Spartan Juniper Growth Rate

You can call it medium at best with 12-15 inches per year

How fast do spartan junipers grow

If you are planning on adding Spartan Juniper to your landscape or already have this variety in the backyard of your house you recently moved to, in any case, it is important to know a few things about this tree. This will help you give it the care and attention it needs.
So, let’s get into the details of the spartan juniper growth rate, its growing habits, lifespan, and care regime.
Spartan Juniper has a moderate growth rate of 12-15 inches per year. It is also quite easy to care for this tree. So, with steady growth, you can observe it closely from time to time while it reaches a mature look.
Another great feature of these plants is that they are resistant to drought, freezing conditions, and pest attack. You can easily grow them in different types of soils without worrying much.


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Spartan Juniper Overview

Scientific Name Juniperus chinensis ‘Spartan’
Mature Spread 4 – 8 feet wide
Height 15 – 25 feet tall
Spartan Juniper Tree Growth Rate Moderate
Sun Exposure Full sun to partial shade
Native Areas North-east Asia (including Korea, Japan, Mongolia, China, and some areas of Russia.
Hardiness Zone 4-9
Soil Well drained, sandy, acidic soil


The Spartan junipers originally belong to the Northeast Asian regions, including China. You can commonly see two shapes of these spectacular trees: pyramidal and columnar.
Spartan juniper trees are famous for their attractive, hardy, and versatile look. These strong evergreen varieties of junipers grow really dense and lush green.
Hence, they can be used as a privacy screen when planted in groups or as a standalone piece for their ornamental appearance. These beautiful plants are often pruned to create beautiful spiral topiaries.

How Fast Do Spartan Junipers Grow?

When it comes to the Spartan juniper growth rate, these trees are known to grow at a medium pace. The annual growth rate is around 12-15 inches per year.
This is a perfect tree for tight areas like gardens, decks, patios, backyards, and other narrow spaces. The best feature of this plant is its thick and dark green foliage. You can trim it off to give it any appealing shape you want.
There are other junipers with different growth rates. You can check them all out here along with the tips to grow them faster.

How tall does a Spartan juniper grow?

How tall does a Spartan juniper grow
Spartan Juniper trees can reach a mature height of 15 to 20 feet in ten years. The remarkable trees can spread to a width of 4 to 5 feet. Their ideal size makes juniper Spartans perfect for privacy hedging, fencing, and improving your home’s appeal. Even if you use it as a stand-alone,  tree it will boost the appeal of your garden or backyard.

Spartan Juniper Lifespan – How long does a Spartan juniper live?

The most amazing thing about these junipers is that they can tolerate even the harshest environment. No matter if you plant these extreme temperatures, heat, cold, sunlight, and heavy winds.
When it comes to their lifespan, juniper varieties are long lasting with a lifespan of around 300-700 years. But, there are always exceptions such as this one. Spartan junipers can survive for about 30 years only when placed under perfect conditions.
Here is more on the lifespan of Juniper trees.

How Far Apart Should Spartan Junipers Be Planted?

You can plant Spartan junipers 4-6 feet apart in a zigzag pattern. It will give a more natural look to your yard. Don’t forget to leave enough space on your property line so that it does not encroach upon a neighbor’s property.

How To Care For A Spartan Juniper To Grow Well?

How To Care For A Spartan Juniper To Grow Well
Spartan junipers are easy to grow. Usually, they can quickly flourish even under the harshest conditions like drought. Likewise, they are not likely to be damaged by any disease or pests. You must follow a simple care routine to improve the Spartan juniper tree growth rate. Here check it out.
A. Irrigation needs: These trees can easily thrive in less water. Even natural rainfall can meet the water requirements of Spartan junipers. When planted young, you should water it at least 2 to 3 times every week for at least one month.
After the first month, you should water it only when you see that its soil is not moist. You can quickly check this by putting your fingers about 2 inches deep in the ground. If the soil is dry, you should certainly water it.
B. Sunlight needs: These plants prefer to grow in areas with full sunlight to partial shade. They need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight every day to grow healthy.
C. Type of Soil: The only particular thing about Spartan junipers is that they must be planted in well-drained soil. Along with this, the soil should be sandy and a little bit acidic. But regardless, these plants can happily survive in various soil varieties, including those with heavy amounts of clay.
D. Fertilizer: Early spring and late summer are great times to add fertilizers to your plant. It’s an effective way to improve your Spartan juniper growth rate. Regarding fertilizer, just pick a slow-release fertilizer rich in nitrogen with an NPK ratio of 12-4-8 or 16-4-8. For best results, you must follow the usage instructions given on the package.
E. Pruning: These trees need to be pruned only when you see deteriorating or dead branches. They don’t even need trimming to maintain their elegant pyramid structure. However, pruning will be a great idea if you want to give them spiral topiary or an entirely different shape. Remember that summer is the best time to prune Spartan junipers.
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Q. Are Spartan junipers toxic to dogs?

Ans. The incredible Spartan Juniper trees are not listed as toxic plants for animals. However, their berries and leaves can be mildly toxic if ingested by dogs and kids. After ingestion, they might experience a few light symptoms of toxicity. So, install fencing around your plants to keep your dogs away from them. But if your dogs don’t like chewing on plants, you don’t need to worry about anything.

Q. What can I plant with a Spartan juniper?

Ans.So, you have planted your favorite Spartan juniper plant. Now you must think about the plants you can grow with them. Having a clear idea of how fast do spartan junipers grow, lets you decide the companion plants easily making sure both get the needed nutrients.
So, first, look for plants with similar characteristics and needs to that of Spartan Junipers. This goes for all necessary factors necessary for good growth like sun, soil, and water needs. Some plants that can be placed with Spartan junipers are Hinoki cypress, Lilac, Rose, Himalayan Juniper, or Bamboo.

Q. Are juniper roots invasive?

Ans.Yes, Juniper varieties have invasive roots. Skyrocket juniper is one that does not have invasive roots and can be planted close to the house.
Summing Up

We hope that now you know inside-out about the lush green spartan junipers. Since these trees have a narrow spread, you can easily plant them in compact spaces.
And as we mentioned that spartan junipers growth rate is moderate and they are also low-maintenance, you might get one to maximize the appeal of your residential space.