Thuja Plicata Cultivars (Varieties) – Western Arborvitaes

  Botanically known as the Thuja Plicata, it is a giant evergreen from the Cupressaceae family. Native to the United States’ Pacific Northwest, the Western Arborvitae growing in the wild is a huge tree from the Cypress family with 23 feet spread and a 100-200 feet height.   However, in typical landscapes, they reach 50-70 […]

Different Types of Pine Cone’s Species & Varieties

  Pine trees can be identified by their cylindrical or round wood cones. The majority of pine cones are shaped like eggs or conical cylinders.   Some pine cones are tall and cylindrical, while others are egg-shaped and covered in woody, spiky scales, like a pine egg. Some smaller pine cones are barrel-shaped, with huge […]

Types of Mugo Pines and Their Varieties To Grow

  Gardeners who are looking for something unusual in the landscape can benefit greatly from planting mugo pines rather than junipers. Find everything about the mugo pine varieties here.   Mugos, which are much tinier than their towering relatives – pine trees, share the dark green hue and the fragrance of fresh pine throughout the […]

Lace Leaf Maple Varieties: Most Popular Ones!

  Whether you are looking to decorate your garden or reform your backyard, choosing a unique maple tree will be the best option.   There are different types of lace leaf Japanese maples that amaze us with slender-shaped leaves and striking colors. Japanese maple trees also popularly known as Acer palmatum are elegant trees that are perfect […]

Best Eucalyptus Plant Indoor Varieties

  Belonging the Myrtaceae (myrtle) family eucalyptus is a fragrant tree. These are quick-growing evergreen trees with ingenious shrubs or trees. But did you know that you can also have a eucalyptus plant indoors to upscale the interiors?   The factors you need to keep in mind while planting them indoors are the variety you […]

How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

  It’s nice to have a beautiful yard, but it’s often demanding. The secret is to create a low-maintenance garden. These landscaping solutions are perfect if you don’t have much time to look after the yard. It could be your holiday garden, or you are busy with a job or raising a family. Whatever the […]

Deciduous Tree Species: Different Deciduous Trees To Know!

  What are deciduous trees? The word deciduous relates to the word decadent, and both these words have a Latin root and mean fall. So, deciduous tree species are the ones that drop their leaves every year in autumn to save energy and enter a dormant period.   Natively found in tropical and temperate climates,  deciduous trees drop […]

Ash Tree Leaf Identification Guide

  Who doesn’t love to relax underneath the shade of a tree on a warm summer day?   And, when it comes to trees offering ideal shade, the ash trees are a go-to option. It’s a kind of tree that will add beauty to your lawn or garden regardless of the season.   In this […]

How To Take Care Of A Norfolk Pine Correctly?

  As the winter holidays get closer, the Norfolk pines start showing up in all kinds of stores, from grocery stores to flower shops. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to take care of a Norfolk pine tree.   Even though the stress of the holidays can be hard on potted Norfolks; […]

Lifespan Of Ash Trees: How Old Do They Get?

  The deciduous ash trees (family Oleaceae) are a common sight in parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. Since they are easy to grow and care for, you’ll often find them in gardens, yards, streets, and larger properties.   Another reason why this shade tree is highly popular among gardeners is due to its […]