How Old Can A Palm Tree Live – Life Expectancy & FAQs

How long does a palm tree live
What if we told you that not all palm trees are considered trees? These deciduous, hardy perennials can be cultivated as shrubs or lianas, which are woody tendrils.

Palm trees are said to signify serenity, prosperity, conquest, and perpetual life in historical sources.


Palm trees have several purposes, including providing food and protection and the ability to make wooden items from their branches. They also make beautiful sceneries.


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Do Palm Trees Grow Forever?

No, palm trees do not grow forever. So, how long does a palm tree live? However, there’s no particular answer to this because palm tree lifespan is mostly determined by the type of palm tree in the discussion.


How Old Can A Palm Tree Live?

How Old Can A Palm Tree Live
As we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s no particular answer to the question of how long can a palm tree live. It mainly depends on the variety of the tree. Different kinds of palm trees have different lifespans.


Palm trees are exceptionally weather and draught-resilient; the longest a palm tree can survive is considered to be around 150 years old.


The average lifespan of a palm tree is said to be between 75-85 years, based on its type. Here are some of the most common palm tree varieties and their lifespan.


Mexican Fan Palm Tree

There are a few contenders in the palm tree group for the highest longevity, but the Mexican Fan Palm stands out as an example with an average life expectancy of 100 years. Unless anything happens to it, if you cultivate one of them, it would most probably outlive you.


Queen Palm Tree

Queen palm tree can grow quickly from 25 to 50 feet, which implies it can achieve full size in as little as thirteen years. The time it takes for bigger palms to reach maturity could be as long as 25 years.


King Palm Tree

The king palm tree has a darkish trunk and a large canopy of fronds that extends 10 to 15 feet. At maturity, king palms grow to be 50 to 70 feet tall. Their life expectancy is between 25 and 50 years.


Date Palm Tree

Date palms are widespread in the United Date palms are widespread in the United States’ warm zones. Dates ripen during the rainy seasons, but they usually mold and decay before reaching maturity. It can reach a height of 120 feet (36 meters), and the average date palm tree lifespan is a hundred years.


European Fan Palm Tree

When grown inside, this appealing plant reaches a height of around four feet, making it ideal for homes and workplaces of all sizes. The European palm tree is significantly easier to maintain than some of its relatives, yet it retains all of the visual appeal of conventional palm trees. They usually have a lifespan of 50 years.There are many other small palm varieties. Read about them here.


Foxtail Palm Tree


The Foxtail Palm has arching leaves that can reach 6-10 feet in length. The pinnate, or feather-like, leaves that arise from a smooth green crownshaft resemble the fox’s tail, thus the name. They may live for up to 30 years.


Pygmy Palm Tree

Pygmy palm trees can live for 25 to 50 years. However, this varies greatly depending on various factors, including the environment and growing circumstances in which they are cultivated and whether they are grown inside or outside settings.

How Old Is The Oldest Palm Tree?

The Oldest Palm Tree
Some ancient palm trees are found in California. For example, one of the oldest palm trees in LA is over 150 years old.


Did you know? The oldest existing tree is a Bristlecone Pine. This pine tree has lived long over 3000 years.


Which Palm Tree Has The Longest Lifespan?

Mexican Fan Palm is an exceptional example of palm trees with an average longevity of around a hundred years.


Date palms are yet another strong candidate for the greatest longevity since this palm lives for a 100 years. However, since they are such towering trees, they are more prone to toppling before they grow old; therefore, they may not survive as long as Mexican fan palm.


Which Palm Tree Lives The Shortest?

The Areca Palm has the lowest average of any palm tree lifespan. These trees typically live for around 40 years which is considerably shorter than some other palm trees.


Oil palms are likewise fairly short-lived, but they are frequently toppled once they hit the age of twenty-five since their harvest expands out of range.
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What Is The Life Cycle Of A Palm Tree?

What Is The Life Cycle Of A Palm Tree
Palms are made up of seeds wrapped in dry or mushy fruits and thrive in warm, damp soil. The root systems expand horizontally below the soil up to 3 feet deep to support the erect branches or trunks that fail to develop bark.


Life expectancy of palm trees is around 100 years which involves the following life cycle:


Seed Germination

All palms are monocots. In simple words they are trees that have seeds with one cotyledon (embryonic leaf). Based on the palm tree type, germination might take one of two ways – Remote or adjacent.


In remote germination, the stem appears first and then the root with leaf hidden inside the seed invisible to the naked eye.


With adjacent germination, the leaf appears first and then the stem and root respectively.


Stem & Leaf Development

Palm stems tend to grow slowly, with leaves starting to rise from the crownshaft taking the shape of a fan.


Caliper Development

As the palm ages, the caliper (diameter of the trunk) of every branch or trunk increases in size.



Palms are not woody in nature. They have fibrous roots spreading horizontally around the tree.


Palm Flowers

Palm flowers are small compared to other plants, yet they are produced in huge bunches.


The fruits, like the palm blooms, grow in clusters.Palm fruits range in scale, structure, and coating depending on the plant variety, and each fruit normally contains just one seed.


Downfall & Death

Once the palm has reached full maturity, its downfall starts. If you have the slightest idea about how long does a palm tree live, you would know that full maturity isn’t achieved by a palm before 50-60 years minimum. However, palm may die early if left unattended in adverse weather conditions or pest attack for prolonged period.


What Happens When A Palm Tree Dies?

If your palm tree is dead, you will start noticing the leaves turning yellow and slowly drooping to fall off eventually. You may also notice that the main trunk starts to turn brown. You will need professional help to get the tree removed if it is huge. Try not to delay the removal process; otherwise, it will also harm the nearby trees.


Common FAQs About Palm Tree Lifespan

Q. What is the tallest palm tree in the world?

Ans. In 2017, Colombian palm expert Rodrigo Bernal observed wax palms 57.1 m (187 ft 4 in) and 59.2 m (194 ft 2.7 in) tall in La Carbonera of Colombia, probably the tallest palm tree in the world.


Q .What are the disadvantages of palm trees?

Ans. Palm trees are visually appealing but may lack in providing environmental and economic advantages as other hardwood deciduous trees. Also, the upkeep of palm trees is high.


Q .How much is a mature palm tree worth?

Ans . A full-grown palm tree may cost anywhere from $70 to $150,000+ depending on the size, lifespan, foliage, length, and other characteristics.


This exorbitantly priced plant has approximately 2600 kinds, each of which is distinctive in its way. Not only are these trees expensive, but there is also a substantial sum of money spent on Palm tree maintenance.


Q .Why are palm trees so expensive?

Ans . Palm trees are expensive because they are of high ornamental value. However, this comes at a high price of maintaining the trees.


Q .How long do indoor palm trees live?

Ans. As an indoor palm, a sago palm has a lifetime of roughly 15 years. How old can a palm tree live healthy and lush depends on the care you give to your palm. To keep your palm alive and growing, water it regularly, maintain a sufficiently high temperature and retain it in indirect bright light.


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Final Word

In conclusion, the average palm tree lifespan is based upon several factors. Nevertheless, the life expectancy of palm trees on average is 50-100 years.