How To Plant Avocado Seed Pit In Water & Grow It

After germination, you can keep growing avocado seeds in water with the help of toothpicks in a mason jar near a sunny spot. Just make sure the seed is submerged around ½ – 1 inch in water.

Avocado Seed in water

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Avocadoes are delicious summer fruits. They are rich in flavor and nutrition. Gardeners believe nothing gives away hints of summer better than eating tortilla chips with the zesty lime guacamole dip. So, next time you slice an Avocado for guacamole or a salad, you must save the pits and use them to grow your trees.


Did you know that you could start the seed in water as well? The question now arises – how to grow an Avocado seed in water. After germination using the toothpick method or paper towels, you can put the pit in water around ½-1 ich deep to root and sprout further.


Of course, it will not bear fruits, but you will have an attractive houseplant for free. Want to know the process in detail? Keep reading as we unveil below.


But First Things First – Is Growing Avocado Pit In Water A Myth?

This myth has been floating around since 1910 as an article published in the New York Times about people growing trees from pits, and since then, several people tried growing Avocadoes at home. As time passed, many people printed several pieces on the subject.


The question is, is there a truth behind this myth? In all honesty, the method may or may not work, but it hurt no one to try. However, most people believe and find this true, meaning if you immerse Avocado seed in water and expose it to the right conditions, it will germinate well.


What is this method? Please stick with us as we unfold that in the next section.


How To Plant Avocado Seed In Water?

Growing different kinds of Avocados yourself at home is a tedious and time-consuming task. It takes at least a decade for the planted Avocado tree to mature. But fortunately, the good news is that you do not need much to start this process.


So, if you have one brown Avocado seed and a few basic supplies and know the necessary Avocado plantation tips, you can grow an Avocado from the seed. So, how to start an Avocado seed in water? Read below to discover.


Method 1 – Without a toothpick

Plant Avocado Seed In Water Without A Toothpic



What do you need?

  1. Avocado pit
  2. A glass of water
  3. Resealable plastic bag or any airtight container
  4. Paper napkin or a paper towel
  5. A sharp knife
  6. Germination plate – Optional


Follow the steps to grow Avocado pit in water at home.


Step 1 – Remove and clean the pit

Take an Avocado, and cut it open with a good knife. Consume the flesh, and wash the pit properly. Be cautious while removing the seed, ensuring you do not chop it.


Soak the pit for at least one to two days in a glass full of clean water. Now, peel off the thin brown skin from the seed using the knife. It is a crucial step as it accelerates the germination process, and you get a more attractive outcome.


Step 2 – Prepare the seed

Wrap it in a damp paper towel or napkin, and transfer it to an airtight container or a resealable plastic bag. Close it tightly, and move the bag to a warm dark place. To accelerate the germination process, you must place the bag in a spot that is always warm, for instance, next to your water heater or boiler.


Let it sit for a while. You can routinely check the bag or the container to see if there is any change. At all times, ensure that the towel does not dry out. If it feels dry, rewet it instantly.


Step 3 – Pit splits

Initially, you will see the pit split into two and the root emerging. Following this, a stem or the shoot develops and forms leaves. When the root grows a few centimeters, you can remove it from the bag and continue growing in water. (Alternatively, you can also transfer it to potting soil. But, since we are only discussing the water method, we will not detail the soil method in this guide).


Step 4 – Move into the water

Shift the Avocadoes into the water, perched on the porcelain germination plates. It ensures that the water does not evaporate too fast and simplifies maintenance. It will give you a beautiful floating forest on your kitchen table.


Method 2 – How to grow Avocado pit in water with a toothpick

Grow Avocado Pit in Water With A Toothpick



What do you need?

  1. Avocado pit
  2. Three to four toothpicks
  3. Mason jar or glass jar
  4. Water


Step 1 – Remove the seed

Cut an Avocado and remove the seed from the ripe fruit. Rinse and wash it with tap water. Keep the brown skin on the pit to shield the inside. Set it aside to dry as you enjoy the flesh.


