White Pine Growth Rate – Are They Fast Growing?

Pinus Strobus commonly called the white pine, eastern white pine, northern white pine, Japanese white pine, or the soft pine, are long-lived, fast growing, evergreen pines native to North America. In some places, they are also called the ‘Tree of Peace’.   These trees are an important timber tree. White pines are specially valued for […]

How Fast Do Washingtonia Palms (Mexican Palm) Grow?

  Mexican fan palms are magnificent, tall trees, and as is apparent from the name, they are native to Mexico. They are beautiful trees with dark green, fan-like, broad leaves.   You can spot them in several landscapes and often in and around the roadways, where they tend to grow to their maximum height.   […]

Eucalyptus Tree Growth Rate: How Quickly Does It Grow?

  Commonly referred as the gum tree, eucalyptus trees belong to the Myrtaceae family. Though these trees are originally from Australia, they have adapted themselves to different climates and geographical areas.   So much so, that they have invaded every part of the world and have become the reigning tree in parks, corners of the […]

Cedar Trees Growth Rate: How Quick Cedar Grows?

  Cedar trees are known for their majestic appearance, moderately rapid growth rate and fairly long lifespan. Owing to its large size, it is not very often that you find this evergreen tree in a residential garden. However, cedar trees are an excellent choice for windbreaks, privacy screens or hedges on larger properties.   If […]

How To Take Care Of A Cat Palm Tree Indoor & Outdoor?

Native to Southeastern Mexico, Cat Palm is botanically known as Chamaedorea Cataractarum. It thrives in USDA Hardiness zones between 10 and 11.   With its giant green and bold fronds, Cat Palm is a versatile plant, giving a tropical vibe. It can elevate the home’s visual appeal. In the Victorian Era, owning a Cat Palm […]

Can You Guess Types Of Small Palm Trees?

  Some of the types of small palm trees flourish in pots and some in ground or both. Although these small palms can grow to be up to 20 feet, many dwarf palm trees are under 5 feet once grown.   If you stay in a high-temperature climate, small palms are an important contributor to your backyard garden.   […]

Different Fan Palm Species For Your Garden

  Fan palms are diverse trees that include several ornamental and aesthetic palm varieties. Although different fan palm species have different colors, sizes and other characteristics, all of them are adorned with beautiful, large fan-shaped fronds.   These plants can be grown in yards and gardens or kept indoors as houseplants.   Here are a few […]

Different Kinds of Palm Trees and Plant Types

  If you want to add a little tropical charm to your home, a palm tree is just what you need. The lush looks of this species can spruce up any corner of your home, be it indoors or outdoors.   You have different types of palm trees that are quite easy to care for. […]

Outdoor Palm Tree Types and Classification

  When reading about the palms, the very first thing that you must understand is that the palms are not trees. As a matter of fact, the correct category classification for the palms is the woody perennial. They are pretty similar to the bamboos.   Moreover, each kind of palm tree will be a part […]

How To Get Rid Of Scales On Plants – Kill Those Pesty Bugs!

  We all want our gardens and plants to look their very best all year round, but sometimes ‘scales’ can hamper their beauty. They can make our lush green trees look dull and unhealthy and therefore, getting rid of them becomes absolutely necessary.   So the natural question arises ‘what are scales?’ and ‘how to […]