How Fast Does Dragon Fruit Plant Growth Rate Gets?

Dragon fruit plants grow at an astonishing growth rate of more than an inch per day when planted via cuttings and yield fruits in a year and half. While when grown through seeds, they can take up to four years to produce fruit.   Dragon fruit is a fascinating and unique species that is a […]

Dragon Fruit Plant & Tree Care Tips For A Good Produce

Transfer the dragon fruit seedlings to a sunny spot (65 – 85°F) in summer or spring. It thrives best in slightly acidic but well-draining soil. Also, provide it with structural support to grow well.   The fruit of the dragon fruit plant is a sweet and juicy treat. The plant produces fruit in a variety […]

How To Plant Longan Seeds & Grow Longan Fruit Tree (Dragon Eye Fruit)

Soak freshly procured longan seeds before planting them. Further, plant them in a location with well-drained soil receiving ample sunlight.   Scientifically known as Dimocarpus longan, the longan tree is a part of the soapberry family Sapindaceae. This tropical fruit tree is popular by many other common names like lungan and dragon’s eye.   It […]

Different Types of Dragon Fruit Plant Species & Varieties

There are majorly four types of dragon fruit varieties. You can identify them on the basis of their color white, pink, yellow, and red with distinct tastes and textures.   Dragon fruit, also known as Pitaya, is a tropical fruit belonging to the cactus family. Scientifically known as Hylocereus Undatus, it is also called Strawberry […]

Best Avocado Fertilizer and Plant Food For Avocado Trees

In the first year, you can fertilize the avocados three times a year with a fertilizer of NPK 2:1:1. This frequency gradually reduces over the years.   When it comes to fruits, avocados hold a special place. They thrive in well-drained soil with a pH slightly over 6, preferably up to 6.5, ample sunlight, and […]

How To Plant Avocado Seed Pit In Water & Grow It

After germination, you can keep growing avocado seeds in water with the help of toothpicks in a mason jar near a sunny spot. Just make sure the seed is submerged around ½ – 1 inch in water.   Avocadoes are delicious summer fruits. They are rich in flavor and nutrition. Gardeners believe nothing gives away […]

How To Care For Avocado Tree  – Plant Care Tips

Avocados thrive in well-drained, acidic to neutral, aerated soil in warmer regions (but not hot). Watering is needed only when the soil dries out.   Avocados are the star ingredient in many recipes and dishes, from guacamole to toast. Of course, store-bought avocados are delicious, but they are nothing like the home-grown versions.   If […]

How Long Does It Take An Avocado Seed To Sprout (Usual Duration)

Avocado seeds sprout in about eight weeks. But the tree takes decades to mature and produce any fruit.   Avocados are one of the best summer fruits. Belonging to the Lauraceae flowering plant family, the Avocado is fondly called the alligator pear or the butter fruit. You can find dozens of Avocado varieties that differ […]

Growing Avocado Seeds – How To Plant An Avocado Pit?

You can grow avocado from seeds in two ways. Either put them directly in the soil or let the seed sprout in a moist environment, develop roots, and then plant them in the soil.   Avocados are one of the most delicious and nutrition-rich fruits of summer. Who doesn’t like adding a few creamy avocados […]

Different Types of Avocados Varieties & Species

With more than 100 varieties, Hass and Reed avocados are the most popular ones. Hass is most commonly used to prepare guacamole – one of the most loved avocado preparations.   Avocados are delicious pear-shaped fruits. It is a large berry fruit with a large single seed, butterfly flesh, and rough green outer skin. They […]