Poplar Trees Growth Rate – Fast or Slow?

Poplars are famous for their fast growing nature. Read below to get to know the growth rates of different poplar varieties with hybrid poplars being the fastest.

How Fast Do Poplar Trees Grow

Poplar trees are known for their fast growth rate, adding a significant amount of growth every year. Today I am going to tell you exactly how fast do poplar trees grow.


Typically, they can grow between three and five feet annually, making them a popular choice for gardening enthusiasts who seek quick results in timber production or landscaping.


Please know that while they grow rapidly, the fast-growing trees usually have a shorter lifespan, but such is not the case with most Poplar trees, as they live well over two centuries, depicting their potential for longevity.


Poplar trees have stood the test of time, adding to their appearance for those seeking both enduring beauty and rapid growth in their surroundings.

How Fast Is Poplar Trees Growth Rate?

Poplar trees usually have an impressive growth rate, typically adding 36 to 60 inches in height every year. This translates to an average growth of three to five feet annually.


With such rapid growth, poplar trees are valued for their ability to quickly establish and mature themselves as towering trees. It makes them a popular choice for windbreaks, landscaping projects, and timber production.


The fast growth rate enables them to offer environmental benefits, privacy, and provide shade in a short span.


Poplar Different Varieties and Their Growth Rates

Different varieties of poplar trees have varying growth rates. Here are the growth rates for some prevalent species:


A. Hybrid poplar growth


Known for their rapid growth rate, Hybrid Poplar Trees add an impressive 60 to 120 inches in height every year, depending on the environmental conditions and the variety chosen.


Typically, it translates to a growth rate between five and ten feet annually. In only a few years, Hybrid Poplar reaches towering heights and maturity.


For most hybrid poplar trees, it takes around five to seven tears to reach 30 to 40 feet, making them a spectacular selection for those seeking quick results in timber production and landscaping.


B. Growth rate of balsam poplar

Growth Rate Of Balsam Poplar

Balsam poplar trees have a moderate growth rate. On average, they add approximately 12 to 24 inches in height per year, which translates to a growth rate of one to two feet annually.


Over several decades, Balsam poplars can reach heights of 60 to 80 feet. While not as fast-growing as other poplar varieties, Balsam poplars are valued for their adaptability and ability to thrive in different soil conditions.


These trees are typically picked for their attractive foliage, shade provision, and their suitability for riparian restoration projects and windbreaks.


C. Tulip poplar tree growth rate


Also called the yellow Poplars, the Tulip poplar trees have a moderate growth rate. On average, they grow between 12 to 24 inches in height per year, translating to a growth rate of 1 to 2 feet annually.


Over two to three decades, Tulip Poplar trees can reach impressive heights between 70 and 90 feet.


Of course, the Tulip growth rate may not be as rapid as other varieties, but their attractive tulip-shaped leaves and striking height make them a beautiful selection for ornamental and landscaping purposes.


D. Lombardy poplar growth rate


Lombardy poplar trees are also popular for their fast growth rate. They can add an impressive 36 to 72 inches in height every year, equivalent to a growth rate of three to six feet annually.


This rapid growth rate lets them mature quickly and reach a height of 40 to 60 feet within a relatively short period.


Because of their slender, tall form and quick growth, Lombardy poplars are often used for creating visual screens, windbreaks, or to add vertical interest to landscapes.

E. Growth rate of White poplar


White Poplar trees have a moderate growth rate. On average, they add approximately 12 to 25 inches in height per year, equivalent to a growth rate of one to two feet annually.


Over time, white poplars can reach heights of 50 to 80 feet. Though not as fast-growing as some other poplar varieties, white poplars are loved for their distinctive white bark and green-shaped leaves and immense ornamental value.


They are typically chosen for their aesthetic appeal in landscaping and can offer visual interest and shade to outdoor spaces.


What Is The Fastest Growing Poplar Variety?

Hybrid poplar variety is one of the most rapidly growing poplar specie. With growth rates ranging from five to ten feet per year, depending on the specific hybrid, these trees can quickly establish themselves and reach towering heights within only a few years.


If you wish to quickly fill your garden or yard with lush trees, hybrid poplars are the way to go.


With Such A Quick Growth, Do Poplar Trees Fall Over?

This is a question that haunts almost all gardeners and poplar tree owners.


Poplar trees, including the fast-growing species, are typically not susceptible to falling over compared to other tree species.


While you may think that their rapid growth may lead to relatively weaker roots than slow-growing species, poplars usually form extensive root systems that offer stability.


Factors like poor soil conditions, adverse weather conditions, damage, or diseases, can amplify the susceptibility to trees falling over, irrespective of the species. However, regular maintenance, such as monitoring and pruning is crucial to ensure stability and safety in poplar trees.