Different Kinds of Tulip Varieties With Elegant Blooms

Tulips are very special flowers that signify pure love. They have more than thousands of varieties. Darwin hybrids, Apeldoorn, and lily flowered tulips are some of the most popular ones.

Different Types of Tulip

Enter the beautiful and enchanting realm of tulips, where nature weaves a tapestry of enchantment via graceful stems and vibrant petals. With more than 3000 different types of tulips, gardening, and flower enthusiasts have an unparalleled range of choices.


These varieties are meticulously categorized based on distinguishing factors, ensuring a comprehensive classification system.


Tulips are categorized according to size, color, flower shape, and blooming time, allowing enthusiasts to pick from an extensive palette of possibilities.


Whether you opt for the classic cup-shaped blooms of the Single Early Tulips, Darwin Hybrids, the flamboyant ruffles of the Parrot Tulips, or the slender elegance of the Lily-flowered Tulips, there is a kind of tulip to suit every aesthetic preference.


From early bloomers that signal the arrival of spring to the exquisite mid-season blooms or the eye-catching late-blooming varieties, tulips enchant with their kaleidoscope of hues and captivating forms.


Want to learn more about the different kinds of tulips? Continue reading as we categorize tulips based on flower types and bloom time below. We will also talk about some additional unique varieties.


Tulips Categorized As Per Flower Characteristics


Unique Tulip Flower Varieties


Tulips As Per Bloom Time



Tulip Plant Information

Tulip origin Central Asia, predominantly Turkey and Iran
Tulip colors Wide range including red, pink, yellow, orange, purple, white, and bi-colors
Bloom time Spring, with specific varieties blooming in early, mid, or late spring
Hardiness zone 3-8
How tall are species of tulips 4 to 18 inches
Tulip lifespan A few weeks to a couple of months


Tulip Varieties Based on Flower Characteristics

In tulips, a whole world of flower types unfolds with captivating diversity. Let us explore tulips based on their distinctive flower traits, ranging from single-flowered to double-flowered and triumph to wild tulips.


Each category presents its eye-catching colors, physical characteristics, and stunning sub-varieties that bloom with proper tulip care regime.


Single-flowered Tulips


Known for their simple yet elegant beauty, Single-flowered tulips typically have a single layer of petals and present a clean and classic appearance. Their flower comes in various colors, from pinks and reds to sunny yellows, soft pastels, and pure whites.


Some popular single-flower tulip species include Apeldoorn, Princess Irene, Queen of the Night, Red Emperor, Purissima, and Spring Green.


Each variety presents unique characteristics and hues, adding a touch of sophistication and grace to any floral arrangement or garden.


Double-flowered Tulips


These are delightful variations of the classic variety. The Double-flowered tulips are characterized by many petals that give the flowers a more intricate and fuller appearance. These tulips present a stunning display with their voluminous and lush blooms.


The flower colors in this variety are diverse, offering a vast spectrum of choices.


Different types of tulips that are double-flowered include Angelique, Black Hero, Ice Cream, Monte Carlo, Yellow Pomponette, and Blue Diamond.


A distinctive factor about these tulips is they all present a unique color palette, ranging from vibrant and bold shades to pastel and delicate tones.


These flowers add a touch of luxury and opulence to any floral arrangement or garden, captivating with their mesmerizing colors and abundant petals.


Triumph Tulips

Known for their elegant and classic appearance, Triumph Tulips are popular amongst Tulip enthusiasts. They have mid-sized flowers with sturdy stems and distinct cup shapes.


Under this category, you can find tulips in colors like orange, vibrant red, delicate pink, yellow, white, and purple. Their colors are usually rich and bold, adding a striking visual impact to any floral arrangement or landscape.


Some popular Triumph Tulip varieties include Daydream, Oxford, Gavota, Negrita, ‘Golden Apeldoorn, and Apeldoorn.


Each specie presents unique hues, allowing for a stunning display of grace and color in flower beds and gardens.


Darwin Hybrid Tulips


Darwin hybrid tulips are known for their impressive and robust stature, making them a standout choice among tulip enthusiasts. These tulips depict sturdy and large blooms with a distinct cup shade and solid stems that can endure adverse weather conditions.

