Where Do Magnolia Plants & Trees Grow Best?

Indoors or outdoors, magnolias enjoy frost free winters and full sun. Place them in a pot next to your front door, bay window, or up on your balcony and terrace.

Magnolia Trees Grow

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Magnolias are magnificent ornamental trees that add a touch of show-stopping glamor to your garden. Not only are they a lovely addition to your garden but they are low-maintenance too. With their dramatic form, dense and waxy foliage, intoxicating fragrance and gorgeous blossoms, it is almost impossible to resist their allure.


If you have hesitated growing Magnolia because you have wondered where do Magnolia trees grow best, our post can help you figure this out.


Magnolias can be planted almost anywhere. You can grow them either indoors or outdoors. It is needed that you provide them full sun and protect them from frost. Of course, some places are better suited for magnolia tree growth than others.


We will get into the details of it in the coming section. Do keep in mind wherever you plant it, there will be a lot of fallen flowers.


These trees come in different sizes ranging from shrubs to dwarfs to trees that are 100 feet tall. Depending on their size, you can find a Magnolia tree for every landscape.


Magnolia trees and large shrubs are perfect as standalone, while the smaller ones like Magnolia stellata can be grown on the fencing of your house as borders or in pots. Magnolia trees are slow-growing and can take 20 years to reach maturity; therefore, it is worth taking the time out to choose the right magnolia variety for your garden.


Where To Plant Magnolia Tree?

Plant Magnolia Tree

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Considering the placement before buying a Magnolia will help you save a lot of effort. While deciding on the location, it is also important to take into account the fallen flowers, canopy width and sunlight.


Some of the ideal spots are – a balcony or terrace, next to the sofa, by the front door, in the front and back yard, near a big window, in the garden, along the sidewalk etc.


Always choose a location that keeps your Magnolia sheltered from frost. Here are a few things that you need to bear in mind while considering the right location.

  • Magnolias thrive in USDA zones 7 to 9. So, do not panic if your plant does not thrive outside these zones.
  • Where do Magnolia trees grow best? The ideal location should receive full sunlight or partial sunlight in hotter regions. Avoid those areas that are exposed to strong winds as they can damage large flowers and make branches brittle.
  • Make sure to plant Magnolias in moist, well-drained, and neutral to acidic soil. They are adaptable to loam, clay or sandy soils.
  • Magnolias need around 4 to 8 diameter space around them.
  • Avoid planting Magnolias where the soil is regularly cultivated as these trees once planted do not like to be disturbed.
  • These trees have a strong fragrance so if you don’t want that in your close proximity, better not plant them close to your window.
  • Know that the tree keeps dropping a huge amount of flowers so expect to do regular maintenance.


Where Do Magnolia Trees Look Best?

Magnolia Trees Best Look

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There are numerous places in or around your house where Magnolias look their best. Here are a few of the popular spots where people usually love to place Magnolias.


1. Next to the sofa in a pot

Place your Magnolia near the sofa or loveseat and watch the beautifully flowered tree add color and character to your dining or living space. Make sure to open the blinds of the windows throughout the day so that your tree can get its daily dose of sunlight.


2. At front door

Make a statement by placing a Magnolia tree at the front door. It is also an ideal place for getting direct sunlight if your home is sun-facing. Also, magnolias live a long life. So, your front door is going to remain well decorated for a long time.


3. On the balcony or terrace

If you are not sure where do Magnolias grow well, a balcony or a terrace is also a good place to keep a small Magnolia tree. Dwarf Magnolia trees only grow up to a few feet. They can add that touch of glamor to your balcony.


Along with Magnolias, you can also add a few other plants to accent it. If you have a small balcony, place your tree near the door. This enables the tree to get an ample amount of sunlight and air, and also it can bring attention to your curtains and drapes.


4. In the front yard

The front side of your yard can be the perfect place for Magnolia. Fresh air, warm sunlight and enough space for your tree to grow – these are the perks of the front yard. A large Magnolia tree also provides shade if you want to sit and drink a cup of coffee or read a book.


5. In the backyard

Another one of the best places to plant a magnolia tree is your backyard. Planting a Magnolia in your backyard can make it easy for maintaining the tree. Also, it can add the right kind of color and allure to your backyard.


6. In the garden

Planting the magnificent Magnolia in your garden can give your outdoors a majestic look. Whether your garden is small or large, Magnolia trees can give that spectacular tone to any garden.


Outdoors, the tree will get ample sunlight and fresh air the whole day. Just make sure not to plant it in a location where it would be covered by other trees. Also, ensure that your tree doesn’t hover over other plants as the flowers keep dropping throughout the year and cleaning them can be a difficult task.


7. Near bay windows

If you have large windows, especially bay windows, it can be a perfect location for your Magnolia. Not only will the tree get ample sunlight and fresh air throughout the day, but it can also open up space for other decorative pieces in the area.


8. Along the sidewalks

Magnolias are the perfect trees to plant along the driveways or on the front sidewalk. You will see them commonly in zoos, parks and conservatories. Planting them outside your home can also provide them with enough sunlight and air to thrive well.


Some cities have restrictions when it comes to certain trees and landscaping. Hence, before planting Magnolias on your property, it is advisable to check with your local government.


Can You Change The Location Of The Magnolia After Planting Once?

Change The Location Of The Magnolia

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Yes, it is possible to move young Magnolia plants but only in their early stages. So, think it through before you decide where to plant Magnolia. However, it is not an easy task to transplant magnolia trees as they have an unusual root system.


Magnolia roots grow horizontally along the ground and remain near the surface, unlike other trees where roots grow deep down into the soil.


Also, the roots of Magnolias are rope-like and very fine. Hence, there is a higher chance of root damage and transplant shock when you try transplanting the tree. Those trees with a trunk diameter of fewer than 4 inches have higher chances of survival while transplanting.


Do Magnolia Trees Do Well In Pots?

Magnolia Trees Well In Pots

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Yes. Magnolias can be successfully grown in containers. However, it depends on a lot of factors like the variety you choose and the kind of container. Certain things you need to consider while growing Magnolias in pots:

  • To help the plant thrive well make sure to use a potting mix that contains a lot of organic matter. You can boost your mix by adding some compost to it before planting your tree.
  • Feed your tree every month with half-strength liquid fertilizer. Do not fertilize post-late summer.
  • Water regularly until the water gets drained out of the pot.
  • Always use a pot with drainage holes to prevent water from accumulating in the pot and rotting the roots.

To keep your tree cool, add a layer of mulch on the surface of the soil. If you live in a cold region, protect your tree from freezing by covering the pot with a thick layer of mulch until spring or keep your pot in an unheated place.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I plant a Magnolia tree next to my house?

Ans.Yes. You can plant a Magnolia next to your house as long as there is some distance between the trunk and any foundations. It is always best to plant your tree around 50 feet away from your house.


Q. When to plant Magnolia trees?

Ans. The best time to plant Magnolia is early spring or fall when the climate has cooled and the tree has had time to establish itself.


Q. What can you plant beneath Magnolia trees?

Ans. You should underplant Magnolia with shade-loving plants. Some of the companion plants for Magnolia include peace lilies, clivias, hydrangeas and blue ginger.

Summing up…

We hope that our post on where do Magnolias grow has been of help to you to understand all about Magnolia trees, where to plant them when growing indoors or outdoors and other information.


Before planting Magnolias in your home, please take into consideration the height of the tree and the space where you are planning to plant them. Because once planted, transplanting them to other locations can be a tedious task.