Step 2 – Insert toothpicks into the seed

When your Avocado seed has dried out, carefully insert three to four toothpicks into the pit’s bottom, ensuring they are equidistant from each other. It helps you to move the toothpicks into the pit’s widest part, simplifying how you suspend it over a jar or glass of water.


The seed’s flat or broad end goes into the water and develops roots, and the pointier end will point upwards from where the little Avocado will sprout.


One of the reasons for the toothpick method is that since the seed grows in the jar or the glass, you can watch it. Since it is clear glass, it gives an easy view.


Hence, at times you will know if your Avocado has sufficient water. You can refill the glass with fresh water, ensuring that the seed’s bottom is always wet. The glass also makes it easier to know when the root develops.


 Step 3 – Move the seed to water

Take a mason or a glass jar. Now, suspend the seed over the glass using the toothpicks. Place it such that the narrow end faces upwards. The pit should be at least ½-1 inch submerged in the water. Now, you can shift the jar to a warm and sunny spot and constantly maintain its water level. Now, it is a game of patience. So, wait for the seeds to grow.


Step 4 – Growing Avocado indoors

Once the initial root pops, the seed’s top half will crack open upwards, sending the stem out. Fret not about the initial seed splitting, as the Avocado seed must sprout and produce leaves. However, ensure that the pit is solid to hold together the plant as it grows. Whenever it breaks, it suggests that you need to plant it.


The Avocado sprout happens best indoors in a warm place where it receives partial sun for most of the day. You can take the plant outside for direct sun exposure on good summery days.


You can leave it for about two months in the jar before it is ready for planting. The pit is the plant’s food, so you are good to go as long as it is in the water and gets the right temperature and sun.


Step 5 – Plant the Avocado into the soil (common from here onwards for both methods 1 & 2)

When the stem develops leaves again, you can consider transplanting your seedling into a pot full of sandy, loose potting mix. So, dig a hole and insert the root into it. Now, fill in the soil around it.


The pit’s top end should be sticking out of the soil. Now, keep the container in a sunny location and water it frequently. A small cup of water every four days suffices. However, examine the soil before rewatering. You must do it only if the topsoil feels dry.


Also, when choosing the container, ensure it has good drainage holes. You can place a saucer underneath the plant, and if the water runs into the sauce, it suggests overwatering. So, pour off all the excess.


After the plant establishes, you can pinch a few leaf sets. It triggers new growth and helps the plant thicken. Now, set the pot in the full sun as it enjoys the warmth, and you get a lovely houseplant.


Step 6 – Planting the Avocado tree sapling

You can plant your Avocado plant outside, too. But, acclimate it by taking it outdoors for some hours daily. Repeat it for one to two weeks before transplanting it permanently into the soil. Ensure that the chosen spot has access to indirect light and well-draining soil.


In addition, you must also water your plant regularly. Further, the plant needs warm weather around the year for survival. But what to do if your location does not receive warmer temperatures around the year?


You can move the Avocado sapling to a large pot and shift it outside in the growing season. However, please bring it back indoors when the outside temperature is cold.


With that, we conclude the steps on, ‘how to germinate an Avocado seed in water.’


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How Long Does It Take An Avocado Seed To Sprout In Water?

An Avocado Seed To Sprout In Water

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Typically, it takes two to eight weeks for the Avocado to grow from the seeds. Initially, you will see the pit sending a small tiny taproot from its bottom end. It will proliferate, and a shoot and stems will show.


In a short while, even the leaves will show. If avocado sprouting does not happen by eight weeks, the tree will not grow. So, consider starting with a new seed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ques 1. Which side of the Avocado seed goes in the water?

Ans. The pit’s pointier end is its top, and the flatter end is its bottom.


Ques 2. Do you peel the Avocado seed before putting it in water?

Ans. Peeling the brown layer from the seed can accelerate the germination process.


Ques 3. Does an Avocado seed in water need sunlight?

Ans. Yes, Avocado seeds need at least six hours of indirect sun daily.


Ques 4. How do you grow an Avocado seed in water without toothpicks?

Ans. You can use a damp paper towel to cover the seeds and put it in an airtight container for germination. We have already discussed method 1 of growing an Avocado seed in water without toothpicks above. You can refer to the same.