Buy It

There are a few disadvantages associated with a snake plant like slow growth, toxicity, and unsightly drooping leaves when diseased. Some people also believe that they bring in bad luck.   One of the most prevalent houseplants is the snake plant or Sansevieria. People are usually surprised to learn that the snake plants they love […]

Different Types of Indoor Bamboo Plants (House Plant Species)

You have ample choices to pick a bamboo houseplant for your home interiors. One variety that deserves a special mention is the lucky bamboo. Other options you have are Black Bamboo, Buddha Belly Bamboo, etc.   Whether you’re looking to add a tropical touch to your garden or bring some natural beauty into your home, […]

Different Types Of Chinese Evergreen Kinds & Plant Varieties

Any kind of Chinese evergreen plant is a pretty beautiful addition to your home. Out of all of them Silver Bay, Red Siam, Pink Moon, Green Emarld are just a few of the most stunning varieties that you can go for.   Are you looking for lovely indoor plants that are easy to care for? […]

Parlor Palm Vs Areca Palm – How To Distinguish Between The Two?

Parlor palms are smaller in appearance whereas Areca palms are slender and taller. The leaves of parlor palms are slightly wider as compared to areca palm leaves that are thinner & longer.   Areca palms and Parlor palms are two popular types of indoor palms that are often confused with one another due to their […]

Types of Lily House Plants: Varieties for Indoors

The pretty blooms of certain lily varieties make them an ideal choice for indoors. These include peace lily, Calla lily, and Oriental lily. Out of these, oriental lily is the most fragrant one.   Lilies are beautiful and elegant plants that can add a touch of sophistication and grace to any indoor space. Several varieties […]