These come in various captivating flower colors, such as orange, vibrant red, purple, pink, and yellow.


Some popular varieties of Darwin hybrid tulips include Ad Rem, Beauty of Apeldoorn, Golden Parade, Pink Impression, Hakuun, and Parade.


Each specie presents a unique color palette and adds a commanding and bold presence to any floral arrangement or garden, making Darwin hybrid tulips a favorite choice for landscape design.


Fosteriana Tulips

Fosteriana Tulips

Also known as Emperor tulips, Fosteriana tulips are characterized by their cup-shaped and large flowers. They possess sturdy and robust stems, making them excellent for enduring rain and wind.


These tulips depict a range of captivating flower colors, including yellow, orange, and vibrant red. Their colors are typically vivid and intense, creating a bold visual impact in landscapes and gardens.


Some popular Fosteriana tulip varieties are Orange Emperor, Purissima, Yellow Purissima, Concerto, and China Pink.


These varieties depict the inherent grandeur and beauty of Fosteriana tulips and add a regal touch to any garden setting or floral display.


Greigii Tulips


Known for distinctive and unique characteristics, the Greigii tulips are appealing and eye-catching. They have spectacular attractive patterns and sturdy, broad leaves give the looks even before the flowers bloom.


These tulips come in many flower colors, such as pink, orange, red, and bi-colors. Some popular Greigii tulips are Orange Brilliant, Toronto, Casa Grande, Calgary, Pinocchio, and Kingsblood.


These varieties present charming foliage and striking flower colors making them an excellent selection for adding flair to containers, rock gardens, and borders.


Kaufmanniana Tulips

Kaufmanniana Tulips

Also called the Waterlily tulips, the Kaufmanniana tulips present captivating and unique physical characteristics that set them apart. They have slightly reflexed and broad petals that look like elegant varieties of water lilies.


These tulips have diverse flower colors, including pink, yellow, orange, red, and. Bi-colors.


Different kinds of tulips under the Kaufmanniana category include Stresa, Johann Strauss, Heart’s Delight, Showwinner, and Early Harvest.


These varieties are known for their distinctive petal shape and flower colors that make Kaufmanniana tulips a delightful addition to any landscape or garden, adding a touch of charm and whimsy.


Species or Wild tulips


Wild or species tulips offer a glimpse into the natural beauty of these beloved flowers. You will see distinct physical characteristics in tulips under this category. They come in a captivating assortment of flower colors.


The flower colors in these species encompass a spectrum of hues, including shades of white, purple, pink, red, and yellow.


Some notable varieties of species or wild tulips include Tulipa sylvestris, Tulipa clusiana, Tulipa humilis, Tulipa sprengeri, Tulipa praestans, and Tulipa tarda.


Each specie under this category has distinct characteristics and charm, allowing for a celebration of the diversity and wild elegance found in the wild tulips.


Some Unique Tulip Species

Now let us look at the captivating realm of the unique varieties, offering a fresh perspective on their classification.


Under this category, we will take you through the tulips that possess distinct characteristics, captivating us with their charm and individuality.


Fringed Tulips


Also called the Crispa tulips, the Fringed tulips are a mesmerizing tulip category distinguished by their serrated or fringed edges that add a touch of delicate elegance to their blooms.


These unique fringes can range from wispy and subtle to pronounced and bold. You can find fringed tulips in various colors, including white, yellow, purple, pink, and red.


Some popular fringed tulips are Menton, Fancy Frills, Swan Wings, Mystic van Eijk, Burgundy Lace, and Silver Dollar.


Parrot Tulips

Parrot Tulips

Among the different types of tulips, these captivating tulips never fail to impress with their uniquely shaped petals and vibrant colors. Known for their ruffled and striking appearance, the Parrot Tulip petals usually have serrated edges resembling the parrot’s feathers.


You can find these tulips in varying colors, including shades of purple, orange, pink, yellow, and red. These tulips usually have attractive multi-colored patterns.


