How Long Do Aloe Plants Live Under Ideal Conditions?

Aloe care is important for a long & healthy lifespan

How Long Do Aloe Vera Live


Aloe Vera is simple and one of the low-maintenance plants. Although they can survive in any weather, they need some care and favorable growing conditions to stay happy and healthy. If properly cared for, these houseplants can survive for years.


If you want to know more about aloe’s lifespan and enjoy the beauty of this plant for a few more years, here’s how long do aloe plants live and ways to enhance it.

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Is Aloe hard to keep alive?

Aloe Vera plants are extremely easy to care for. Aloes are well-suited to arid conditions. With just a little care you can help your Aloe Vera plants to live long and thrive well for years and even for decades.


How long do Aloe Vera plants live?

Indoor Aloe Veras can live between 10 and 20 years, while outdoor ones can survive over two decades. A healthy Aloe Vera can grow up to three feet in height, but the average height is 1 to 2 feet tall.


Where do they grow best?

Aloe Veras thrive well outdoors all year round in very warm regions. In other regions, Aloes grow best indoors whereas gardeners move it outdoors during summers.


From May to September, you can take your plant outdoors. However, if nights are cold, you need to take them back inside. Before taking them out in the full sun during summers, start by placing them in partial shade for a week so that they get adjusted gradually. This way you can increase Aloe Vera’s lifespan.


While placing them outdoors, you should make sure that they are placed in a bright spot that receives indirect sunlight. Low light can also make your plant leggy. An ideal place is somewhere near the west or south-facing window. Keep rotating your plant periodically and move it to the shade whenever you notice burning leaves.


Tips to care for Aloe and speed up its growth

Although Aloe Veras are super easy to care for, there are a few things that you need to care for to keep them thriving:

A. Sunlight

If you are wondering how long do Aloe plants live, then know that, for Aloe Vera plants, sunlight plays an important role. They grow well when given a lot of sunlight. If they are not provided with enough sunlight, they become leggy and fall over time.

  1. The ideal spot to place an Aloe Vera plant is a south-facing window. In case, your home doesn’t receive enough sunlight, you can go for artificial lights or grow light.
  2. While placing them outdoors, keep them in a place with partial shade, especially in hot weather.


B. Temperature

Proper care can help your plants survive for a long duration. These succulents thrive in temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees F.


C. Watering

To increase Aloe Vera’s lifespan, you also need to take care of how you water them.

  1. Water deeply when the soil dries out – about every 14-21 days. Keep in mind to reduce the watering frequency when winter arrives.
  2. Allow the topsoil to dry out between waterings i.e. if your plant is kept in 6 inches of soil, let the top 2 inches go dry before the next watering. You can use your finger to test the dryness of the soil.
  3. We would like to bring your focus to the fact that too much water can cause the roots to rot and lead to the death of your plant. So, make sure not to let your aloe plant sit in standing water for the healthy lifespan of the Aloe Vera plant.
  4. Also, if you water your plant once a week in spring and summer, make it once every two weeks in winter.
  5. If your Aloe Vera is turning yellow or is having brown tips or roots with brittle texture, you might be underwatering your plant. Whereas if your leaves show water-soaked spots that are soggy and soft, you are overwatering your Aloe.
  6. When watering, you will notice that excess water will drain out of the bottom of the pot. Let the pot sit in the water for 10-15 minutes before dumping it away so that the soil absorbs the water.

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D.  Fertilizing

Though Aloe Veras do not need fertilizing per se, you can fertilize them once in a while.

  1. In case you decide to fertilize your Aloe Vera, do it only once a year or once in a period of six months, and that too in spring and summer.
  2. Use either organic succulent fertilizer or pre-made compost tea or compost tea bags and brew them. When using commercial fertilizers, dilute 15-30-15 fertilizer in the water.
  3. During winters, Aloe Vera plants go into dormancy. So, avoid feeding it during the fall and winter months if you wish to increase Aloe Vera’s lifespan.

Note: Some varieties of Aloe Vera when mature produce a tall spike with many tubes or flowers in orange, red, and yellow colors each winter. Once you see the flowers fading, cut back the spike at its base.

E. Repotting

Mature plants produce offshoots or pups. They can be removed or planted near the mother plant as new plants. The mother plants can be repotted with fresh soil suited for aloe in a little bigger container.
Aloe Veras enjoy being in a cozy pot, but if you notice roots growing out of the drainage, it means your plant needs transplanting. How long do Aloe Vera plants live depends a lot on how you do the repotting of your plant.

  1. Start with rinsing your new pot and drying it thoroughly. Place a screen over the drainage hole as this will let the excess water drain out but prevent the soil from falling out.
  2. Remove the aloe pup when the timing is perfect. When there is any new growth, wait for it till it produces leaves or until they are 20% of the size of the parent plant. Then, remove it.
  3. Now if you think the time is right for repotting, remove the aloe vera plant (mother plant) and clean the roots of dirt. Be careful not to damage the plant.
  4. Use a clean and sharp knife to separate the pup from the parent aloe. Cut the roots in such a way that it leaves the root system supporting to the pup. The trick is to leave at least an inch of the stem on the offshoot. For more check this detailed guide on how to cut aloe vera without harming it.
  5. Let the offshoots sit out of the soil for a few days so that it forms a callous over the portion where it has been cut. This protects the root from rot. During this time, keep the offshoots in a warm place with indirect sunlight.
  6. Plant the pups in a pot filled with a well-draining succulent mix soil. Be mindful of the fact that there should be at least ¾ of an inch of space between the topsoil and the rim of the pot. The last leaves at the bottom of the plant should just sit above the soil.
  7. Once you have planted your Aloe in a new pot, keep them in a sunny place with indirect sunlight. Wait for a week before watering and keep the soil dry.

Few things to bear in mind while repotting your plant.

  1. How long do Aloe plants live depends a lot on the kind of container you choose. Always use a pot of terracotta or other porous material as it will help in drainage and will keep your plant healthy. A glazed or plastic pot will hold more moisture.
  2. The container that you choose should have at least one drainage hole at the bottom to drain out the excess water. Lack of proper drainage can cause your plant to rot and die.
  3. Also, the container should be wide and deep enough for the entire stem of your plant to go under the soil.
  4. It is essential to use a good succulent potting mix. Avoid using gardening soil. A good mix is something that contains lava rock, perlite, or chunks of bark.
  5. To encourage your Aloe Vera to produce new roots, sprinkle rooting hormone on the stem of the plant.


FAQs About Lifespan of Aloe Vera Plant

Q. How long can an Aloe Vera plant live without water?

Ans.Most succulents have high resistance to drought. They can easily live without water for a month. Succulents like Aloe Vera plants can live for 2-3 months without water after a good watering session.


Q. How long do Aloe Vera plants take to grow?

Ans.Aloe Vera is one of the fastest-growing succulents. The ones grown as houseplants usually take 3-4 years to turn into mature plants. However, these plants when grown outdoors, their growth rate is pretty faster as long as they get appropriate growing conditions.


Q. How long do Aloe plants live indoors?

Ans.Generally, all types of Aloe Vera plants thrive well outdoors. They do well in warm climates rather than cold and dry climates. They also make for great indoor plants if taken care of. If provided with ideal growing conditions, they can survive indoors for a very long time.

  1. Ensure that your plant is placed at the right location with a warm temperature.
  2. Avoid placing them near air vents or windows in cold weather.



Aloe Vera plants are quite easy to maintain, provided they are taken care of and given the right growing conditions. Our guide on how long do Aloe plants live will help you to take good care of your little buddy so that it grows in your home with little or no effort.