How Fast Do Emerald Green Arborvitae Grow?

  Famed for their gleaming emerald green foliage, Emerald Green Arborvitae are evergreens. “Arborvitae” comes from the French word, l’arbre de vie, meaning the tree of life.   It is one of the most prevalent kinds of Arborvitae in the Northwest. They have a classic narrow, pyramidal form, and are resilient, hardy trees that can overcome […]

How To Care For Chinese Evergreen: Care Tips + FAQs

  Aglaonema or Chinese evergreens are everything that a novice indoor gardener can dream of! Your house doesn’t get enough light? Don’t worry! These sturdy plants do pretty well in low to moderate light.   You often forget to water your plants? Still not a problem. Their watering needs are quite moderate. This stunningly beautiful […]

How Fast Does A Leyland Cypress Grow?

  Leylandii is one of the renowned evergreen tree species. It may be an uninteresting conifer with no bells and whistles, but the fast Leyland Cypress growth rate and magnificent greenish-blue foliage make it a visual delight.   Often shaped and pruned into hedgerows, it is a fertile hybrid cross between Nootka false cypress and Monterey cypress. […]

Lifespan Of Evergreen Trees – All Year Surprising Growth!

  What are evergreen trees? As is apparent from the name, the evergreen trees have green foliage all around the year. So, unlike the deciduous trees, which go bare in colder temperatures, these can add color and vibrancy to your garden, even during the dead of winter.   Many even present glorious colors on display […]

Evergreen Tree Growth Rate: How Quick Do They Grow?

  If you aspire to soften hardscapes, add color to your landscape, and add privacy to the lawn, evergreen shrubs or trees, can make it happen. Trees present an excellent opportunity to tailor your home to your needs. However, the wait for them to mature can be frustrating.   When you visit a plant center […]

Popular Kinds of Evergreen Trees – All You Should Know!

  What Are Evergreen Trees? Evergreen trees are those trees that keep their leaves all year round. Unlike deciduous trees which lose their leaves in autumn, evergreen trees has foliage that remains green and functional throughout the growing season.   Multiple types of Evergreen trees work best for many reasons – as screening trees that […]

How To Take Care Of Eucalyptus Plant?

  Many of you may be well-versed with Eucalyptus. It is the koala’s favorite food. The Eucalyptus genus comprises over 700 plant species that belong to the Myrtaceae family. Often associated with its native Australian environment, Eucalyptus is a fast-growing plant.   They are evergreen and can be easily spotted in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia. In […]

How Long Does A Cedar Tree Live?

  Cedar trees come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying cedar tree lifespan. Cedars in general, on the other hand, are famous for their lifespan, with several species boasting some of the world’s longest living trees. Cedar trees are a type of coniferous tree that belongs to the Pinaceae plant family. Cedar, […]

Do Potato Bugs (Jerusalem Cricket) Bite?

  When you are looking to explore the activity of gardening, there are things you often tend to overlook. You may not even be aware of the possibility of bugs which may make their home in your garden. One such common variety of bugs that you need to be careful about is the potato bug. […]

6 Best Palm Tree Food With Fertilization Guide and FAQs

  Just planted a palm tree at home? Do not know which is the best fertiliser for palms? Well, fret no more. We at embracegardening have done the research for you and come up with the six best fertilizers for palm trees. All of these fertilizers may have more or less similar ingredients, but the […]