Some popular parrot tulips are Black Parrot, Green Wave, Apricot Parrot, Flaming Parrot, Rococo, and Estella Rijnveld.


Lily-flowered Tulips


These are known for their elegant and graceful appearance, resembling the shape of a lily flower. These tulips feature slightly relaxed and slender petals that taper to a pointed tip, giving them a refined and delicate look.


You can find these in a stunning array of colors, including shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, and white. Lily-flowered tulips usually present a subtle fragrance that adds to their allure.


Some popular Lily-flowered tulip varieties are Purple Dream, Marilyn, Merlot, Ballerina, West Point, and White Triumphator.


Rembrandt Tulips


Named after the famous Dutch Painter, Rembrandt van Rijn, Rembrandt tulips are a historically significant and intriguing tulip variety. These are known for unique and striking color patterns, featuring flames and streaks of contrasting colors on their petals.


The color combination in this variety includes shades of white, yellow, purple, pink, and red, creating an artistic and captivating display.


Popular varieties of Rembrandt tulips include Silver Parrot, Rem’s Favourite, Rococo, Paprika, Negrita, and Absalon.


While the original Rembrandt tulips had color patterns caused by a tulip-breaking virus, the modern Rembrandt-style tulips are bred to exhibit similar coloration


Viridiflora Tulips


These captivating and distinctive varieties are known for their striking beauty and unique color patterns. Viridiflora translates to green-flowered, referring to the spectacular green flames or streaks that adorn their petals.


These green markings contrast beautifully with the tulip’s base color, creating a visually stunning effect. You can find them in various color combinations, including pink with green, red with green, white with green, and yellow with green.


Some popular varieties of Viridiflora tulips include Flaming Spring Green, Groenland, Spring Green, Green Star, China Town, and Artist.


With their eye-catching, unique appearance, these tulips add elegance and intrigue to any floral arrangement or garden.


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Different Tulip Species As Per Their Bloom Periods

Tulips can also be categorized as per their bloom period. Blossoming in various timelines, these species depict nature’s beauty across different phases.


From the early bloomers of spring to the late showstoppers, each variety presents its unique charm. Let us delve into the tulips distinguished by their bloom periods.


Early-flowering Tulips


These herald the arrival of spring with their delicate blooms and vibrant colors. These tulips usually start blossoming in early to mid-spread, ringing in with a splash of color to glorify any landscape or garden.


They are famous for their compact size and sturdy stems, making them ideal for borders and containers.


Some popular early flowering tulips include Apricot Beauty, which has soft apricot-pink petals, Princess Irene, known for its purple and orange hues, Red Emperor, loved for its striking deep red flowers, and Purple Prince, which beautifies your yard with rich purple hues.


These tulips are ideal for early-season color and cheer to any outdoor space.


Mid-Season Tulips


These tulip varieties present a captivating display of shapes and colors. They bloom after your early-blooming tulips and grace the landscapes and gardens in late spring by adding beauty to the season.


You can find them in various colors, ranging from white, red, yellow, purple, and pink, offering endless possibilities for creating attractive floral arrangements.


Some famous varieties of mid-season tulips include Queen of Night with its mesmerizing deep purple blooms, Parade with its vibrant mix of red, yellow, and orange petals, Pink Impression with its soft pink flowers, and Yellow Spring Green with its striking yellow petals and green streaks.


These tulips bring vibrancy and elegance to the garden, making them popular amongst tulip enthusiasts.


Late-flowering Tulips


These tulips lure with their captivating beauty. They bloom towards the end of the tulip season and showcase their delightful blooms into early summer or late spring. These tulips present a spectacular grand finale with their tall stems and showy, large flowers.


You can find them in various colors, including white, purple, pink, and red, creating an appealing visual spectacular.


Different kinds of tulips from the late-flowering category include Angelique with its exquisite double pink blooms, Black Hero with its dramatic dark maroon petals, White Triumphator with its pure white elegant flowers, and Orange Emperor with its bold orange blossoms.


The late-flowering tulips make a bold statement in floral arrangements and gardens, leaving a lasting impression with their majestic presence.