Norfolk Pine Winter Care: How to Make Them Survive Winter?

In winter, care for Norfolk Pine by placing it in bright, indirect sunlight, keeping temperatures at 65-75°F (18-24°C), maintaining high humidity, watering carefully to keep the soil moist but not soggy, and shielding it from cold drafts and frost. Olga Ostapenko/Julia Senkevych/istockphoto   Winter’s chill can be harsh, but it doesn’t have to spell doom […]

When Do Pine Trees Drop Their Cones?

Pine trees typically drop their cones in late summer to early autumn, coinciding with decreasing temperatures, as a part of their reproductive cycle. Ali Majdfar/Marco García/Glyn Evans/gettyimages   Pine cones are emblematic of evergreen forests, standing tall and proud on pine trees. They are far more than just nature’s decorative ornaments; they are the guardians […]

Companion Plants for Mugo Pine: A Gardener’s Guide

Mugo pine’s ideal companion plants include salvia, lavender, coreopsis, azaleas, hydrangeas, feather reed grass, spring-blooming bulbs like daffodils, lilies, ferns, hostas, and variegated foliage plants. These selections offer diverse colors, textures, and benefits for a harmonious garden. Massimo Ravera/Barry Winiker/gettyimages   Mugo pine, with its evergreen charm and distinctive character, has long been a favorite […]

When Is The Best Time To Plant A River Birch Tree  – Guide For All

The best time to plant a river birch tree is in spring (late March to early May) or fall (late September to early November). Spring offers warm soil and increased moisture, while fall allows for cooler weather and root establishment before winter. Westend61/Schon/Maxim/gettyimages   Planting trees can be a rewarding experience, whether you’re a newbie […]

When To Fertilize Apple Trees – Right Feed At The Right Time!

Fertilize apple trees in early spring before bud break, with a second application in late spring. Avoid fall fertilization unless a soil test indicates specific deficiencies. Timely feeding them optimizes tree health and fruit production. Perry Mastrovito/PATSTOCK/Bohemian Nomad Picturemakers/Roberto Machado Noa/gettyimages   Fertilizing apple trees is a crucial aspect of orchard care that directly impacts […]

Common Deciduous Trees In Australia: A Seasonal Marvel!

Common deciduous trees in Australia include the Claret Ash, known for its vibrant red foliage in autumn. The Manchurian Pear graces landscapes with white blossoms in spring and stunning fall colors. Eucalyptus Nicholii offers silvery-green leaves and seasonal leaf shedding, while the Chinese Tallow Tree dazzles with fiery autumn hues. Rocky89/Photos from Japan, Asia and […]

Pruning Maples In Winter (Full Trimming Guide)

To prune maples in winter, identify your objective (e.g., shaping, deadwood removal), and remove dead or diseased branches first. Then, selectively trim branches while avoiding over-pruning. Focus on clean cuts, avoiding stubs, and follow safety precautions. Halfpoint Images/Natalia Lebedinskaia/MireXa/Virginia Star/gettyimages   Winter is a season of dormancy for many trees, a time when nature appears […]

How Close Should Leyland Cypress Plant Spacing Be?

Leyland Cypress plant spacing should align with your purpose: for privacy screens, 5-7 feet apart; windbreaks, 10-12 feet; and natural aesthetics, 8-10 feet. Consider mature width and local conditions when determining spacing. Feifei Cui-Paoluzzo/Maremagnum/gettyimages   In the realm of landscaping, the Leyland Cypress (Cupressocyparis leylandii) stands tall, both figuratively and literally.   Renowned for its […]

Pruning Evergreens  – Can You Trim Evergreen Bushes In The Summer?

Trimming evergreen bushes in summer is possible, challenging the idea that pruning should only occur in spring or fall. Just make sure that the extreme heatwaves have passed. Vasilica Petran/Jill Ferry/Andy Andrews/pixelfit/gettyimages   Evergreen bushes, with their year-round foliage, bring enduring beauty and greenery to landscapes across the globe.   These steadfast companions of gardens […]

When To Plant Evergreen Trees – The Best Time?

Choose the planting season wisely because timing Matters. Plant evergreen trees in spring for vigorous growth, in fall for strong roots, and in winter with caution, that too only if absolutely necessary. Kirill Rudenko/imageBROKER/David & Micha Sheldon/ViewStock/Southern Lightscapes-Australia/gettyimages   Planting evergreens is a timeless endeavor, one that connects us with the enduring beauty of nature. […]